Death of moth

  The moth pounced on a small window pane it occupies, and people couldn’t help but look at it, although it made people feel uncomfortable and pitying.
  On such a morning that seemed to be full of infinite joy, destiny only allowed it to act as a moth, which was somewhat cruel, and how sad this moth was trying to enjoy this pitiful happiness. It jumped lively from one corner of the pane to another, paused for a second, and quickly jumped to the second corner.
  What else can it do? In addition to jumping to the third corner, jump to the fourth corner. This is what it can do. The highland in the distance stretches endlessly, the sky is vast, the smoke from cooking is drifting with the wind, and the sound of steam horns from ships on the sea from time to time makes people think about it. And it has done everything it can. There seems to be a line, although it is as thin as a hair, it carries the power of the whole world into its small body.
  Whenever it jumps across the pane, the line seems to be clearly visible. Although it is small, it is also a living life.
  However, it is so small, such a simple form of life, but it flies in from the open window, trying to attract human attention and thinking, which is a bit precious, and it is also more and more sad. It is as if someone took a breath of vitality, carefully decorated it with fluff and feathers, and then let this work dance to show the essence of life. Such a display cannot but make people feel weird.
  After a while, it was obviously tired from dancing, so it stopped on the window frame and bathed in the sun. As soon as its strange performance ended, I temporarily forgot it.
  After a while, I looked up and noticed it again. It wanted to continue dancing, but its movements were either too stiff or too awkward. It could only jump to the bottom of the pane. When it tried to leap as far as possible, it failed.
  About the seventh time, it slid off the window frame with its wings, and fell on its back on the window sill. Its helplessness shook me. It suddenly occurred to me that it was in trouble. Its legs struggled in vain and could no longer stand up.
  When I picked up a pen and was going to help it, I realized that these failures and clumsiness represented the imminent death. So I put down the pen.
  Its legs swayed for a while. I looked out the window, as if I wanted to find the enemy it was fighting against. What happened? It was noon, and the work in the fields had come to an end. Quiet replaced noisy.
  The rooks also flew to the creek for food. Ma stood quietly. However, the power is still there, it is scattered in the air, and it is nothing.
  For some reason, it fell in love with this little moth whose color was like dry grass, and everything was in vain. I can only watch the moth’s tiny legs struggle so hard, wanting to fight the coming fate. However, as long as it is selected by fate, even a city will be completely destroyed, as far as I know, as far as I know, even a city will be destroyed.
  At this time, the moth stopped exhausted, and then started shaking its legs again. This last protest was simply moving, but it successfully turned its body over.
  My sympathy, naturally, is entirely on the side of the living. No one cares, no one even knows the incredible effort this tiny moth has made to fight against fate, and the success it has achieved is no longer valued by others, which makes me inexplicably moved. Suddenly, I seemed to see the vitality of life again.
  I picked up the pen again, even though I knew it was futile.
  However, Reaper arrived as expected. The moth’s body softened and then immediately stiffened. The struggle is over. This insignificant little creature finally knew what death was.
  A few minutes ago, life seemed so weird, and now death also seemed so weird.
  In any case, the moth finally turned over before death, and now lies there decently, almost dead.
  It seems to say, well, death is indeed stronger than me.

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