Avatar: Play is creativity

  For a long time, those blockbusters in the United States have formed a fixed pattern, and they continue to export the same values ​​to the world: whether it is car chases, explosions, punches and kicks, monster fights, melting icebergs, stars hitting the earth, in short, in the end , would be a tedious ending to “Americans save the world”.
  But the American filmmakers in 2009 acted a little strange.
  ”The Ninth District”: All the moviegoers are on the wrong side. When the aliens ruthlessly kill the earth people, we almost cheered;
  ”2012″: The euro seems to replace the dollar as the world currency, and the Chinese participate Salvation;
  ”Avatar” is even more powerful. Although the American dream of the celestial kingdom has been completely subverted, it still won numerous awards at home and attracted considerable overseas box office.
  Many people say that James Cameron is a fun director. In 1997, before the release of “Titanic”, the dollars he burned made the investors almost collapse. After many years of disappearance, he once again played with high-end ideas. This is the most expensive work in the history of movies, so that those are not good-looking. The alien blue-faced weirdo became the most adored movie image of the entire year.
  The story of “Avatar” is actually not amazing, but it is still the old Hollywood style: there are adventures, conspiracies, and love; there are personality cults, twists and turns, and survival from desperation. But when we come out of the cinema, in addition to adoring the dazzling special effects, we will also overflow with gentle touches. This is a movie full of feelings, not just to show off 3D effects.
  First of all, there is no doubt that “Afandie” is an extremely extravagant movie-watching experience. I just think Earth is so boring compared to “Pandora”. Cameron and his team have built a beautiful place beyond the imagination of most people. The system of “Pandora” is unique, huge, and extremely magnificent, and there are beautiful magical creatures everywhere. In this eye-opening magical journey, there are towering giant trees with strange shapes, mountains floating in the air, pure and magnificent waterfalls, and at night, animals and plants even emit a beautiful halo, everything is like a dream Fantasy Garden in . As an earthling whose imagination is increasingly lacking, it seems that in addition to being amazed, we can only feel lost.
  But as the saying goes, “It is easy to draw a ghost, but difficult to draw a dog.” Creating a virtual image is not the most difficult part. After all, compared with the layers of texture in reality, such a fantasy world, no matter how you describe it, is always can be established. Science fiction movies come every year, but “Avatar” wins in “sincerity”.
  Impressed by Spielberg’s equally ambitious War of the Worlds in 2005. That movie wasn’t cheap, but I’ve always suspected that Spielberg didn’t put enough effort into making it. The pale design and the extremely scribbled ending seem to just create a concept with an astonishing number of hundreds of millions of dollars: “Look, I am a blockbuster”, other than that, the movie has no texture, even the image of aliens It’s still the same as it was in the 1980s. After watching the whole movie, it makes people extremely tired.
  In contrast, “Avatar” appears to be sincere. The whole film is full of dizzying details. Even if the plot line is inevitably old-fashioned and the story frame is very simple, Cameron’s original spirit runs through the film. In order to achieve the effect of excellence, he even hired a language expert to spend two years creating a language system specifically for the film. I think that Cameron’s perfectionism is particularly worthy of our respect in today’s impetuous and quick-witted popcorn movies flooding Hollywood.
  Second, “Avatar” is not a movie that can’t be justified. In today’s Hollywood, “plot” seems to have become an incomparably extravagant thing. Since there is enough strong technical support, who would bother to design a sophisticated story? When we are caught up in the dazzling special effects of “blockbusters” When they are too dizzy, the screenwriters may be proud of their laziness: when the plot logic is really incomprehensible, there will naturally be a spectacular and indiscriminate bombardment to follow up in time, attracting the audience’s attention elsewhere, enriching Visual, but logical thinking is reduced.
  Although Cameron has always been a master who is not afraid to challenge technology, he never ignores his ability to “tell a story”, and strives to maximize the reality of the movie, integrate technology into the plot, and make the two complement each other. Effect. As early as 1994, “Avatar” already had the prototype of its script. Unexpectedly, for more than ten years after that, Cameron has been unhurriedly hanging the appetite of fans. It was not until 2006 that the film was officially released. Announced to be included in the plan, at the beginning of 2010, “Avatar” appeared magnificently, “a whole new world is waiting”. When Cameron was proud of the “Golden Globe”, he was still the “king of the world” who raised his arms, and his patience paid off.
  Some people say that “Avatar” is innuendo, but I think it just tells a story (perhaps it has something to do with “environmental protection”). In the reality that some human problems are increasingly “cosmic”, this time the Americans did not act as the savior who had acted countless times, but played a very unbearable role, even the plants, animals, birds, insects on the planet Pandora , are more moral than human beings, and have the brilliance of primitive justice. Such a group of self-righteous and degenerate civilized people did not wake up and shake hands in the end, but the human betrayers chose to stay away from their own ethnic group and became the leaders of aliens.
  This is where “Avatar” is extraordinary. It uses the most complex lens language to convey a simple and pure wish. As the opposite of “human beings” – “Na’vi”, their world is so clear and natural, all things cherish each other, any existence of life is worthy of respect, and can perceive and communicate with each other. Under the “soul tree”, the quiet and deep micro Light accompanying the light elf roaming gracefully, at that moment, our hearts also become extremely soft, that kind of timeless, has to make people want to use their own beliefs to promise a lifetime.
  ”Avatar” provides us with a perfect reason to rest, to forget the complicated life and tired work, to find a temporary belonging in that alien planet, to love, to fight, and to achieve a new experience. And waking up from such a dream, in addition to soft admiration, many people are thoughtful: yes, we are complex, contradictory, sinful human beings, but we are also vulnerable, curious, sometimes simple, and eager eternal.