Jeremy Lin: Before the legend, he was sleeping on the sofa

  Different from Wang Zhizhi, Yao Ming, and Yi Jianlian, Jeremy Lin, who is 1.91 meters tall and weighs 90 kilograms, is more like an ordinary yellow-skinned boy who likes basketball, but “Lin Madness” has written a new legend: marginal figures – high-ranking grassroots – ordered in danger – – Reveal the brilliance – turn the tide. Jeremy Lin’s interpretation is a magical realism inspirational blockbuster.
  The recent outburst of “Harvard boy” and Chinese-American player Jeremy Lin has made him appear on the cover of the Asian edition of Time Magazine. “Lin Madman – He Changed Basketball Culture” pushed this global “Lin wave” to its peak. The name “Lin Jeremy” quickly spread all over the world. The cover title of “Time Magazine” is “Linsanity” (Lin Lai mad), praising Jeremy Lin for illuminating the entire NBA. And “Linsanity” is a new vocabulary created by the American media for the Jeremy Lin phenomenon. Previously, “Sports Illustrated” also chose Jeremy Lin as the cover character. The cover title “Against All Odds” was to express Jeremy Lin’s sudden rise through overcoming various obstacles.
  The beginning of a legend
  This is a more inspiring story than “Fame with a Go”. When he graduated from high school, no famous basketball school was willing to take him in, so Jeremy Lin could only go to Harvard to study. As captain, he led the Harvard basketball team to the National Collegiate League for the first time in history, and became the school’s first player to enter the NBA after 1954. However, this is not the end of the story. After being unselected in the draft, he was signed cheaply by the Warriors, and he was sent to the Development League five times and recalled. From the Warriors to the Rockets to the Knicks, Jeremy Lin faced layoffs at any time. And now, in Madison Square Garden, everyone is chanting “MVP” for a yellow-skinned player, crazy about the miracle he created.
  However, before the Knicks got a chance to play, Jeremy Lin was called the “water cooler manager”, which means a substitute for the bench, sitting at the back of the bench near the water cooler. Jeremy Lin’s annual salary in 2012 was $762,195, which is more important to Jeremy Lin. Because he’s been living at his brother’s house or on the couch of teammate Landry Fields, and with the Knicks, even if he’s just a backup, at least he can make a home in New York.
   After February 5th, everything began to change. At 99:92, the Knicks beat the Nets, the Knicks ended their two-game losing streak, and Jeremy Lin scored a game-high 25 points! In addition, 5 rebounds and 7 assists were recorded. In every game that followed, Jeremy Lin showed New York and the entire league his aggression, and his quasi-20+10 data was the level of the league’s top point guards. Of course, the most important thing is to lead the team to victory, and this, Jeremy Lin also did it, the Knicks began to explode in full force under the leadership of Jeremy Lin. On February 11, the Knicks played against the Lakers. With the two ace Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony unable to play, the Knicks ended their 9-game losing streak against the Lakers and more than 5 years without a win. Embarrassing record. Jeremy Lin scored a career-high 38 points and 7 assists against Kobe Bryant, dwarfing Kobe’s 34 points and 10 rebounds.
  It is his dream to play in the NBA.
  Jeremy Lin got his start in basketball from his father, Jeremy Lin. Jeremy Lin’s parents immigrated to the United States from Taiwan in the mid-1970s. “I can’t explain why I love basketball,” said Jeremy Lin, a computer engineer. “I just love it.”
  When Jeremy Lin was 5 years old, Jeremy Lin took him to California. The local YMCA in Palo Alto participated in the Children’s League. Throughout Jeremy Lin’s childhood, after he had finished his homework, Jeremy Lin would take his three sons to the YMCA field three times a week, imitating the technical moves they saw on TV in the NBA. “Many Asian-American families pay too much attention to study,” said Jeremy Lin, “but I feel great when I play with my children.”
  All three brothers in the Lin family participated in the high school basketball team, but Jeremy Lin, the second eldest, stands out the most. . “Jeremy (Lin) is obsessed with basketball day in and day out.”
  In the last year of high school, Jeremy Lin, who has grown to 1.85 meters, led Palo Alto High School to win the Massachusetts Division II championship, but he did not receive any scholarships provided by any first-level colleges and universities (Ivy League schools cannot provide sports scholarships). He sent his resume and DVD with highlights of his games to all eight Ivy League schools, Stanford University in California, and UCLA, where he dreamed of joining, and got responses from four schools. Regarding his two target colleges and universities in the Pacific Ten School Alliance, Jeremy Lin recalled that UCLA was “not interested at all”, and Stanford was “hypocritical” – the people who received Stanford University “pronounced my surname as ‘Lun'” “.
  Only Harvard and Brown University agreed to Jeremy Lin’s admission, but they did not provide scholarships, so Jeremy Lin chose to study economics at Harvard University.
