A transparent life: accept the ordinary and still work hard

  When I was young, I didn’t know the heights of the world, thinking that after graduation, I would be able to break into a world where money, status, honor, etc. were credible. Many years after graduating and working, I am already middle-aged, but I find that I am still working for my life all day long. I am tired of life, and my hairline has moved back a lot unknowingly. There is joy, peace and prosperity on the TV, and happiness and sweetness are everywhere in the WeChat circle of friends. Looking at myself again, I can’t help feeling: Why do I live such an ordinary life? I believe many people will have such doubts.
   The famous Austrian novelist Zweig said: “A person’s greatest happiness is to discover one’s mission in this life in a creative man halfway through life.” But perhaps most people will never find their mission throughout their lives. , I can only become an ordinary person if I try my best. We live so ordinary, why do we have to work hard to improve?
   In fact, a transparent life is to accept one’s own ordinary, but still work hard. Efforts, on the one hand, are to advance and obtain better and more resources for themselves and their families; on the other hand, efforts are to prevent being squeezed out and ruthlessly eliminated by society. When I reach a certain age, I have naturally experienced many things and accumulated a lot of experience. Maybe when I was young, I didn’t work hard, made a lot of detours, and even made a lot of mistakes. It doesn’t matter, we still have to look forward. Experience can be summarized and refined, and lessons can be investigated and reflected. Everything in the past is capital. As long as you don’t give up hard work and hope, everything is still in time.
   The past has passed, and the future has not yet come. You must learn to stop and think about it with a zeroing mentality. Once I figured it out, I set a closer goal and continued to move forward. There are countless examples of late bloomers. Of course, efforts are not intermittent complacency, but as a continuous motivation to keep moving forward.
   The ordinary after hard work is full and meaningful, while the ordinary after wasted years is empty and full of regrets.