Peaceful world

“The wild colors all over the north of the river are green.”

-“Peaceful Spring” Kang Baiqing

“We are in the age of peace.” We always hear such words as the beginning of some kind of discussion. Every time I hear this sentence, I think of the poem “Peaceful Spring”. Because of their praise for the peaceful and peaceful environment, and because of the compassionate eyes that some of the author at the end of the poem casts at the “out-of-fit” in the spring, I can’t help but think of the world like a peaceful lake surging with an undercurrent. .

“The willow is also green. The wheat is also green. The water is also green. The duck’s tail is also green. The hut cover is also green.” The peace now is the same as this spring, peaceful and comfortable. Most people even have it in life. With many unsatisfactory things, there is no need to worry about “surviving.”

Conditions have improved, food and clothing have been resolved, and there seems to be no more gunfire nearby. And when we read the end of the poem, the light and fluttering language seems to be a heavy hammer: “The poor have green eyes when they are hungry. A few wildfires are burning in the peaceful spring.”

When I also tried to cast a pitiful look at the world: the international situation is changing, and wars may be raging in the next second; young children are deep in the quagmire of violence and oppression, whether it is domestic violence or school violence; a storm of public opinion Under the agitation of the behind-the-scenes pusher, he blatantly inflicted endless harm on people; the Internet has brought everything closer, and the damage has become close, and it has become easier; wildfires, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and natural disasters have caused countless People are ruined…the joys and sorrows of mankind are not interlinked, and there is an unquenchable undercurrent hidden in the “era of peace”.

Peace is not peace. And why does Kang Baiqing care about the “green under the eyes of the poor”? This is the same line of compassion and the “Chinese spirit.”

Such feelings of compassion for the people of the world have been easy to find since ancient times: Qu Yuan’s “sorrowing the people’s livelihood is so difficult”, Du Fu’s “Zhumen’s wine and meat are smelly, the road has frozen bones”, Fan Zhongyan’s “the world is worried and worried, after the world “Happiness is happiness”, Zhang Yanghao’s “Prosperity, people suffering; death, people suffering”… Throughout the ages, countless celebrities in Chinese history have lamented because of their concern for people’s lives and suffering, eager to help those who are struggling in the waves of fate. Whether they grieve for the fragility and powerlessness of their lives on a solid ship, or are caught in a whirlpool and cannot even control their own lives, they all choose to take up their weapons, speak out for poverty, speak out for injustice, and for the kindness in their hearts. To make a sound, make a sound for leaving a light and innocent stroke in Chinese history, make a sound for mankind not to lose the last conscience.

This is a compassionate feeling, an empathy that is extremely difficult to achieve, and a gentle comfort to the world. Suffering for the weak and painful, angry for the anger of oppression, losing for the brokenness of the good, not afraid of power, disregarding oneself, and “untimely”… All these are moving.

Nowadays, most of us are repressed, repressing the loss after being exhausted. Most people have paid too much for the surface peace, so they selectively ignore the turbulent present world, and only regard the peace of one acre of land in front of them as the whole world, so they are numb. I am paralyzed by myself, passing by, and I am convinced, and in turn laughed at compassion, adding disdainful evaluations to it: “Our Lady”, “Sorrowful Spring and Autumn”, “Nosy”, “No Need”…

“No need.” How pitiful!

In the “Era of Peace”, a man smiled and passed by the little girl who was screaming.

Get back the eyes that we cast into hunger, into the ruin, into the mud, into the abyss.

Because that is food, that is brick, that is rope, that is starlight, that is extremely precious “Chinese spirit”.

Read “Peaceful Spring”, that is the power of the beating heart of compassion!