The low-key of the strong

  Character documentary “Time Me”, the first episode introduces Yuan Longping.
  The film rarely shows his glorious achievements, but through recording ordinary life, let us see the other side of Yuan Longping.
  What impressed me was the first appearance of the three granddaughters of Yuan Lao. They wore similar doll heads, dressed plainly, and were full of innocence and simplicity. During the interview, he always smiled, and he was not arrogant because his grandfather was Yuan Longping.
  The children said that when they were young, they didn’t know what a great character Grandpa was. When at school, the teacher once asked her: “Do you know what your grandpa does?” The girl shook her head and said, “My grandpa watches the weather forecast every day.” Later, she learned a text about grandpa in the textbook. The students cast envy eyes. They realized that their grandfather was different from others.
  Whenever Yuan Longping is mentioned, we all stand in awe. As the well-known “father of hybrid rice” at home and abroad, Taishan Beidou in the agricultural field, his research results have fed countless people and greatly alleviated the global food problem. He is a veritable “contemporary Shennong”.
  Such a prestigious person acts extremely low-key. Since the 1960s, Yuan Longping has devoted his entire life to hybrid rice because he witnessed the three years of natural disasters when people were hungry everywhere and people were like ants. Those who survived gnawed the bark and ate the roots. He knows that a grain of grain can save a country or trip a country. From then on, his biggest wish in his life was to free mankind from famine and let everyone in the world eat.
  Thanks to Yuan Longping’s efforts, the difficulties in front of him were overcome one by one, and the yield of rice per mu has increased again and again. Now, the Chinese people are full, and 50% of the rice fields in the world are also planted with hybrid rice. This year, Yuan Longping is 90 years old, but he is still working, constantly pursuing breakthroughs in rice production.
  Even though he is world-famous and worth hundreds of billions of dollars, Yuan Longping has always been indifferent to fame and fortune, living frugally, wearing cheap watches, wearing old shoes, clothing is only a few dozen yuan. In order to engage in scientific research, Yuan Longping did not live in luxury houses or drive luxury cars, so he used funds for research. The Qingdao International Academician Harbor Villa awarded to him by the state has also been transformed into a scientific research room for the team to develop sea rice.
  For a long time, Yuan Longping went to the field to do experiments. He seldom took a car, and he always went by bicycle. Later, when he got older and became more and more physically inconvenient, he bought a car worth less than 100,000 yuan. Yuan Long usually said: “I’m not at home, I’m in the test field; I’m not in the test field, I’m on the way to the test field.” “I am engaged in applied science. Only by working hard can I practice true knowledge.” It is this simplicity and determination. , So that he will not be discouraged or give up in the face of heavy resistance and various difficulties.
  Some people say that the more noble a person is, the more humble the behavior is. This is the light of a person’s quality.
  I think this is the true portrayal of Yuan Longping.
  In fact, there are not many “everyone” like Yuan Longping. Another teacher in a white shirt with a smile on his face giving lectures to students is Pu Zuyin, the father of singer Pu Shu.
  Of course, his strength is not that he has a star son, but that he is a doctoral supervisor and professor at the School of Earth and Space Sciences at Peking University in China, and one of the initiators of the “Double Star Project” in my country. After graduating from Peking University, Pu Zuyin went to the United States and Germany for visiting research. Then he returned to Peking University as the director and doctoral tutor, all of which were awarded international-level awards.
  As a scientific researcher, Pu Zuyin is almost crazy about his work. Pu Shu recalled: “When I was a child, I woke up many times in the middle of the night, and my father was working.” In sharp contrast, Pu Zuyin’s extremely simple daily life. He doesn’t care about what he eats and wears. There is only science in his world. Maybe it was his father’s ears and eyes, who taught by his words and deeds, Pu Shu also inherited this low-key and practical.
  Really capable people have always been low-key people, high-key things, they will not be in the unexpected world, not bound by the material, they are not sharp, but full of light.