Famous doctor

Mei Zihan is a famous doctor in Weizigou, which is recognized by the people of Weizigou.

The Mei family is a well-known family of Chinese medicine practitioners. There are many versions of the origins of the Mei family. The most common one is: Mei Chunhe’s grandfather, Mei Chunhe, was a superb imperial physician in the palace in his early years, and was later unintentionally involved in a sudden incident in the palace. After losing his messenger and almost losing his life, he cruelly ran to Weizigou in the northeast.

Mei Zihan was smart, hardworking and studious since he was a child. During the day, he studied scriptures from a school teacher and studied medicine with his grandfather and father at night. He has a special interest in medicine. When he was weak, he had read through medical classics such as Compendium of Materia Medica, Qianjin Prescriptions, and Internal Classics, which laid a solid foundation for his future practice of medicine.

Under the guidance of his grandfather, Mei Zihan’s medical skills have matured day by day, and he is highly respected in all disciplines. After his grandfather passed away, Mei Zihan carried the banner alone and continued to develop the medical ethics of the Mei family. Anyone who comes to his infirmary for treatment does not wait to speak out about the condition. He has insight into what the disease is through seeing, hearing, cutting the pulse, and looking at it. For difficult and miscellaneous diseases, some find the cure in the patients’ bad habits on weekdays, and some do not show the prescription, but only tell the patients to be cautious in living and eating, and to resolve the disease without medicine.

Most patients who are not well treated by others can only get to Mei Zihan in the end. If Mei Zihan can’t be cured, this person will probably be running out of time. This is the case for the patient who came today. The family has prepared a coffin and shroud for him. He came here because he admired Mei Zihan’s name and came here with the feeling of “a dead horse as a living horse doctor”.

Mei Zihan listened to the patient’s family members to tell the patient’s medical history, and stepped forward to cut the patient’s pulse, and turned around to prescribe a prescription. This prescription is rare for outsiders, and only keeps it as his own medical record. Later, Mei Zihan went to the pharmacy in the backyard to dispense the medicine. This rule of the Mei family began with Mei Chunhe. After the medicine was prepared, Mei Zihan decocted the medicine personally and asked the patient to take it immediately. He asked the patient’s family members: “If this person can wake up in the middle of the night, it means there is still hope of survival, otherwise there is really no cure!”

It’s strange to say that the patient moved around not long after taking the medicine, and was able to open his eyes slightly before midnight. After a few days, after taking a few medications, the patient’s condition looked like one day, and finally he got up on his own. The patient’s family members were grateful, and sent eight gilded plaques with “Wonderful Doctor, Bringing Back to Life” to Mei Zihan’s house.

The anecdote of Mei Zihan’s healing and saving lives is almost well-known in Weizigou. People respectfully call him the “genius doctor” and his medical skills as “the magic of immortality”. Even Mei Zihan couldn’t remember how many patients he had cured.

After years of practicing medicine, there is one thing that has been deeply troubled by Mei Zihan. This is that he has never found a suitable person to pass on his medical skills. Mei Zihan has a son and a daughter under her knees, but the two brothers and sisters have no interest in ancestral medical skills, and neither of them would inherit Mei Zihan’s mantle.

The years have passed like a white horse, and Mei Zihan has reached sixtieth birthday in a blink of an eye. Seeing that his ancestral medical skills will be lost in his generation, Mei Zihan is distraught. In desperation, he had no choice but to post a notice and recruit apprentices to pass on the art. In the end, two people were selected from the candidates to study medicine with me. At this time, Mei Zihan hated that he couldn’t teach his apprentice what he knew and learned in one day, but he knew that haste is not the truth, so he could only take it slowly.

Unexpectedly, there were unforeseen circumstances. Three years later, Mei Zihan suddenly fell ill. He gave himself a medication, but he did not get better after taking it. Soon, the condition worsened. When the two apprentices saw this, they were very distressed, so they each carefully cut the pulse for the master to diagnose the illness, and each prescribed a prescription, but he hesitated for a long time, and did not dare to prescribe the medicine easily. They were afraid that their prescription would be delayed and the master’s prescription would be delayed. disease.

A few days later, Mei Zihan’s illness worsened, and the two apprentices had to discuss with Mei Zihan’s family and send Master to a Chinese medicine hospital in the provincial capital. After a young Chinese doctor diagnosed Mei Zihan’s illness, he immediately prescribed a prescription. No matter what he expected, Mei Zihan died without waiting for the medicine to be decocted.

When the master suddenly passed away, the two apprentices were puzzled, so they asked the young doctor what kind of disease his master was suffering from, and he left so soon! The doctor told them that it was actually not a serious illness, it was just ordinary lung heat, but due to the lack of treatment in time, the rising of the false fire turned into an emergency. If the treatment was timely at the beginning, it would not be dead.

The two apprentices blushed immediately and bowed their heads guiltily.

Later, when the young doctor in the provincial capital learned that the person he was treating was the famous Mei Zihan in Weizigou, he couldn’t help being shocked, and then shook his head and sighed: “I can’t think of a generation of famous doctors who saved people from death. The small illness of Hongmao, sad!”