Can advantages also be a trap?

  Can advantages also be a trap? You may have such questions. “Advantage trap” is difficult for everyone to defend. Once you fall in, you will find that the world is shrinking. And you, from start to finish, may not be aware of it. “Advantage trap” is just like what we call the cocoon house effect. Your focus gradually shrinks to the things you do best, making it hard for you to think of actively paying attention to other things outside the cocoon.
  Xiao autumn soon to enter high school grade. The college entrance examination is getting closer and closer. Although Xiaoqiu’s results have always been excellent and stable, she is facing a more common learning problem-partial subjects.
  For Xiaoqiu, the problem of partial subjects has a long history. Since elementary school, Xiaoqiu has a strong rejection of English. My classmates laughed at my substandard pronunciation, memorized vocabulary and was criticized by the teacher because I didn’t understand grammar, and made mistakes in writing… These problems in English learning made Xiaoqiu lose confidence.
  However, what puzzled Xiaoqiu’s teachers and parents is that Xiaoqiu’s Chinese and math scores have always been among the best. Even English teachers are wondering why a student with excellent Chinese academic performance can be so unsatisfactory in English learning?
  The same is extracurricular reading, Xiaoqiu can read through ancient and modern masterpieces with relish, but even the English picture book based on pictures can make Xiaoqiu’s scalp numb and daunting; the same is to overcome difficulties, she can go all night, just to get the math test papers The last few big questions, but once the English cloze and reading comprehension appeared before her eyes, she yawned and was exhausted; Xiaoqiu could talk and talk about topics involving Chinese and mathematics, even in person. To experts and scholars in these fields, she also boldly expresses her ideas, but if she encounters a foreigner who asks her for directions, all she thinks of is escape.
  Today, even though Xiaoqiu uses her innate strengths and weaknesses to justify herself, she is unwilling to accept such a result in her heart. She wants to change the status quo, but feels powerless. She wanted to prove herself, but she couldn’t start. She really didn’t know, what was the crux of the problem?
  The dual role of cocoon effect and self-fulfilling prophecy
  On the surface, Xiaoqiu seems to have tried his best, but the result is still not very satisfactory. The reason why she did not get the rewards for her efforts in English learning was most likely due to the ineffective efforts made after falling into her “information cocoon.”
  Having said that, you must be curious what exactly is the “Information, Information and Information Cocoon House”?
  With the continuous increase in the speed of human information dissemination, when people collect and extract all kinds of information, they are often habitually guided by their own interests, and then gradually close themselves in an extremely narrow information circle. This kind of shackles This state is vividly called the “information cocoon room” by us.
  When Xiaoqiu began to believe that Chinese and mathematics were her strengths, she virtually delineated a learning information cocoon for herself. Therefore, she began to study more knowledge and information related to Chinese and mathematics without realizing it. But this obviously helps Xiaoqiu’s further improvement in Chinese and math learning.
  However, influenced by the information cocoon effect, Xiaoqiu’s information reserve in English learning is quite insufficient. This directly makes it difficult for Xiaoqiu to go deep into the English subject and find something that can really impress and attract herself. In English learning, those effective learning methods, useful learning tips and other information that can help improve academic performance will not enter Xiaoqiu’s sight. The polarization of more advantages and disadvantages is naturally formed.
  Do you think this is over?
  No, this is just the beginning. What makes people even worse is the self-fulfilling prophecy.
  Self-fulfilling prophecy is a relatively common psychological phenomenon for people. It means that we will unconsciously take corresponding actions according to our own prophecies, and finally let the results of the prophecies be performed. In other words, people are not passively affected by the external environment, but actively produce related thoughts and behavioral responses according to certain personal expectations, so that the inner expectations can be successfully achieved.
  Take Xiaoqiu as an example. As long as she believes that she is good at mathematics and Chinese, she will invisibly push herself to achieve excellent results in mathematics and Chinese. In the same way, as long as she believes that English is her own disadvantage, she will unknowingly prove her powerlessness in the subject of English. This is a typical self-fulfilling prophecy.
  Once trapped in the information cocoon and immersed in the illusion of self-fulfilling prophecy, we will be in the “advantage trap” and cannot extricate
  ourselves … Then, how can we effectively avoid the “advantage trap” on the road of growth “What? How can we “jump” out soon after falling into the “advantage trap”?
  First, do not let your good things, become the only source of self-esteem is
  to do good things, not just the habit of dependence, more importantly, it is a source of personal esteem, it is a front view of a self-important part. In life, everyone needs to be recognized. And doing what you are good at is the easiest way to gain recognition and feel personal value from it. For example, if you are a high school student, you always want to pass the exam again and again to win the praise of teachers and classmates. However, when you can only demonstrate your own value by studying for an exam, you are very likely to fall into the trap set by your own advantages. Keeping the existing advantages and walking on the road to discover more potential, this is the best state of life for a person.
  Second, do not jump to conclusions, to be with an open mind, to receive more information about the field
  when we learned about the existence of “advantage trap”, we must learn in all aspects of their own lives cautious conclusions. Face the areas that you are not good at and don’t understand, and try boldly. Before you have enough information, don’t belittle yourself, let alone give up. Leave the comfort zone, understand the changes in the world with a more open mind, accept information in more fields, and accept all kinds of diversity in the future.
  Advantage may be a trap, but it is more likely to become a sharp sword to overcome obstacles in our lives. If you look at your own strengths correctly and objectively, and always keep exploring yourself, you will definitely gain more possibilities.