Learn to say “goodbye”

It has been more than half an hour since I came back from school, and York hasn’t said a word yet. This is too abnormal. You know, York is usually like a little sparrow, always following his mother, chatting non-stop.

“Hey, baby, has something happened?” Mom asked.

York sniffed and whispered: “The school football team recruited new players and I was selected. However, Paul did not participate.”

My mother knew that Paul was York’s best playmate. They played together since they were young, and then entered the same elementary school, sitting in the same class. They go to school together, go to school together every day, and stick to each other even on weekends, almost inseparable.

“I’m sorry.” Mom said that she understood York’s feelings, and then she asked, “But why did Paul refuse to participate?”

York told his mother that Paul doesn’t like ball sports, especially football. He prefers track and field sports, such as race walking and running.

Mom nodded, her face showing a trace of puzzlement, she said: “This is normal! I mean, you like playing football, Paul likes running, everyone has their own preferences and choices.”

“But, so we can’t be together! I hope I can always be with Paul.” York said excitedly.

Mom didn’t speak any more, just patted York on the shoulder. After a while, my mother pointed to the chicken on the grass and said, “Get it to the pond.”

“Why?” York asked in surprise.

The mother pretended to be confident and replied: “He and the little duck are good friends. Now the little duck swims into the pond, and the little chicken wants to go in too.”

“But the chicken can’t swim! If you drive it into the pond, it will drown.” York retorted.

“What should I do?” Mom spread her hands and asked, “They are good friends, shouldn’t they be together?”

York said seriously: “On the grass they can play together. When the ducklings enter the pond, they have to say goodbye temporarily.”

After hearing what York said, his mother suddenly laughed: “Yes, kid, you are right. The chicken and the duck have to say goodbye, and you have to learn to say goodbye.”

York looked at his mother, then looked at the little ducks swimming happily in the pond and the little chickens catching bugs on the grass, and finally smiled in relief.

York understands that even if it is a good friend, it is impossible to stay with you all the time, cherish the time together, and then frankly say “goodbye” when parting. Besides, goodbye is not never again. At the weekend, York and Paul got together again. Moreover, York brought new friends he met on the football team.