Hearst Chocolate Museum

  One day in early July this year, we visited the Hearst Chocolate Museum in Pennsylvania, USA with a group. After getting off the bus of the travel company, I saw a lot of primary school students in uniform school uniforms came out after the tour under the guidance of the teacher, which was very lively. The environment outside the museum is very elegant. When you get off the car, you can see the eye-catching billboard – Hearst Chocolate World. There are also six various billboards in the flower trees, such as “Hearst Chocolate Tour” and “Hearst Chocolate Tour”. “Products of the factory”, “Realistic large 3D display” and so on.
  After entering the museum, I first watched the introduction of Hearst, and then got on the tour bus. One car can seat two people. Our family of three took two cars to start the tour.
  With the movement of the tour bus, the whole process of chocolate making is presented to us one by one, and there are posters introducing the history of the factory on both sides, which are very delicate.
  Every step of the process of making chocolate is marked on the front sign, such as “Refining”. It starts with raising the cows, producing the milk, and the cylindrical utensils that hold the milk with the words “100% milk” on it, followed by the screening, drying and grinding of the cocoa beans for the chocolate, followed by a blender The data related to milk stirring and mixing are also marked on the processing machine, then cocoa butter is added, then briquetting is formed, and finally it is packaged and shipped. The whole process is exactly the same as the factory situation, very clear and realistic. In order to attract people’s attention and enhance the visual effect, some scenery similar to the fairy tale kingdom is also designed in the process display, which is unique. While taking pictures, I was amazed at the grand and exquisite design and production.
  After visiting the process, first go to the free chocolate tasting place to get a piece of taste, and then enter a large Hearst chocolate store. (such as key chains, etc.), clothing, hats, etc. are placed in an orderly manner.
  First of all, there are hundreds of kinds in terms of the number of types, and there are everything. From the point of view of materials, it can be roughly divided into the following categories: dark chocolate, which is characterized by good nutrition and cool taste; milk chocolate, which has an excellent taste and a silky feeling, and the aroma of chocolate and milk is mixed Mixed together, the fragrance is rich; the praline chocolate is also very nutritious, but the nuts in it somewhat destroy the silky feeling of the chocolate; the chocolate beans, the crispy skin is wrapped in mellow chocolate, with a playful Sensation; sandwich chocolate, the skin is soft chocolate, which may shock you with brandy or peanut soft heart, etc., which will give you an indescribable sense of surprise; chocolate candy, because chocolate is only an accessory, so it gives you an indescribable sense of surprise. A feeling of scratching and quenching thirst. In addition, the chocolate desserts and chocolate ice cream here are also attractive, and the chocolate and ice cream are harmoniously blended, giving a feeling of a perfect match. In addition, the store also displays a variety of fruit gummies produced by the Hearst Chocolate Factory.
  From the packaging point of view, there are generally three kinds of materials: one is iron box or tin can, there are various shapes, rectangular, round, herringbone, heart-shaped, boot-shaped, etc., This kind of packaging has three major advantages. First, it is easy to store and can prolong the storage period; second, the hardness and durability of the material also symbolize the lasting love; third, after eating the chocolate, these boxes or jars can still be collected. , or loaded with tea and other items. Of course, the price of this kind of chocolate is more expensive, and it is suitable as a gift. The second is plastic packaging, and the third is paper packaging. The chocolate packaged in these two materials gives people a relaxed and casual feeling, and the price is relatively cheap, which is suitable for tasting by yourself.
  The decoration of the chocolate shop is also very characteristic. Hundreds of products are placed in a random manner, so that every step you take will bring you new discoveries, bringing you new surprises, and making you feel like you are in a dream kingdom – chocolate big world. Seeing the chocolates in the store reminds us of the movie “Chocolate” starring the famous movie star Julia Binoche. The master chocolatier has developed DIY chocolate to a state of perfection and perfection. Get the top spot, learn everywhere!
  When a customer buys the chocolates here, the waiter will give you a paper card with a 20% discount on a one-time order of stock chocolates on Hersheygift.com.
  There is ZOOKA coffee shop where you can taste authentic chocolate. The hot coffee here comes from the six best chocolate producing areas in the world, ranging from African fruit flavor to Indonesian Carmel flavor. Here, all chocolate connoisseurs can show their talents, and all guests can taste the delicious chocolate all over the world. The setting is elegant, sandwiches and salads are available, desserts are delicious and unusual, and all the emphasis is on the chocolates that are made on the spot.
  There are three audio halls, a small theater with advanced facilities, and eleven interactive touch screens for visitors to experience exhibitions, explore Hearst Chocolate City, use portable electronic maps to discover every detail, and experience a unique chocolate museum experience. One of the experience items is to use a special workbook to guess word puzzles. If you guess correctly, you can get a commemorative coin and a personalized newspaper. The entrance fee for the experience at the museum varies according to age, generally $10, $9 for over 62 years old, $7.50 for children 3-12 years old, and free for children under 3 years old.
  Here, there is also the Hearst Chocolate Lab, which encourages adults or children to experience the unique feeling of making different chocolates by hand. In participating classes, you can learn to grind cocoa beans, temper, mold and dip them yourself. For safety reasons, children under the age of 4 cannot enter the laboratory, and food and beverages are also prohibited.
  Of course, here, you can learn the moving story of Milton Hershey (Milton Hershey), how he went from bankruptcy to rebirth, and how he turned expensive chocolate into something that the public can enjoy every day. Gourmet, learn how he created an amazing community and why he donated all his family property twice. Therefore, if you are a conscientious person, while understanding the production of chocolate, tasting the deliciousness of chocolate, and increasing the knowledge about chocolate, you will feel the historical connotation and life philosophy behind them, and get more inspiration and more from it. Enjoyment on a high level.
  Chocolate is poetic and romantic, it is a symbol of sweet and mellow love, and it is especially loved by women. This may be related to women’s sense organs. They are generally more sensitive to smell than men. In layman’s terms, their nose Brighter than men. When Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the West, in addition to roses, what lovers give to each other are chocolates. In fact, chocolate has many practical values: first, it can quickly relieve hunger, especially for those who are prone to hypoglycemia; second, it can refresh the mind and refresh the spirit; third, it can soften blood vessels and protect the heart Blood vessels, especially dark chocolate; four, it can also enhance the desire to improve the quality of life of couples.
  Of course, tasting chocolate is also very knowledgeable. Good quality chocolate has an aftertaste, persistence, and a sense of saturation in the mouth after it melts in the mouth. The mellow and fragrant feeling will keep your mouth full for three days and have endless aftertastes. . And the poor chocolate is made of inferior cocoa powder and cocoa butter substitute, and eating this stuff will definitely not have the kind of wonderful feeling in the heart and pleasant in the mouth.