A Spanish woman went out shopping and was blocked by pigeons to “beg for food”

An Australian man wears protective clothing and goes to the gym to take protective measures
A video shows a man wearing white protective clothing entering the gym in front of a gym in Queensland, Australia. Worried about spreading the virus, experts warn against going to the gym. Obviously, this man was also reluctant to take risks and took adequate protective measures. According to reports, since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, Australian people have taken various protective measures to protect themselves. At Elizabeth Wharf in Perth, a man was found wearing a storm cavalry helmet. In Adelaide, a passenger was wearing a protective suit and a gas mask to ride the car.

A pair of little siblings in the United States hold a concert for the 78-year-old living alone on the porch
A 9-year-old boy from Ohio, U.S., Tarren Ryan and 6-year-old sister Cariope sat on the porch and gave a concert. It is reported that the 78-year-old neighbor Helena Schram, a brother and sister, is a fan of classical music. She is isolating herself at home and has not seen anyone for five days. The siblings put on dresses and brought the cello to the porch of Helena’s house, playing music for her from afar. It is understood that Helena’s grandchildren are in Israel, and this lovely video was posted online, and they can all see it. The mothers of the brothers and sisters said they were proud of the children’s performance and she was very happy that the children had such an experience.

A British family traveled by car without knowing that a man was hiding in his trunk

The British family returned from a trip by car, but they did not know that there was a person hidden in the trunk of the car. According to reports, the family stayed in Calais, France for one night before returning to the UK. The man may have climbed into the suitcase at that time. The family drove back to the UK without knowing it. It was not until they parked the car at the gas station that there were knocks and shouts in the trunk before the witnesses called the police. It is reported that this is a stowaway. He told the police that he had been in the suitcase for several days. The owner and his wife could not believe it when they learned it. Currently, the man is arrested on suspicion of illegally entering the UK.

Indian guards dressed in plush costumes as “gorillas” scared away monkeys in the yard
India’s “monkey crisis” is intensifying, and monkeys’ attacks on humans are endless. In a camp of border police forces in Uttarakhand, India, two guards dressed in gorilla costumes chased a group of monkeys to scare them away. The video shows a dozen monkeys walking around in the yard of the camp. At this time, two “gorillas” came out of the small red house on the slope. The monkeys in the courtyard immediately fled, and the two “gorillas” “Chasing the monkeys until they were all out of the yard, and after checking again that there were no monkeys, they returned to the house.

Winery misconnects pipes to cause wine to flow from village faucet
Residents of a small village in Italy were surprised to find that the faucet began to emit red liquid with bubbles and obvious fruity aroma. It turned out that after a wine cellar in a local winery malfunctioned, the wine was accidentally connected to the local water supply pipe. Because the pressure of the wine pipe was greater than that of the water pipe, delicious wine flowed out from the tap of the nearby residents’ house. Afterwards, the government immediately assured people that these liquids were harmless. Subsequently, a wine lover stated that he had “dream come true”.

A beautiful woman woke up and found that the roof was removed by the workers
When Belinda Hengate of Tennessee was awakened by noise, she discovered that several staff members were demolishing her roof. Her husband Philip was working at the time, and hurried home immediately after receiving his wife’s call. Philip said that when he confronted the staff, he discovered that they should have demolished another house 40 miles (about 64 kilometers) away. Philip said: “They don’t speak English, and the subcontractor is from Honduras.” Philip also said: “It’s unbelievable. You can’t imagine you going to a work place, even if you don’t contact the boss and start working, they don’t even knock Door.” The company eventually decided to continue to replace the roof of the Hengate family, although this was not what the couple requested, or even what they wanted.

A man from the United States made the “most robust trampoline in the world” car dropped from a height of 45 meters and bounced

Former NASA engineer Mark Robb and the other two spent six months creating a crazy stunt: tossing a car from a height of 45.7 meters onto the “most robust” trampoline in the world. It is reported that this sturdy trampoline is made of “Kevlar” fiber and 144 springs. It took them 7 hours to assemble the trampoline on site. In the video, the car slammed into the oversized trampoline, slightly deviated from the center of the trampoline, and then bounced back. The car’s bumper was damaged and the headlights were smashed. The trampoline hardly suffered any damage, only one of the springs was bent and deformed. Overall, the test results were satisfactory.

