You who are in full bloom, don’t disappoint spring and yourself

That day, my husband Du Yu and I attended his colleague’s wedding. In everyone’s surprised eyes, I heard a lot of comments. “I didn’t expect Mr. Du’s wife to be so short, 155 centimeters?” “The gap between the two is too big, it’s not a good match.”

Listening to these discussions, my heart is calm. Since marrying Du Yu, such scenes have become commonplace for me. Those of his friends who have met me will ask about our love history round and round. Even a half-year-old friend asked me how to catch a beetle-in-law.

I know that what they are really curious about is how I won Du Yu. Faced with these, I have long learned not to be angry or angry, and just laugh it off.

Yes, I am the legendary ugly duckling. When I was young, my parents took me to a party, and the adults would praise the children: “This child is chubby and so cute, that child is smart and clever.” When they came to me, they could only say: “This child is very fun.”

At that time, I was black, thin, and small, especially the eyes, single eyelids, and a thin line of sky. There was really no advantage to praise. Fortunately, my parents don’t dislike me, they work hard to discover my strengths. Dad found that I like reading, so he often took me to the library, and was responsive to my habit of buying books. And mother, whether I dress up or hobbies, let my personality develop and never deliberately block it.

Because of my dark skin, my classmates gave me the nickname “Female Bao Gong”. I was very sad, but at the New Year’s party, I painted myself with Bao Gong’s Peking Opera facial makeup and sang an excerpt from “The Beauty Case”. After the song, the students and teachers applauded thunderously. Looking at those admiring eyes from the audience, I understand that inferiority and complaining cannot help me, only accepting myself generously is the way out.

When I was in high school, I liked the boy for 3 years and always regarded me as a brother. During this period, his grades fell all the way due to the division and reunion with the school. I gave him a make-up lesson, my heart was dripping blood, but my mouth was filled with chicken soup with a big grin: “The real man is proud of love, and proud of the examination room.”

In the college entrance examination that year, boys were admitted to Wuhan University, and I was admitted to the University of Science and Technology of China. To this day, we are still good friends, and he didn’t even know that I liked him.

Without love, I have gained countless friendships. Since the sophomore year, every year on Double 11, the boys in the class will partner to buy me 99 roses. They blatantly wish me never to leave alone, and I am happily cheering with them. We all celebrated Double 11 as a carnival day unique to the class.

After graduation, my life entered the fast lane. First, I worked as a programmer in an Internet company in Shenzhen, and then I was sent to Germany as a training lecturer a year later. Two years later, he was transferred back to the headquarters and became the vice president of the operations department. I grew up at a rocket-like speed. Many people think it is luck. Only I know how hard I work.

When my career was in full swing, my best friends began to offer advice and suggestions for my “five elements lacking men”. Some people persuaded me to apply for transfer to European and American countries, saying that my appearance is more in line with Western aesthetics. Later, everyone agreed that I should go for a plastic surgery to get my soul and skin in step.

When I stood in front of the mirror, I stroked my single eyelid and looked at the wheat-colored skin, and suddenly felt very disappointed. They have been with me for more than 20 years. I can’t imagine myself turning into big eyes, double eyelids, a firm nose, and full Yintang. How should I laugh? What is it? I changed the version given by God without authorization, would it be a feng shui in my life?

On that day, in front of the mirror, I said in my heart: “Let’s do it. Be the truest self. If no one appreciates it, then appreciate yourself.” Since then, I haven’t thought about plastic surgery again. I can’t control my appearance, but I can control my expression. A person who always smiles can hardly see where to go!

May 13, 2014, was a day when my destiny counterattacked without warning. In the business class from Shenzhen to Beijing, I had an unexpected confrontation with a German. At that time, he used German to talk to his assistant about Chinese food. The more I listen, the more I get angry. Finally couldn’t help it, smiled and introduced the eight major Chinese cuisines, from dishes to methods to taste.

As soon as the plane landed that day, the Germans rushed to find Dong Laishun. After I took my luggage, and while waiting for the bus, Du Yu, who became my husband, came up to say hello. He introduced himself with his business card and invited me to dinner in the name of thanking me for winning glory for the country. However, I refused. Later, Du Yu asked for my phone number from the airline in the name of taking each other’s wrong luggage, and then started his pursuit.

Du Yu is an engineer and legal person of a road and bridge design company, a proper young talent. Being liked by such a person, I am flattered, and I doubt life. On the first date, I asked very bluntly: “Let’s say, why did I mess with you, you must see me?”

After Du Yu laughed, he gave the answer-he fell in love with me at first sight. When I knew that the ugly duckling could never become a white swan, a person appeared in my life and said firmly to me: “Not everyone likes white swan. Ugly duckling is unique to ugly duckling.”

We got married after falling in love with Du Yu for a year. Although it has been married for 5 years, some people still question the vitality of this marriage. Unfortunately, it is mature and stable and happy.

I really want to say to the girls who couldn’t ask for it and used to be inferior like me: Be yourself firmly, and your characteristics will one day become your specialty. If you are in full bloom, butterflies will come. Moreover, even if the butterfly does not come, you who are in full bloom will not disappoint spring and yourself.