How a Woman’s Needs and Perspective on Marriage Evolve Throughout Her Life

What does marriage mean to a woman? In the 1950s and 1960s, marriage was probably about making a living. In that society, people had a lot of prejudice against women, and women’s power was naturally very limited.

It seems that after getting married, everything is fine. At the very least, you can get material protection and psychological support to make life less difficult.

Times are developing, and most marriages nowadays are actively chosen by oneself rather than passively. The model of two strangers living together no longer exists.

In modern society, before discussing marriage, more emphasis is placed on feelings. The feeling of liking someone is always accompanied by hormones.

Hormone is a hormone, a chemical substance secreted by the cells of the human body. It flows throughout the body with the blood and acts on target cells. This is why people feel that they are enveloped in the pink bubble of love and are very happy.

It exists to attract people of the opposite sex to each other. There are five levels of human needs. The lowest level is physiological, followed by safety, then love and belonging, then respect, and finally self-actualization.

Finding a suitable partner and starting a family can satisfy the third level, which is the psychological need of love and belonging. However, if people’s basic psychological needs are not met, there will be adverse effects, such as standing still and stagnating.

In order to further understand women, adapt to their emotions, seize the opportunity to fall in love, and build a happy family, everyone must first understand one thing: “At what age do women need to establish an intimate relationship?” Psychologists believe that individuals develop to “18 -At the age of 25” there is a strong need for intimacy.

Among the Freudian school of psychologists, there is a concept called “libido”, also known as “sexual power”, which describes an instinct. It is not just in the sense of reproduction, but also includes all pleasures obtained by the body.

Freud proposed that during adolescence, the maturation of organs will lead to the generation of sexual impulses in adolescents, which we can also understand as the power of “libido.”

At this stage, sexual orientation will begin to form. If interest in the opposite sex is shown during this period, then in the next few decades (covering 18-25 years old), they will become increasingly mature, and will further develop curiosity and affection for the opposite sex, and establish an intimate relationship with the opposite sex. The demand is getting stronger and stronger.

In addition, women aged 18-25 are just students in school or newcomers to society. They are most insecure at this time.

It is understandable to long for an unforgettable love, to have a close person beside you to help you solve your problems, and to hope that he has the ability to protect you.

It is worth noting that if women at this stage have unsatisfactory results in establishing intimate relationships, they will lose their sense of happiness and hope.

I have to mention the “self-expansion theory of love” by American psychologist Arthur Aron. He believes that when people establish an intimate relationship, they will expand the scope of themselves to the other person’s life and interpersonal relationships. Keep getting involved in each other’s lives.

In early adulthood, women are not yet mature internally, are more emotional, and tend to have a strong desire to control.

But once women pass this age, their mentality will become more and more mature. The people they have loved, the roads they have traveled, and the losses they have suffered will make them stronger. Their future judgments will be more accurate and their standards will be more accurate. high.

At this time, they no longer regard men as the focus of their lives, but choose to shift the focus to themselves.

Choose to live an orderly life, looking forward to tomorrow while paying more attention to the improvement of personal thinking; or choose to live an adventurous and bold life, diligently exploring the scenery while paying more attention to the richness of the inner world.

For example, there is a fifty-eight-year-old aunt from Henan named Su Min. In order to escape from her unhappy marriage and the pain of life, she chose to travel by car. With only one person, a car and a box of supplies, she dared to travel all the way south from Zhengzhou to the ends of the earth.

Although it is not easy to plan a route and find a camping site, she believes that as long as she is on the road, she is free. If the body is imprisoned in that breathless home, the soul will naturally be troubled by trivial matters. Confined.

Looking back on two years of living away from home is both bitter and sweet, but the fatigue often disappears the moment you appreciate the beautiful scenery.

To sum up, women are most eager for love when they are 18-25 years old. At that time, they were of the right age and dared to love and hate.

As Wang Xiaobo wrote, “That day I was twenty-one years old. I wanted to love, I wanted to eat, and I wanted to turn into a half-dark cloud in the sky in an instant.” But once this age is passed, it is like food. After the best period of appreciation, they feel that love is no longer fresh.

It is very likely that you will no longer indulge in those unnutritious love words between you and me, and you are more likely to embark on the path of self-awakening and choose to be your own hero. Men, on the other hand, would rather be in need than in excess, and even love is no longer a necessity.

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