A helicopter from South Africa landed in a university parking lot to give schoolbags to children

In Vanderbijlpark, South Africa, a helicopter landed in the parking lot of the Northwestern University Wall campus and gave a student a forgotten bag. In the video, other students watched in surprise, the helicopter was parked in the parking space, and there were other parked cars around. A student walked casually towards the helicopter, a bag was handed out of the helicopter door, and the student grabbed the bag and walked away. The photographer exclaimed: “Helicopter came to deliver his bag, who is he?” The student ignored the exclamation of the onlookers and slowly returned to the school. Then the camera pointed at the helicopter, which took off from the ground and flew away.

American man pretends to be infected with new coronary pneumonia and coughs at police
On March 24, a 21-year-old man came to the Coffs Harbour Police Station in New South Wales to make a mandatory daily report and decided to commit a prank. He pretended that his new coronavirus test was positive, and he coughed at the police to block the police station. Police said the man would be prosecuted for obstruction of official duties, and he laughed that it was just a “joke.”

A Spanish woman went out shopping and was blocked by pigeons to “beg for food”
On the empty road in Benidorm, Spain, a woman who went out alone walked along the street. Her shopping cart was filled with food. Suddenly a large group of pigeons began to chase her and seemed to beg for food. It is reported that due to the impact of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, the Spanish people are staying at home, the streets are empty, and the pigeons gather around when they see people. This lady couldn’t get rid of the pigeons’ chase, and there was no one around to help her. Finally, she hid in a house to avoid the pigeons.

27-year-old financier resigns to raise lions in South Africa

A 27-year-old Swiss financier, Dean Schneider, quit his job to raise a lion in South Africa. He shared some images of intimate interaction with the “Lion Brothers”. In the video, Dean stood to greet a few lions rushing at themselves, playing together like friends. He said that part of the life of a lion is play, just as humans will play together. It is inevitable to be injured with a lion, but he understands the thoughts and behavior of lions. Surprisingly, Dean had never been trained before contacting the animals, but the lions treated him like a brother, treating him as a family member. Dean said that he was not training animals, just living with them. Currently, Dean owns and manages 360 hectares of oasis in South Africa. He wants to establish a safe area where animals can live freely.

A man in Cyprus walks a dog remotely with a drone
The Cyprus man Vakis Dmitri shared a video of him maneuvering a drone and walking his dog. Vakis stands on the balcony and controls a small drone. His dog, Oliver, is led by the drone on the rope and walks on the street. Vakis said that this was the fifth day of his isolation at home, and urged everyone not to forget the happiness of the dog. Vakis said that this is not very safe, and if Oliver is suddenly playful, it may pull the drone down.

French men ran 6,000 trips at home to run 42 km marathon 7 meters long balcony
A French man in Toulouse, France, Elisha ran a marathon on his balcony while at home. As the new pneumonia epidemic spread in France, Elisha was isolated at home like everyone else. Elisha’s balcony was 7 meters long and 1 meter wide. He ran about 6,000 times on the balcony and spent a total of 6 hours and 48 minutes running 42 kilometers. Earlier, Elisha had run 36 marathons. He said the move was to support the work of medical staff and called on everyone to be isolated at home.

Finnish artist “lights green” a mountain in Ireland with 1,000 lights

March 17 is Ireland’s “National Day”-St. Patrick’s Day. Finnish artist Cari Kolla used 1,000 lights to light up the mountains of Connemara National Park into aquamarine, creating the “largest in the world” Outdoor lighting artwork”. According to reports, this work is called “Wild Beauty” and the exhibition should have continued from the 14th to the 17th, but due to concerns about the new coronavirus, Ireland has canceled the parade and celebrations. At present, people can enjoy this wonderful work of art online.

About 200 people in India gather to drink cow urine and say it can resist new coronary pneumonia
According to reports, an Indian organization held a party in Delhi to drink cow’s urine to fight against new pneumonia. About 200 people drank cow urine at this party. Many Indians believed that cows are sacred animals. Cow urine can be used as medicine and may even cure cancer. But Indian experts emphasized that there is no evidence that cow urine has a preventive and therapeutic effect.

Hundreds of hungry monkeys in Thailand stage a “banana battle”

A few days ago, hundreds of monkeys on the streets of Lopburi, Thailand, fought for a banana. In the video, the monkeys are looking for food alone, and suddenly the monkey group starts chasing a monkey holding a banana. These monkeys are two “gangs”, they are the monkey group living in the city, and the monkey group from the temple. According to reports, the territory of the two monkey groups was separated by train tracks, and they did not usually meet, but this time in order to find food, the two gangs of monkeys staged a scuffle on the street. These monkeys are usually fed by tourists, but recently the number of tourists has plummeted, and monkeys in temples can’t bear hunger until they run to the city to compete for food.