This maintenance should be avoided

In recent years, as women pay more and more attention to self-care, many businesses promote a variety of products under the name of “Eternal Youth”, and projects such as “ovarian care” and “ovarian massage” have appeared. In fact, the ovaries cannot be touched at all through the thick belly, but it is a problem to touch them. Moreover, the essential oils not only cannot reach the ovaries, but also bring health risks.

Massage in beauty salon, severe pain in abdomen

Cici, 25 years old, unmarried and unborn, had a physical examination in the hospital 3 months ago and found an ovarian teratoma with a diameter of 6 cm. The doctor recommended surgery as soon as possible. However, Cici requested that the operation be postponed for some own reasons.

Until Cici was sent to the emergency department of the hospital because of sudden “severe abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting”. During the gynecological examination of Xiqian, the doctor found that there was limited tenderness and rebound pain in the mass in the right adnexal area. After asking about the medical history, she learned that Cici was doing facial treatments in the beauty salon when she became ill, and the staff of the beauty salon recommended her to do ovarian care.

A B-ultrasound was done in the emergency department, combined with gynecological examination: it was suspected to be ovarian cyst torsion. The hospital hurriedly performed emergency laparoscopic surgery for Cici, and intraoperative exploration confirmed the diagnosis.

What is ovarian torsion?

Ovarian torsion refers to the complete or partial torsion of the ovaries on their supporting ligaments, often resulting in obstruction of their blood supply. If the fallopian tube is twisted along with the ovary, this condition is called adnexal twist.

Ovarian torsion can occur at all ages. Once it occurs, the arteries and veins will be compressed, and then ovarian edema and even ovarian ischemia will occur, which can lead to ovarian infarction and local hemorrhage, loss of ovarian function, and torsion of tissue necrosis. The necrotic tissue will gradually disappear and may form pelvic adhesions that can cause pelvic pain or infertility. An unrecognized torsion of the fallopian tube will result in the loss of fallopian tube function, and may cause hydrosalpinx or necrosis. In short, ovarian torsion is not treated in time, it is very dangerous! Therefore, you must not be careless.

How can massage twist the ovaries?

High-risk factors for ovarian torsion include tumors, ovaries greater than 5 cm in diameter, and abdominal massage.

Ovarian mass: Ovarian mass is the main risk factor for ovarian torsion, especially masses larger than 5 cm in diameter. In adults, physiological ovarian cysts (functional cysts and corpus luteum) or tumors (teratomas, mucinous cystadenoma, etc.) are most likely to induce torsion.

Ovarian size: Torsion is most likely to occur when the diameter of the ovaries is greater than 5 cm, but patients with normal ovaries (no lumps, no enlargement) may also experience ovarian torsion.

Pregnancy: Pregnancy is associated with an increased risk of ovarian torsion. Torsion usually occurs in the 10th to 17th weeks of pregnancy, but it may also occur throughout pregnancy and the puerperium.

Other risk factors: There are data showing that fallopian tube ligation is associated with an increased risk of ovarian torsion. Ovarian torsion may occur after strenuous exercise, a change in body position, or a sudden increase in abdominal pressure, such as during abdominal massage.

Therefore, for patients with the above-mentioned high-risk factors, predisposing factors such as strenuous activities should be avoided, and if symptoms of abdominal pain occur, they should promptly consult a doctor.