Sika deer flooding day school plans to set up hunting section

Due to the sika deer flooding and causing harm to local agriculture and forest ecology, a school in the Izu area of ​​Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan plans to open a hunting subject to control the number of sika deer.

Japan’s “Asahi Shimbun” recently reported that it is a zoo technical school in Kawazu Town, Shizuoka Prefecture that is preparing to open a hunting subject. The school plans to open a one-year course of hunting to teach students legal knowledge and hunting methods related to hunting. The teachers of this course will be held by professional hunters and members of the Hunter Club, and will conduct field exercises in the Izu mountain area. In addition, the school also has meat processing facilities, which can teach students how to cook venison deliciously.

According to the Nature Conservation Division of the Shizuoka Prefecture Government, as of the spring of 2021, there are about 25,000 sika deer in the Izu area. They eat grass roots and bark, causing environmental problems such as soil erosion and causing damage to surrounding crops. In order to maintain the balance of the ecosystem, the number of sika deer in Izu area should be maintained at about 5,000. In 2019, about 12,500 sika deer were captured locally, but they still couldn’t keep up with the growth rate of the deer herd. Therefore, the scale of hunting needs to be expanded. The aging problem of local hunter groups is getting worse and they are facing a crisis of no successor.