3 Powerful Tips for Using Psychological Suggestion to Transform Your Life and Achieve Your Goals

Life practice tells us that the power of psychological suggestion is a key to a better life and a weapon to conquer destiny. As long as we correctly master the skills of psychological suggestion, we can change our lives from the inside out.

Here are 3 tips for psychological suggestion. I hope you can learn to love yourself in the right way!

1. Talk to yourself and believe that you deserve good things.

Loving yourself is the greatest reward for yourself. Happiness and success are impossible without self-acceptance and self-affirmation.

No matter what the idea is, no matter what the purpose is, as long as you continue to repeat and strengthen it, your thinking will change. So the best way is to ingrain your expectations, such as the belief that the disease is about to be cured, deeply into your brain.

Believe that you will get what you want: if you want to be healthy, you will definitely be healthy; if you want to have friendship, love, happiness, and success, you have to work hard to imagine those beautiful things. Maintaining a happy mental state, rejecting negative emotions, and a healthy way of thinking can keep your body healthy. Self-identity will alleviate all conflicts and balance all confrontations, which can make your life wonderful.

Specific training methods:

Concentrate and take 30 minutes every day to tell yourself that everything is possible and there are no difficulties that cannot be overcome.

First of all, we must determine what we want to achieve and what kind of person we want to become, and then make serious preparations to achieve our goals. Through unremitting efforts, success will eventually belong to you.

In short, if your heart is good, your subconscious mind will not let you down.

2. Use other people’s suggestions.

We feel relieved and full of joy when others recognize us. Therefore, healthy, happy and happy suggestions can achieve the best results if there are positive suggestions from others. Moreover, the more people who give hints, the better the effect of the hint will be. This is the famous Haitian suggestion method .

In 1968, the famous American psychologist Rosenthal conducted a thought-provoking experiment. He and his assistants came to a primary school and said they would conduct seven experiments. They selected three classes from grades one to six each and conducted a “future development trend test” on students in these 18 classes. Afterwards, Rosenthal handed over a list of “the most promising candidates” to the principal and relevant teachers in an approving tone, and told them to keep it confidential so as not to affect the accuracy of the experiment. In fact, Rosenthal told an “authoritative lie” that the students on these lists were randomly selected. Eight months later, Rosenthal and his assistants re-examined the students in those 18 classes, and a miracle occurred: all the students who were on the list had great improvement in their grades, and they had lively, cheerful and confident personalities. Strong-minded, eager to learn, and more willing to deal with others.

From Rosenthal’s experiment , we can see how important psychological suggestion is to a person. Relying on the praise and encouragement of others will help things develop in a good direction.

3. Placebo suggestion method.

Some highly respected doctors, when treating patients, do not know the cause of the disease, but they still prescribe medicines. In fact, the medicines they prescribe are just placebos (placebo suggestion method) – after being disguised, they can Harmful drugs, dyed pure water, bread, jelly beans, etc. This is common for doctors who are confused about the cause of the disease, because the patient often comes with the idea that he will feel uneasy because the doctor did not prescribe him a medicine. Placebos are supposed to only calm patients, but surprisingly, almost every doctor has cured patients with placebos.

While performing placebo therapy, firmly tell yourself: My wish will come true!

The phenomenon of psychological suggestion is very common in our daily life, and suggestion affects people’s lives to varying degrees every day. Of course, the role of suggestion can be positive or negative. Therefore, in life and work, everyone should give themselves more positive hints and avoid negative hints. The easiest way is to first say to yourself after receiving a task: “I can do it, this is too easy for me.”

Autosuggestion is actually talking to your subconscious mind. As long as you insist on being honest with yourself, I believe that miracles will happen and your destiny will eventually be changed.

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