“Death Mail” from Hell

  1. Diyarbakir is a small town located in the southeastern part of Analya Province, Turkey. The folklore here is conservative and obeys various customs passed down from generation to generation, including “honorary murder”: if a woman does a family For “shameful” things, such as having children out of wedlock, elopement, escaped marriage, etc., male members of the family can be sentenced to death in the name of honour. In Turkey, an average of 200 women die each year as a result of “honorary murder”, and the number is increasing year by year.

  2. In the summer of 2010, businessman Chris forced his daughter Isha to marry the rich man in the town in order to get a huge amount of gift money, but Isha had already had a sweetheart, Danielle, and refused to exchange her marriage for money. On the wedding night, Isha and Daniel eloped. Chris flew into a rage when he learned the news, and immediately sent someone to arrest Isha and decided to “honor her murder”.

  3. At 9 o’clock in the morning on July 3, 2010, Yisha was taken to the gallows, and the executioner was Yisha’s 15-year-old brother Andrew-this is the tradition of “honorary murder” and the execution must be a close relative And young men under the age of 16. Andrew tightened the noose around Isha’s neck with an expression of pain. As Isha was dying, she burst into anger, and shouted with one last breath: “I want everyone to taste the taste of death!”

  4. On the seventh day after Isha’s death, Sheriff Fernando suddenly received a call to the police and learned that Isha’s brother Andrew had locked himself in the bedroom and had not been out for two days. Fernando rushed to Andrew’s house immediately, the bedroom door was locked, Fernando had to break in by force. As soon as the door was opened, a foul smell hit his face, and Andrew was lying on the bed, his body had begun to decay, his eyes widened. The inspection revealed that there were no traces of fighting in the bedroom, and there were no scars on the body. After the bedroom door was locked from the inside, a natural secret room was formed. Could it be that Andrew was frightened to death by something?

  5. Fernando recalled that Andrew had looked for him. He was emotionally unstable at the time. He said that he often had nightmares at night. He saw Isha in white dress gently approaching the bed, when he was thinking When I hugged my sister and begged for forgiveness, I found that Yisha’s beautiful face was rotten and exuding a foul smell. Numerous maggots were shuttled through the rotten flesh. He was stunned and unable to move. He only felt that Yisha’s cold hands were pinched by a huge force. It broke his neck and made him unable to breathe!
  6. Fernando was in a panic when he suddenly found a note on Andrew’s desk, with four big blood-red letters on the front-“Death Mail”, which read: Andrew will die on July 10. Signed: Isha, July 8. The word was written on July 8, but it accurately predicted Andrew’s death on the 10th. Why could it be so accurate? Who sent this “death mail”? Is it really Isa?

  7. A wave of unrest and another wave-soon after, the grave sweeper picked up another “death mail” in front of Andrew’s grave, saying that Isha’s boyfriend Daniele will die on July 23. The signature is also Isha. Since Daniel received Isha’s “death mail”, a series of incredible things have happened to him. He noticed that wherever he went, there was a ghost-like woman in white trailing behind him at a distance, her back very much like Isha!

  8. Daniel often received some packages sent anonymously. Once he tore a package, suddenly a large blood-stained scorpion crawled out and almost stabbed him! Darniel took a step back instinctively and patted the scorpion with his shoes. After the scorpion died, Daniel carefully poured out the contents-only saw a black and white photo of himself, his eyes turned white, red blood flowing from the corners of his eyes and mouth, his face twisted in horror, and filled with pain! Daniil, who was shaking with fright, immediately called Fernando and asked to send someone to protect him, otherwise he would be frightened to death even if Isha did not come to claim his life.

  9. Fernando decided to protect him personally. At 10 o’clock in the evening on July 22, Daniel took a sleeping pill and went to sleep. At this time, Fernando received an emergency call and hurriedly left Daniel’s house and went to the police station. However, at the moment he left, the lights at Daniil’s house suddenly went out automatically… At 3 am on July 23, Fernando, who was busy with urgent official duties at the police station, suddenly answered Daniel’s call: “Fernando , Save me! Save me! Isha she…” Daniel’s phone call was suddenly interrupted, and there was only a busy tone of “toot”. Fernando immediately called a few colleagues and drove to Daniel’s house.

  10. The door of Daniel’s bedroom was locked. Fernando broke the lock with a pistol and rushed in, only to find that Daniel’s body was curled up in the corner, with the phone on his ear, posing as if he was making a call. His eyes widened in horror and his mouth was half open, as if he had seen something extremely terrifying before he died. There were no signs of fighting in the bedroom, and no wounds on the corpse. The method of death was exactly the same as Andrew! Fernando looked at his watch subconsciously: at 3:15 am on July 23. The “Death Prophecy” has once again become a reality!

  11. The news of Isha’s revenge for the dead made headlines in major newspapers, and newspapers sent powerful reporters to the town to find news clues. However, two months later, no “death mail” appeared in the town. Another two months passed, and when everyone was about to forget the dead Isha, a reporter from Izmail Province Daily News received a letter. The next day, the headline of the newspaper published a news that shocked the whole province-Yisha’s death mail turned out again, this time the undead was about to kill her father Chris.

