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When the solemnities were over, Otto traveled to several parts of Lombardy, where he hadn’t been before, and everywhere he managed to entertain the minds and settle the disputes. Adelheid followed her, and her presence brought joy to everyone. Near Cano, the king gave the building of a magnificently decorated church, a gratitude to the Lord God, who had allowed Adelid to gain security and rest from the castle. When he had all organized with power and wisdom, he left the kingdom of Lombardy with the ultimate takeover and constant care for the Duke of Lothring, Konrad, and left his young wife and a large group on his way home to Germany.

In Mailand they were delayed. Otto and Adelheid went to church to see the place where Lothar’s bones rested. For a long time they stood in deep thoughts, and the tears of Adelheid fell hot on the cold stone. Then he leaned on the king, whispering:

“Do not mind even if my tears leaking I weep for the hard fate which rests here Heavy was the sum of his parts in his last year of his life I am so happy you’ll be by your side, I said, unable to describe;… But I never could he forget, because he was sydämmelleni expensive like you. ”

“And you will not forget him,” said his wife gently. “I also honor his memory, as you respect my Edithan memory. When we come to Magdeburg, you will take you to his grave.

“And where God, in his goodness, allows us to enjoy such great happiness,” continued Adelheid, looking at him with his wet eyes.

“It must be remembered by us if the suffering still meets us,” said Otto. “For unchanging happiness lives only on the top where Lothar and Editha are waiting for us.”

Then they slowly passed through the church’s exit.

There was still an alpine country covered with snow and ice as the royal journey moved along the most up-to-date mountain road that led Brennersola from Italy to Germany. In March, Adelheid first came to his new homeland. The road through Lake Chur went to Lake Zurich and the peaks of the castle where he had been with his grandmother as a child were visible from the island of Uffnau. Beloved memories of that time awakened in his mind. His heart wished his native home on Lake Genève, but Otto could no longer delay his return. Important things were waiting for him at home. He did notice the longing for Adelheid, but he had his own thoughts, which he had not told. It was also decided that the king would take an approaching Easter in Quedlinburg.

From Lake Zurich, the trip took Rheinvirta, then north,
Allemannia and many other German provinces in Harz.
Adelheid admired the beautiful scenery, which
varied in front of his eyes.
Spring was quite early, because March was not yet over, but still the trees and shrubs on the banks of the rich currents had already erupted into the leaves, and the wooded mounds were covered by young greenery. Everything was different from Italy, but from Adelheid this nature seemed more wonderful in its original immunity.

However, no one was happier than Waltrud. Breathe in the air of his homeland when he reached the Weser River. The mountains and hills, currents and streams that led their journey led, they looked like old ones. He did not know his former place of residence as he had traveled through many countries with Hungarians and Jews. He often thought when a valley was spreading in front of his eyes, that his parents would probably have lived here. But when he came to another valley again, he felt like he was home to his childhood. “If Bertram were here,” he sighed often, “so he could tell me where my parents’ home was. But who knows if he’s alive or dead?”

The journey continued, and Harzvuoristo from the distance.

“We’re now home soon!” said Otto with a radiant eye to his young spouse.

He also rejoiced, especially for the king, for the quiet days they had hoped to spend in Quedlinburg. For the king was often worried, especially when his own son threatened to stand up against him. The king had believed in Adelheid’s concerns, and he tried with his dear treatment and wise counsel to help Otto carry them. But now all the worries of the government had to rest until Easter was over.

They were now in the end.

Henry, the Duke of Bavaria, rode against his brother, with a group of brilliant knights. Bruno received her in town. Brother’s friendly behavior made him good. From an early age, Bruno had been more than just a brother to him – a friend and an advisor. Nowadays he knew he could fully trust Henrik’s loyalty.

All the worrying thoughts disappeared while riding the castle. Oton’s eyes shone with happiness as he rushed up the stairs of his young queen in the revelation of welcome shouts, and as he moved, he said, “Now I greet you, Adelheid, in your new home!”

He was then directed to Waltrud’s own rooms.
From the simple but cozy ones they looked like him. It felt like
The breath of Editha’s spirit would have shone in them, for she had lived
in the same rooms.

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When they were tired after the trip, had rested and enjoyed refreshments, the king invited him to a large family room. A long-haired, supernatural lady stepped on Oton’s side against him, and the king said, “This is my mother.” These two women had heard a lot of praise; they already knew each other, even now they met for the first time, and their greetings were the most heartbreaking. But Otto was anxious and said, laughing:

“My mother, you know there are others who are waiting to greet the King of Vaudin.”

Creating a royal gaze that sought common understanding moved
Mrs Mathilda aside, and another woman stepped in front of Adelheid.
The young queen stood as if falling from the clouds – then she suddenly exclaimed, “Oh, mom, mother!” and crashed into Bertha’s lady’s lap. For a long time they embraced each other, and the eyes of those around them were tearing. Much was the mother and daughter had to experience, then the last time they saw each other!

Then Otto came out. “Here’s another one who asks to greet!”

Together with her nurse, she came in with a little girl. A little shy when he saw about a lot of guests, he ran straight to Bertha and grabbed his skirt saying, “Grandmother!”

Bertha took her child in her arms and showed her to her daughter. “Do you know him yet, Adelheid?”

The child looked at Adelheid’s biggest eyes. Then she told Bertha at the invitation of her lady: “Mom!” and stretched out his hand toward him.

“Lothar’s eyes!” said Adelheid, took the child in his arms and kissed him with his motherly affection. [Emma became a spouse of King Lothar of France at the age of 18.] Also, his brother Konrad was greeted by Adelheid. He had picked Oton’s mother and little Emma out of Vaud County and brought them to Quedlinburg so that Adelheid could immediately see all his former loved ones in his new home.

