The “best ex-wife” fell to her death at home, bringing out Trump’s romantic past

   On July 14, 2022, as Trump’s first wife and Ivanka’s mother, Ivana died suddenly at home, and the news quickly swept across the United States. The New York City Chief Medical Examiner’s Office said on the 15th that the cause of death was a blunt force impact on the body, and the incident was characterized as an “accident.” Earlier, New York law enforcement revealed that Ivana accidentally fell to her death from the stairs of her home.
   To say who is the saddest, of course, is Ivana’s child. Daughter Ivanka wrote that she was heartbroken: “Mom is smart, charming, warm, and very funny. She lives her life to the fullest and never gives up the opportunity to laugh and dance. I will miss her forever.
   ” Trump must have mixed feelings in his heart. When he was young, he loved her ambition; when he was middle-aged, he hated her ambition; when he was old, the two got together again because of ambition.
   Now, she died unexpectedly, Trump wrote on social platforms: “She was an excellent, beautiful, amazing woman with an extraordinary and inspiring life.”
  Fascinated by Trump
   In 1976, the 27-year-old Iraqi Wanna came to New York for the first time, and when she went to a bar with her friends, she met a man who accosted him.
   “Hey, I don’t think you can find a table…” He called the foreman, gave a few words, and solved the problem. That man is Trump.
   And that sentence is the beginning of their love.
   For Ivana, this fate did not come easily. She is a girl born in a small town in the Czech Republic, from an ordinary family, her father is an electrical engineer and her mother is a telephone operator. If she lived step by step, she might never meet the son-in-law in the wealthy area of ​​​​the United States in her life. But she was never content to be plain.
   At the age of 22, she married an Austrian ski instructor. This “short-lived” marriage, which lasted only 2 years, was her first springboard to leave the Czech Republic.
   After the divorce, she moved to Canada smoothly, became a model, and got the opportunity to develop in the United States…
   The young and beautiful Ivana quickly fascinated Trump. The two got married less than a year after they met. After marriage, Ivana was reluctant to be a rich wife at home, and said to Trump: “I like work, any job is fine, but I can’t bear to sit at home and stare at the ceiling in a daze.”
   After that, she and Trump worked together to develop The Grand Hyatt New York. Together they revitalized the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort. Witness the rise of Trump Tower together.
   Ivana refused to be a vase and took on management positions including vice president of interior design for the Trump Organization, president of the Manhattan Plaza Hotel, and CEO and president of the Trump Taj Mahal casino resort. An interesting detail is that when Trump was named president of the Plaza Hotel, she was paid as little as $1 a year. However, the hotel pays for her haute couture, which is about $500,000 a year.
   The couple dressed up brightly and were active in New York’s Vanity Fair, making their business bigger and bigger. Everything seemed to be going in the direction Ivana had hoped: they bought mansions, even Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida; they gained fame as “one of the most powerful couples in New York”; They also have three children—Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric—and live happily ever after.
   The outside world described the two as a “match made in heaven”. The husband and wife are both successful and ambitious, almost like twins.
   At the beginning, Trump was also very satisfied, feeling that his wife was capable, “she proved me (choice) is right.” But over time, his mind changed. “I feel like I married a business partner, not a wife.” Trump regrets letting Ivana get involved in the business. “If you’re doing business for yourself, I really think it’s a bad idea to have your wife work for you. When she becomes a businessman, a tenderness disappears.”
   Ivana’s ambition had fascinated him, but annoyed him.
  Turning Divorce into Business
   Trump cheated. Ivana had already noticed it, but she was reluctant to believe it until two things happened – in 1989, at the ski resort, a young blonde walked up to her and provoked: “I’m Mara, I love Your husband, do you love him?” Ivana, startled and angry, yelled for her to get out.
   Not long after, the New York Post ran a bombshell story with the headline, “That was the best sex I’ve ever had in my life,” featuring Trump and Marla.
   Unbearable Ivana made up her mind: divorce!
   The news shook New York City and was on the front page of local tabloids for 11 consecutive days. Despite having a prenuptial agreement, Ivana isn’t a vegetarian either. In her opinion, she is dedicated to the development of the Trump Organization, while Trump is messing around outside, and these two points alone can tear a piece of “meat” from Trump.
   The divorce lawsuit has been fought for 3 years, and the two sides have had a lot of trouble. Ivana even accused Trump of “marital rape.” However, she later changed her words: it was not rape, but she felt offended and did not want her words to be interpreted as accusing Trump of a crime.
  In 1992, the two finally separated. Ivana’s property includes: $14 million, a 45-room mansion in Connecticut, a condo in a prime location, and a one-month annual use of Mar-a-Lago. She also received primary custody of her three children, which Trump pays $650,000 a year in child support.
