The Middle Class: The Backbone of Society

   Some time ago, I came across an interesting point of view from a video blogger.
   He said that the biggest sorrow of the middle class in this world is that their current social class status cannot be passed on to the next generation. For example, if your parents graduated from 985 or 211, the next generation must continue to pass the exams, and most of them will not be able to enter the same school as their parents. Parents graduated from prestigious schools and found good jobs, but their children are not up to par, unable to get into college, and may have difficulty going to college. This is the source of anxiety for many parents today.
   In addition, as high-income professionals, such as doctors and lawyers, the livelihood skills of parents cannot be directly passed on to their children. Instead, children need to study very hard for medical school and law school in order to embark on the same career track as their parents. The blogger also said that extremely wealthy people are different. They can directly pass on high-quality real estate and company equity to their children. This is the real winner in life.
   This view, at first glance, seems quite reasonable.
   Indeed, it is very difficult for middle-class parents. Anxiety about their children’s future academic and career development has greatly reduced the quality of life that should be good. It’s different when you look at those rich people. Not only can they directly pass on high-quality real estate and company equity to their children, so that their children will have no worries about food and clothing in the future, they can achieve success. Moreover, you can also donate large amounts of money to prestigious foreign schools to get admission tickets for your children. Some prestigious schools are indeed home to top-notch connections. As soon as they enroll, they have half a ticket to the top political and business connections in the West, allowing them to quickly widen the gap with their peers.
   In short, this blogger’s point of view is that the middle class is very tired and cannot achieve the inheritance of wealth across generations, so we must find ways to improve our class status. But after thinking about it, I found that he has a bit of a PUA (mind control) feel to him, which makes people particularly dislike him.
   In recent years, the middle class has been constantly being trafficked in anxiety. In many social situations, they have been labeled with insufficient praise, such as “small town problem solvers” and the like. This label probably means that these people with few resources are very smart. They passed the college entrance examination from small towns and counties to big cities. However, after graduation, they were limited by the lack of resources and the limitations of their native vision. Their final life achievements It’s not very big, probably middle class.
   To be honest, we should respect “small town problem solvers”. This group of people is of great significance to the rise of China’s economy. Their life stories actually converge into the underlying logic of many economic miracles. A friend from an Internet company said that it is estimated that 90% of the people in his department are “small town problem solvers”. They all entered the computer or software majors of good schools from a small place and finally became programmers. Their salary is good, which is considered high in Hangzhou and Shenzhen. Without them, China would not have so many excellent technology companies.
   Many “small town problem solvers” or ordinary middle class people are not only engineers and programmers, they are also cultural workers, ordinary civil servants, professional and technical personnel, or uncles who deliver food during the day and open Didi part-time in the middle of the night. Each of them is not an “upper-class person”, but they are all indispensable members of this society. Without them, the operation of society would be less efficient, less colorful, and less energetic.
   Nowadays, various popular motivational and success studies always target this class through texts and videos, constantly selling anxiety, as if a person who ends up only becoming middle class is a failure in life. This is extremely undesirable. In any healthy society and well-developed economy, the middle class must be the core group of people. Their living conditions are related to the future prospects of the entire society.

   Without the hard work of the middle class, we would not have so many outstanding companies. If the middle class lacks confidence in the future, loses its aggressive attitude, lacks consumption and other normal desires, and shows a flat state, then there is a high probability that the economy will shrink.
   Our society is still at a critical moment of economic transformation, and it is even more necessary to give more encouragement and support to the middle class – whether it is taxes, interest rates or spirituality. They have worked very hard and are very good, so be nice to them.

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