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Henan Lvyuan Pharmaceutical Co Ltd is an advanced pharmaceutical joint-stock enterprise jointly invested in and constructed by Liuzhuang Village and several domestic companies. It encompasses an extensive area of 266,800 square meters, with a planned construction area of 110,000 square meters, and a total investment exceeding 1 billion yuan. Its primary focus lies in the production of A Moxycillin, ampicillin, vitamins, glyoxylic acid, phenoxyacetic acid, pyridine hydrobromide, and the 6-APA series.

Lvyuan Pharmaceutical places great significance on the acquisition, training, and development of talents and has established a comprehensive quality assurance system. Presently, the company boasts a workforce exceeding 1,000 employees, of whom more than 30% are proficient professionals and technical experts. They bear the primary responsibility for the research, development, and quality supervision of the company’s products. Lvyuan Pharmaceutical possesses a proficient technical R&D team and a dedicated product R&D center. The production process is meticulously governed by computerized control, ensuring a robust foundation for the enterprise’s sustainable development. The incorporation of technical talents and well-trained employees possessing specialized skills has propelled the company’s growth.

Lvyuan Pharmaceutical steadfastly adheres to the principle of “reaping benefits from research and development and leveraging the power of science and technology.” The company actively cultivates a corporate culture characterized by unity, development, harmony, and progress. It places significant emphasis on enterprise management and gradually establishes a comprehensive management system with its own distinctive features by leveraging informatization and automation. Through augmenting the organization’s capacity for sustainable development and enhancing management efficiency, as well as progressively refining the product structure, extending the product industry chain, and forging connections between the upper, middle, and lower levels, the company’s market competitiveness and resilience to market risks are significantly fortified.

Lvyuan Pharmaceutical will conscientiously embrace the scientific outlook on development, augment investments in research and development, and consistently integrate the concept of a circular economy into all aspects of production and operation. It will rely on impeccable production technology and equipment, a streamlined and cohesive workforce, stringent testing methods, and a flawless quality assurance system to continuously deliver a range of products that promote people’s well-being.

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Address: Qiliying Industrial Park, Xinxiang County, Henan Province, China
Postal code: 453731
Tel: +86-373-5687069 5687001
Fax: +86-373-5687028
Email: lvyuan@ecbasis.com

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