  In 2010, Jeremy Lin’s “senior year” led the Harvard basketball team to the National Collegiate League for the first time in history. As a non-basketball special recruit, in the fourth season of the Ivy League NCAA, Jeremy Lin entered the league’s first team twice. , and was nominated for the Wooden Award and the Cousy Award (the top point guard award in the United States). “I know it’s not easy, but my son was called ‘incredible’ in high school,” said Amarck, the Harvard men’s basketball coach, in an email to him one fall. Sir’.”
  However, Jeremy Lin did not get a direct chance to enter the NBA. On the day of the draft, after learning that he was not selected, Jeremy Lin, who was about to cry, bought 150 chicken wings with his family. He decided to eat to vent his emotions.
  Most experts believe that Jeremy Lin’s chances of entering the NBA are slim, but he can have a good career in overseas leagues in the future. But Jeremy Lin did not give up. He chose to participate in the summer league and played well. He was selected by the Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks, and finally chose the most familiar hometown team, the Golden State Warriors.
  Jeremy Lin admitted that the most difficult days were spent by his family with him.
  The NBA is suspended, and the most injured are players at the bottom like him, who can neither contact other teams nor continue their NBA career. At that time, many Chinese teams were interested in him, and his Chinese blood was more conducive to the development of the Chinese market. But Jeremy Lin refused. His mother said, “It’s his dream to play in the NBA, and he still wants to try it.”
  Behind the sudden outbreak
  In the first season of the NBA, he suffered setbacks. Before the season was over, Jeremy Lin was defeated by the Warriors. The team was devolved to the Development League and was on the verge of being eliminated by the team.
  ”I suddenly realized that the reason why I was under so much pressure, and playing basketball was no longer a joy for me, was because I didn’t know when basketball had surpassed God and became the number one priority in my life. “He says. Faith has always been on Jeremy Lin’s lips. When he was a child, his mother told him: “Be humble! Give glory to God!” In front of basketball, he temporarily forgot.
  This realization enabled Jeremy Lin to train hard even when he played only a few minutes on the team, and even when he was sent to the G-League three times.
  ”Many fans are curious how much power Jeremy Lin’s religious beliefs bring him. In my personal understanding, it is absolute ‘self-discipline’.” Zhu Yanshuo said, “He has a cheerful and optimistic personality, and does not feel boring because of daily practice. He will not give up on himself because he has been sitting on the bench. In addition, he lives with self-discipline and does not drink or drink.”
  During the NBA shutdown in the summer of 2011, Jeremy Lin followed his family back to the mainland to worship his ancestors. No matter where he went, he would bring a Spalding basketball with him. , which is the professional ball for NBA games. When he helped Dongguan to play the Asian Club Cup, he took a little time every day to practice on his own. He said, “I need to keep the feeling of the NBA,” because FIBA ​​games are not played with this kind of basketball.
  When eating, Jeremy Lin would be meticulous to the point of tearing off all the chicken skin when he eats chicken, “I won’t touch any high-fat, high-calorie food.” He will insist on training 3 times a day for 1 hour each time even during the event, which is not easy for a bottom-level NBA player who cannot see the future for the time being.
  Although Jeremy Lin’s diligence is recognized by the team, it is not enough for him to gain a foothold in the NBA. In the Warriors, Ellis and Curry, the two star point guards, shared almost all of the game time, and Jeremy Lin had no chance. In the Rockets, Lori and Dragic are the first choices of coaches, and it is not Jeremy Lin’s turn.
  ”The coach won’t trust the Chinese too much, especially when your position can be replaced.” CCTV basketball commentator Yu Jia said, “It’s different in the New York Knicks, Bibby is old, Davis is injured, No one is available, and you can only let Jeremy Lin die as a living horse doctor.” As Jeremy Lin said, in the NBA, what you need is luck, chance and waiting.
  Asian, any questions?
  In the black-dominated American basketball circle, the living space for yellow-skinned Chinese players is very narrow. When Jeremy Lin participated in the Pro-Am Summer League in San Francisco in the summer of 2007, when he walked into the arena and started to warm up, a staff member ran over to remind him that “here is a basketball game, not volleyball.” Even when he was playing on the road , someone shouted to him in the stands: “Go back to China!”
  Everywhere he went to play, Jeremy Lin was the target of cruel mockery. “I’ve come across everything you can imagine,” he said. “Racist slurs, racial jokes, it’s all about Asians. Frankly, I’m numb now, I’m used to them, that’s the reality. .”
  Needless to say, some conscious or unintentional racial prejudice made Jeremy Lin underestimated. He made progress little by little in such an environment, using his own performance to fight back against those who despised him. And now, with people who are crazy about him, regardless of race, color, or country, he has truly become an international darling.