The indispensable “male” Dingle

  Zhang Mingxuan, a male nurse born in the 90s, worked in the intensive care unit of Wuhan Seventh Hospital for 48 days, caring for more than 80 critical patients, with zero errors, zero rescues, and zero deaths! His youth burned in Wuhan.
  During the epidemic, the story of Lin Jiaming, a male nurse who supported Hubei’s fight against the epidemic, and his girlfriend from Qingyuan People’s Hospital in Guangdong Province, has always attracted attention.
  Braiding small patients, counseling homework, taking exercises, and playing with them… In the Wuhan Children’s Hospital, a designated hospital for children with new coronary pneumonia, a group of male nurses became “temporary dads”; carrying stretchers, turning over and moving for critically ill patients Oxygen cylinders… In major intensive care units in Wuhan, male nurses not only take care of daily care, but also serve as porters.
  In the past year, stories of male nurses exuding positive energy have frequently appeared in media reports, and more people have begun to pay attention to and re-recognize this group. From scratch, from rare to solid strength, in recent years, male nurses have gradually emerged, injecting new impetus into the nursing career, and with their unique advantages, they have become the indispensable “male” Dingle in the team. The “sisters” of nurses together shoulder the burdens that are closely related to life. As their partners who get along and help each other day and night, I would like to introduce this “special” group to everyone here.
  Speaking of “special”, it is because nurses seem to be women’s “patents” in many people’s traditional concepts; and I believe that male nurses have some special advantages compared to female nurses. such as–
  1. Physical advantage. The biggest characteristic of male nurses is their good physical strength. As surgery becomes more and more professional, the requirements for professionalism of nurses are also higher and higher. Not only must they be careful, rigorous, and have strong coping skills, but also “eyes and hands”. For example, orthopedic surgery often requires a large number of instruments, and nurses need to be familiar with the entire process of these operations. During the operation, they must keep an eye on the operation of the surgeon, predict the next operation, and assemble the instruments from the heavy tools to the surgeon in time. Sometimes complicated operations are encountered, and the opening of the stage in the morning often takes place until one or two in the afternoon. There is only a dozen minutes to change shifts for dinner. After a few operations a day, there is basically no time to get off work. In addition, the “strength work” such as carrying the patient and placing the posture is a test of physical strength, energy, and brain power.
  2. Calm down in trouble. In emergencies, male nurses are more calm and calm, and can make judgments more quickly. Therefore, when there is an accident, or when going to a remote place where the environment is relatively harsh, male nurses are often arranged to go there.
  These advantages of male nurses became more and more obvious when medical staff from all over the country rushed to help Wuhan fight the epidemic last year. For example, when most critically ill patients were first sent to the ward, let alone walking, they didn’t even have a clear consciousness. Male nurses took the lead in carrying stretchers. Therefore, the first male nurses who arrived in Wuhan had no concept of shifts. . After many male nurses left the ward, the protective clothing they took off was dripping out, and the fingernails of their fingernails were cut into blue-purple. In their opinion, female nurses are struggling to lift a stretcher. When they bend over, they will bring their faces closer to the patient on the bed, which is tantamount to increasing the risk of infection. If the strength of the hands is not enough, the female nurse even needs to use the abdomen to hold the stretcher bed at the same time, so that the protective clothing will be in danger of rubbing against the metal object and breaking.
  An epidemic has highlighted the responsibilities of my country’s medical staff and also exposed some of the problems in China’s medical system in terms of quantity, investment, infrastructure, and staffing. Not long ago, a set of data was released at the press conference of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council. At the end of 2019, the total number of nurses nationwide was 4.45 million, of which there were only more than 200,000 male nurses, which became “a little red among the ten thousand green clusters” in major hospitals. The restraint of traditional thinking is one of the important factors that limit the growth of the talent team of male nurses. The society generally believes that females are relatively mild and delicate, and are more suitable for nursing work, while male nurses are often regarded as a promising performance. On the other hand, the society does not pay enough attention to the nursing industry, which also affects men’s willingness to join the job.
  As a member of the nurses, I sincerely hope that everyone can break the gender boundaries and make the career development of this group more diverse. Three points of treatment, seven points of care. The improvement of the medical level of a hospital, including the improvement of the level of nursing, “male” Dingle is a new force in the hospital to improve the level of nursing, and deserves attention.