“One more reunion!” said Empress Mathilda to her son Otto. “Ellen is mistaken, riding in that friend’s castle yard, and with him there are many noble knights.”

It was an unexpected joy for the king to have a close friend of his kind, noble Count Hermann Billung. Faithfully and tirelessly, he had fought for his lord and kept the enemies away from the north and east. Now there was a desire to meet Otto to get him to Quedlinburg.

With great joy, the young queen also greeted her, because her spouse had told him a lot about Hermann’s friendship and affection. So he knew him and honored him.

Hermann had a lot to tell the king, and Adelheid sat beside him, listening to his understanding and trustworthy speech. Otto was very familiar with her and talked openly about her happiness. Also, Mrs Bertha was sitting with her daughter, and all of them felt happy in this family home.

“Where is Waltrud?” asked Adelheid. He had tactfully retreated, but came in at the queen’s request, and Hector Hermann also greeted him kindly.

“You look like a Sachsen girl,” he said with a smile.

“He’s from Sachsen,” said Adelheid. “The village he is from is located on the banks of the River Weser.”

“So we are the same,” Hermann continued, not removing his gaze from the girl. “I saw it immediately, and your face reminds me of a man I knew.”

The glowing red rose on the girl’s cheek, and she asked, “Who was that? Oh, sir, tell me, say her name!”

“He’s looking for his lost brother,” the Queen explained. “He’s alive or not, it’s ignorant to him.”

“What’s your brother’s name? How long is it for you to see him?” asked the Count briskly.

“His name is Bertram, and I have not seen him for years. I heard from an old Jew that he was fighting for Henry in the Battle of Merseburg. At that time he was just a young boy of seven or eighteen. something?”

“One Bertram I knew,” said Count, “and he took the villages to fight against the Hungarians. ”

Waltrud listened, “And then?” he asked,

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“Then he stayed in Mersehurg and worked at the gunman’s place. The bastard kept him, because he was a rare and loyal one. There were a lot of wolves in the area. . ”

Everyone’s eyes were enthusiastically attached to the speaker.

“And then?” asked Waltrud again.

“He then stayed in my service and followed me both for my hunting trips and for the fighting.

“And he lives?” asked the girl with an accelerated mind.

“Live Yes,” Hermann answered with a smile. “But is he your brother, who knows it? You would have a hard time knowing him, because many years have passed since you saw him. Of course you were a child then.”

Waltrud removed his bracelet from his arm and handed it to the line with trembling hands, praying, “Show this to him, O Lord, it has been my mother’s own.

Then he turned to Adelheid, who held the hand of the moved girl in his own, and whispered, “The ruler, I have no doubt. He is it!”

“Calm down, Waltrud; if you were disappointed, it would feel bitter.”

Neither did they notice how Otto and Hermann were shifting their gaze, and how the king whispered to a servant after which this point disappeared.

After a moment, a long-haired, strong-looking man with blond, golden-haired hair and a beard and the arms of the men of Count Hermann stepped inside. The Count went to her and handed her a bracelet of Waltrud, saying, “Do you know this, Bertram?”

The man grabbed it, and the Count noticed his hand shaking.
Examining he looked at it from the outside and inside and then said:
“I know it well. My mother was like that, and I think this is the same. There was a cross on the inner edge – is it here.”

He showed it to the curve. This nodded his head and went on, “You told me of your younger sister, whom the Hungarians killed or robbed. What was her name?”

“Waltrud!” belonged to the man’s mouth.

Then the giggling exclamation of the room whistled through, half joyful, half painful. The girl had jumped up. Hermann grabbed her hand and took her to an astonished young man. “Look here, Bertram,” he said, “is the right owner of the bracelet. Here’s your sister Waltrud!”

In the next moment, Waltrud rested on the lap of his lost and discovered brother. All those present felt deep movement; no eye was wetting.

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Hermann had stepped further beside King Oto. Both faces glowed with joy.

“That lost was so close to you, I didn’t know,” said the king.

And Adelheid, who had spotted the look of his wife’s face, went to him and said with warmest gratitude: “This is yours, Otto! I see it from your face.”

He smiled. “I had promised you. I sent Hermann from Italy to my friend to start questioning and investigating. I couldn’t have come up with a more suitable man for that purpose.”

“This is the most delightful reunion, which I have in my life I’ve seen!” said Luitprand remarkably, and Martti quietly said, “The Lord has made all that good for that faithful girl. She really deserves such happiness!”

Then spoke the king: “Just as I exalted sister nobles ranks, I will set up now, you, Bertram, a nobleman and knight At the spot where the parents to go home have had, you get to build your dwelling funds get to bring the king’s Fund, and Hermann..” Now he he turned to his friend – “when you come to the duke, he will go to your flag, follow the world, fight with you for his king. For tough fighting is yet to come!” [To his friend Hermann Billung, Otto later gave his own Duchy of Saxony.]

“Yeah,” admitted Hermann, “but let’s not think of it in this happy moment!” And Adelheid added, “Let’s say with brother Martin:” The ways of the Lord are marvelous, but he will bring them to a wonderful conclusion! ”

* * * * *

Our story is over. The story of the fate of the King’s daughter tells the history of the world. Long years, up to the days of his old age, namely Adelheid in the kingdoms of Germany and Italy, acting with gentleness and wisdom, blessing both the ruler and the country and people. His contemporaries held him in high esteem. Even greater honor came to him when he and his wife in Rome were crowned with the Emperor. But his most glorious glory was that he walked humble as a servant of Jesus Christ until the end of his life.