No sense of achievement is a good opportunity

   People do not have any talent for sleep at all, they are only divided into “talented” and “untalented”. And if you have to think about what work you really want to do, it means you don’t have a job you want to do at all. You’re not looking for a job you really want to do, but a job with more money, less work, and closer to home. In fact, how can there be such a job?
   However, one thing doesn’t change: if you don’t endure hardship, you won’t see the sense of accomplishment in your work. The fun and sense of accomplishment that a job really brings you, it takes years to appreciate. Where’s the fun in doing it if you do it easily in the first place? In the past, to get a job, you had to be an apprentice first. You were beaten and scolded in middle school, you were treated unfairly, and you couldn’t get a decent salary. It is because of these pains and unwillingness that you will be happy when the work is done beautifully. This is the sense of accomplishment that work brings.
   Money can never buy a sense of achievement at work. To put it bluntly, trying to find a job that suits you is already a big misunderstanding, and there is no job that suits you at all. If the baby in the mother’s womb thinks “I want to be born in a world that suits me”, it will not want to be born at all. The same is true when looking for a job. Don’t think about having a job that suits you, but instead you have to adapt to your job.
   Most people choose a career they don’t like, so it’s easier to get started. If you want to live a happy life, it’s best to take the things you love as hobbies. Just like people who like baseball don’t play professional baseball, they will be happier playing amateur baseball. The film director Akira Kurosawa is a famous legend. He originally wanted to be a painter instead of a director. Most of the people who are really successful are like this. Maybe some directors have really aspired to be directors since childhood, but I don’t think the movies they make are so good. Maybe it’s because they like movies so much that they can’t look at them objectively.
   When looking for a job, don’t think about what you like to do, and don’t worry about whether you have a sense of accomplishment in doing it. If you feel that your current job has no sense of accomplishment, it’s not a bad thing, but a good opportunity, just to look at your work calmly. No matter what job, after a sober scrutiny, it will be more interesting than it is now.