  12. Fernando immediately organized the police and rushed to Chris’s house to strictly protect him. However, in the middle of the night when he predicted the time of death, when Chris got up to go to the bathroom, he drank a little bit of water on the bedside, but found that the smell was fishy and astringent, and he was alert. He quickly turned on the light and found the glass. There was actually red blood in the middle, black mud and wriggling maggots at the bottom. Chris yelled in horror, and the glass fell and fell to pieces!

  13. At this time, Fernando heard his car suddenly beeping outside the house. He hurried out of the house to check. When he turned around, he saw a white shadow drifting into Chris’s house. Where did a huge force hit the back of his head and he fainted on the spot! The next day, after waking up, Fernando found that Chris had died in his bedroom, exactly the same way as Andrew and Daniil!

  14. On December 3, reporter Yasi received another anonymous letter. He opened the envelope and looked at it, and he was shocked in a cold sweat-another “death mail”, and this time the target turned out to be Diyarbakir Town Mayor. The next target of Isha Undead is the mayor! As soon as the news broke, all residents were shocked. Two days later, someone found a death email at the grave of a lady named Anrina. The email said: The mayor will die on March 8. The signature is: Isha’s curse of death.

  15. Three months have passed in a blink of an eye, and there are still three days until March 8. In order to protect the safety of the mayor, Fernando stayed by the mayor almost day and night. At 11pm on March 7th, he was awakened by a rapid cell phone ringing. In order not to affect the mayor’s rest, Fernando went out to answer the phone… But no one responded on the other side when he ran back to the bedroom. At that time, it was discovered that the mayor was missing!

  16. Fernando yelled loudly, but no one responded. Suddenly there was a thumping sound from downstairs. Fernando hurriedly took the elevator to the ground floor and found that the mayor had fallen on the rocks in the garden downstairs, his face blurred! At this time the midnight bell in the town church rang: at 0 o’clock in the morning on March 8. The “death prophecy” has been fulfilled again!

  17. “Fernando, the mayor is dead, and your revenge has been reported. Can you tell me now, why did you kill the four of them?” reporter Yasi asked Fei standing beside him with a serious expression. Nando. “What? You said I killed them?” Fernando laughed. “Isha’s undead killed them. Did you make a mistake?!” Yasi shook his head and said, “I’m not mistaken, you are the murderer. There are no undead in this world. The Isa that Andrew, Daniel and Chris saw before they died was actually you hired someone to pretend to be. The anonymous packages that Daniel received were also sent by you. Those few The “Death Mail” is also arranged in advance by you. You do this to create the illusion of revenge for the undead and distract everyone so that you can continue to commit the crime.”

  18. “Even if I were a murderer, how did I kill them? When they died, I was not there.” Fernando showed a sly smile on his face. “People who receive the death mail are worried that Isha will really be resurrected, so they will ask you to help protect themselves. You can just take this opportunity to secretly kill. The night before Andrew died, you went to his house and took advantage of him. Inadvertently, he secretly put a few pieces of dry ice under his bed. At night when Andrew sleeps, the dry ice sublimates into carbon dioxide, which is denser than oxygen and will precipitate to the bottom of the air. Andrew lying on the bed is completely wrapped in carbon dioxide and no oxygen is inhaled. , Suffocated to death. Dry ice will not leave any traces after sublimation, so no murder weapon can be found.”

  19. Yasi said as he took out a large bag of dry ice and a file folder from his handbag: “This bag of dry ice was found in your basement. I also asked a technician from the Criminal Investigation Division to make one with Yisha and your hair. Xiang paternity test…” Before he could finish his words, Fernando yelled hysterically: “Yes, I killed them. But these scumbags deserve to die, it was they who killed my daughter-Yi Sha!”

  20. It turns out that 21 years ago, Fernando and the mayor’s sister Anrina fell in love. The power of love surpassed reason and made them steal the forbidden fruit. Soon after, Anrina found out that she was pregnant. In order to prevent Fernando from being implicated, she secretly hid and gave birth to Isha, but at this time, her family decided to put her to death after learning about the scandal of her daughter having a child out of wedlock. Anrina learned that she was dead soon, so she asked her servant to find an adopted family for Isha, the merchant Chris, but she never thought that her daughter would suffer the same tragic fate as hers.

  21. When Fernando compiled the “Honorary Murder” file after Isha’s death, he found that Isha was very similar to her former lover Anrina. After investigation, he found out Yisha’s life experience-it was his daughter! In grief and anger, Fernando had thoughts of murder and revenge.

  22. Yasi finally understood why the death mail to the mayor appeared in front of Anrina’s tomb, and why the mayor was killed on March 8th, because that day happened to be Anrina’s death. Fernando wants to use the mayor’s blood to pay homage to Anrina!
  23. Fernando was extremely angry. He drew his pistol and pointed at Yasi and threatened: “Since you know everything, then you have enough life in your life!” At the moment Fernando pulled the trigger, “Bang !” A bullet passed through his heart—the sniper who had already been lurking in the nearby building shot. After
  falling to the ground, Fernando trembling hands, pointed at everyone and said: “Isa and I will not let you go, we will come back…”