She can still speak hot love words

  When I was 16 years old, my father died of cerebral hemorrhage. My mother and I felt that the sky was falling, especially my mother.
  She was a very caring little woman when her father was there. Dad is gone, she is a person who can’t even cook meals, how can she take me to live?
  The first dinner after the burial of my father included mapo tofu, celery slices and pan-fried luncheon meat. Everything is the way my father was. However, mother obviously can’t cook. Seeing my puzzled look, my mother said frankly: “Your dad has been cooking for so many years. I just watched it and saw it. It’s just that he is there and I don’t want to do it.”
  Women who say that they can act like a baby are the best. This sentence is only half right when placed on my mother. When my father is here, she keeps her fingers out of the sun and coaxes her to do housework. All she needs to do is sweet talk. Therefore, my dad passed away suddenly, and apart from grief, I was even more worried about how my mother would live. Even grandparents would secretly tell me when they called: “Persuade your mother, cheer up, if there is a suitable person, don’t stop, she has poor living ability, it is not easy to feed you alone.” But we It seems that I have misunderstood my mother.
  After her father left, she began to have strong hands-on skills.
  The first is cooking. Three meals a day, she is not fooled. Learn from recipes, ask people for advice, and sometimes fail, and even study out a dish without going to bed in the middle of the night. In the past, every New Year’s holiday, whether it was going to grandma’s or grandma’s house, my mother was responsible for the whole process of chatting, while my father was alone in bringing out a large table mountain delicacy. After father left, mother took over the task. Year after year, my mother inherited father’s craftsmanship and father’s hard work. Although Dad is gone, his craftsmanship is still there, and his mind is still taking care of his family.
  My mother and I spent the first Spring Festival after my father left at my grandma’s house. On the 28th of the twelfth lunar month, I accompany my mother to grocery shopping. She took out a long shopping list from her pocket, ranging from steak to coriander. From the vegetable market to the supermarket, all the way down, my mother’s eyes are red. I know, she was thinking about Dad. I said, “Mom, don’t be sad, you still have me.” But my mother said, “Mom is not sad, Mom feels happy. In previous years, it was your dad who talked about these things, and he never took a list, but he could take care of it. Everyone’s preferences. How much love one has to put in his heart to be so comprehensive and without regrets.”
  Mom’s job is a publishing house editor. Who could have imagined that a “artistic young woman” like her would one day be interested in screwdrivers, pliers, and wrenches. She took out the toolbox that dad had left behind and played with it as soon as she was fine. Twist the faucet once, and fix the drying rack. Mom is learning from Dad. Looking at the leaking shower the day before, it returned to normal the next day. I would feel that the father who never had any worries at home is still there.

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  Find a man, this is the arrangement that many people take for granted to their mother’s future fate after their father is gone, including grandparents and me.
  I thought that Uncle Li would be mother’s late blessing. He and his mother were both college classmates and their first love, and they were separated by work assignments. Later, Uncle Li’s family immigrated to Canada. When he found his mother, he had been a lonely old man who had lost his wife for many years. Knowing each other’s roots and knowing the bottom line, the front line continues, everyone thinks this is the fate of the two old people. However, my mother only invited Uncle Li to have a meal, and there was no more. I asked her why, and she replied: “I don’t look at it. I feel uncomfortable with the voice of speaking, the way of walking, and even the posture of holding vegetables. They are not comfortable with the screwdrivers and pliers that your dad left behind.” The reason to love Dad is always sufficient, and the reason she doesn’t love others is to be so picky. Father is not the standard for men in this world, but it is the standard for mother to measure other men.
  After that, I never persuaded my mother to remarry. When I got married and had children, my mother was always by my side.
  My husband is called Forester. When his mother was cooking, she would intentionally or unconsciously bring him by her side and let him learn art. Our family of three went out to play, but the tires got stuck, and there was no way to reach the village or shop behind. My husband was in a hurry. So, his mother taught him to put on spare tires together. She praised my husband: “Xiao Lin, I really didn’t expect, what you are doing, you are ingenious, and you can see it.” The husband laughed at the praise, and said to me back home: “Mom is really a girl. In the hall, in the kitchen, the key is to change the tires.” So, I told him about the former mother and her when the father was still there.
  If I don’t remember, I almost forgot the way my mother used to be, the little woman who was pampered and arrogant, and had her feet worn out with high heels, and asked her father to carry her upstairs. For some reason, at that moment, I suddenly wanted to hug her. So I ran to her room barefoot. As a result, she was looking at the photo album. She pointed to one of the photos of her father when she was young and was in a daze: “Ya, why do you think your father is so handsome? Really, every time I look at him, I feel like I saw him for the first time, and I still get heart-shaped!” This hot love story came from my 60-year-old mother. I don’t feel numb, I know too well how she and her father have loved so much in this life.
  Today, Dad has been away for 16 years. Many people still tell me that your mother should also find a companion. However, I really did not persuade her again. Because my mother said: “You know better than anyone what kind of relationship I have with your dad. Death can’t separate us at all.” I was sure of the way she looked at her dad’s photo.
  My mother, she has never been alone, she has been in love all her life. Dad’s love makes her worthy of this life!