   What level is this? Let’s compare it – when Trump later divorced his second wife, he only gave each other $2 million in property.
   Ivana’s wrist doesn’t stop there. After the divorce, she did not change her surname and tried every means to make money under the name “Ivana Trump”. She wrote a novel, titled “The Best Is Yet to Come,” which sold nationwide; she wrote a column in a magazine called “Global Divorce”; she also started a business selling cosmetics, women’s clothing, jewelry.
   After making a lot of money, Ivana married twice. Once in 1995, she got together with a wealthy businessman, which ended in divorce two years later; the other was in 2008, when she married an Italian actor who was 23 years younger than her. This marriage only lasted less than one year.
   Compared with Ivana’s marriage to Xiao Xianrou, what was even more surprising to the outside world was that Trump also happily attended the wedding ceremony at the time. It was like that, and they were able to shake hands and make peace. People shouted “See you soon”.
   In 2017, when Trump won the White House, Ivana took the opportunity to publish an autobiography called “Raising Trump”, which tells about her growth experience and the experience of raising children with Trump in her early years. She also revealed in an interview that Trump contacts her every week and asks her for advice if he doesn’t tweet. “I said to him, I think you should be tweeting. If you want your thoughts to get right, you should be tweeting, not telling The New York Times that they will twist every word you say.
   ” , Trump’s life is still full of Ivana’s shadow.
  ”Find a way to get it all”
   Children are the bond between divorced couples.

   When Trump was running for president, the three children around him were all born to Ivana. Especially Ivanka, this beautiful daughter with a name very close to Ivana, once attracted a lot of goodwill for Trump.
   In terms of children, Trump has to thank his ex-wife Ivana.
   When she divorced, she wanted custody of her children, telling Trump, “There can only be one cook in the kitchen.” Since then, she has taken on the responsibility of educating her children.
   “No matter how busy I am, I eat breakfast with my kids every day, have dinner with them every night, help them with their homework, and then wear a dress to go to charity events.”
   Ivana is basically in charge of the children’s affairs . . “I’ll call and tell Trump, ‘Ivanka is going to Georgetown University and Eric is going to Hill School.’ He’ll say yes.”
   Ivana said, don’t expect Trump to go with the kids Play in the park, or play baseball with them. He basically decides about the child over the phone. Only when the kids are about 18 can he communicate with them because he can talk business with them.
   Also because the child is older, the communication between Trump and Ivana gradually increased. But this will inevitably upset Trump’s current wife, Melania. Especially in 2017, in order to promote the book “Raising Trump”, Ivana said in an interview: “I don’t want to cause jealousy, but I am Trump’s first wife, and I am the ‘first’. Madam’.”
   While she went on to say that she didn’t want to replace Melania, she added: “Can I run the White House in 14 days? Of course I can. I can give a 45-minute speech without a teleprompter. Of course I can. Can I read contracts? Can I negotiate? Can I entertain? Of course I will. However, I don’t really want to go there (Washington). I like freedom.
   ” How good is your relationship with your ex-husband. Trump, for example, suggested that she serve as the U.S. ambassador to the Czech Republic, but she refused. “Trump told me I’ll give you that (ambassador position) whenever you want. But I like freedom, I like to do whatever I want.”
   How could Melania bear it, and responded through her spokesperson: “Melania plans to use her identity to help children, not sell books. The statement of this (Trump) ex (wife) obviously does not The substantive meaning is just a self-talk to attract the attention of the outside world.”
   At that time, many people watched the “Trump’s backyard fire” drama.
   When the “first lady” is out of play, Ivana wants to be the “first mother” again. In September 2020, she also said that her daughter, Ivanka, can “definitely” be the first female president of the United States because Ivanka is “smart and beautiful” and is “in the White House every day, with her father every day.” “.
   But after the 2020 election, cracks emerged in Trump’s father-daughter relationship. Last month, the father and daughter were considered to have publicly “break”. At a hearing, Ivanka’s testimony turned away from Trump. This made Trump extremely angry, and he hit back on social platforms the next day, saying that Ivanka “did not pay attention to or carefully study the results of the election.”
   I don’t know how Ivana felt when she saw this scene.
   Back then, after her divorce from Trump, Ivana went to a cameo in a movie called “The Original Match Club”. She has an impressive line in it: “Ladies, you must be strong. Remember, don’t get mad, and find a way to get everything (Don’t get mad, get everything).”
  This sentence is exactly what her life was about. The best footnote – find a way to get everything, even if you don’t get it, at least you won’t spend your life in vain.