Let me hug you

  His mother died early, and it was not easy for his father to pull him by himself. He was very thin when he was a child, and his father often said distressedly: “Son, let me hug you.”
   Every time, he obediently asked his father to hold him, and his father could gently hold him. The father was full of sourness in his heart and felt that he had no ability to make his son grow strong.
   In summer and autumn, his father would go to the ditch to touch some mussels and snails with his arms bare. Father often smiled and brought back the “captured” results. Once, he wiped the sweat from his face with his little hand, and his fingers accidentally touched his tongue. Hey, his father’s sweat was so salty. When he asked his father, his father smiled and said, “That is the tears of mussels and snails.” The
   father washed the mussels and snails, put them in a pot and boiled, removed the meat, washed them, added seasonings, and fried them. Few, but in his opinion it is a rare meat dish, a delicacy.
   He ate very happily. Seeing his father didn’t move his chopsticks, he was very curious: “Dad, don’t you like it?” His father smiled and said, “I don’t like eating, there are still a lot in the pot. If I like it, can I be willing to sell it at the market? “I was
   afraid that my son would not believe me, so my father said again: “Look at my body, I can’t eat anymore. If I get fat, I will move slowly. If you don’t have mussels and snails fast, you won’t be able to catch them.” He said, his father said. Opened his mouth, stretched and shrank his tongue, and walked around slowly, learning from the mussel.
   He burst into tears and felt that his father was better than the people on the stage.
   He grew up with good character and learning. After graduating from his Ph.D., he stayed in the big city to work. A few years later, he had his own company and his own house. He often goes back to his hometown and wants to take his father to the city. My father disagreed life and death, saying that in the countryside, the mountains are good, the water is good, and everything is good.
   Every time, my father has his own reasons. Every time, he came with confidence and returned with disappointment. This time, he decided not to listen to his father, and took his father to the city abruptly.
   In the spacious living room, my father stood awkwardly, looking very thin. Looking at his father’s thin face, he felt a pain in his heart. After a while, he suddenly opened his arms and said, “Dad, let me hug you.” The father was startled, a little dazed, and didn’t understand his son for a while.
   He walked quickly to his father’s side and said, “Hug you.” His face flushed suddenly, and he dodged embarrassedly. But after all, he couldn’t help his pleading, let him hug. He took his father off the ground without much effort.
   “Dad, why are you so light?” He asked softly, his eyes blurred. Father laughed. When people are old, how can they not be weak?
   “I’ll go to the market and buy some fish and shrimps and make them for you.” He said. My father dodged his eyes and smiled again: “I never like to eat those things. I don’t even eat snails and mussels. Did you forget?”
   He panicked in his heart and begged: “Dad, then I will take you out to eat. Okay.” Father grinned-he saw that his father’s teeth had lost two more-and said with a smile: “Eat good food makes it easy to gain weight, and it is difficult to walk. You didn’t see your uncle in your hometown. To what extent, I walked a few steps, and I was out of breath.”
   Fearing that his son would not believe him, the father followed his brother’s appearance, bending his body, arranging his arms exaggeratedly , panting heavily, and staggering. But my father was not fat at all, on the contrary, he was as thin as firewood in late autumn.
   Seeing his father imitating awkwardly, he laughed with tears, and the tears flowed into his mouth, salty, just like the sweat on his father’s face back then.
   He actually knew that his father had lied. When he was a child, he had peeped more than once that his father was hiding in the dark stove, secretly eating his leftover mussels and snails with relish.