Good for walking

  You should maintain the habit of walking alone for at least one hour a day, preferably one and a half hours, if possible, two hours is better. Walking is the most human life rhythm in life. People who take a walk don’t want to go anywhere, because on the road with a purpose, it is not a walk, but a hurry.
  The walker is heading towards the destination every moment on the way. It will never be a house, a tree, or a beautiful landscape, but only the indirect contact between the air and the world. A person who slowly merges with the land will become a part of a forest or a piece of heaven and earth, gradually surrendering himself to the eternal reality in the realm of nature, the endless earthly space.
  Every moment while walking, he felt that he was back home. Walking is pure solitude. In the room, you are surrounded by books and other objects, which remind you of your responsibilities and obligations in life, as well as work or occupation.
  People who walk can be free from work, be alone with the world, and hand over their soul and body to the ancient elements. Just think of you walking on this land and still walking under the stars.
  How wonderful it is.

  One year, a fire broke out in Singapore, which destroyed many people’s homes. The disaster was terrible and our home was burned down in the fire.
  However, when the fire first broke out, my mother did not panic like others. She calmly found out the birth certificates and other important documents of our children, and then took the four of our brothers and sisters to a safe place. From a distance, watching the fire turn our home into ashes.
  In this process, she did not fight against the world, nor did she rescue valuables like others. These qualities of mother teach us that talent is the most important thing, and when encountering major events, we should deal with it calmly. Upbringing is the precept and deeds of parents.