NurseCare Biotechnology

NurseCare Biotechnology is a professional organization dedicated to innovation, research and development, experiment, production and sales of pharmaceutical technology; the company’s headquarters is built on the banks of the Huangpu River in Shanghai, the Pearl of the Orient, relying on its advantages as a financial, scientific, cultural, trade and fashion center, gathering talents and setting up a platform for research and development, foreign trade and core management team; and combining the advantages of human resources and production in central and western China, we have established industrialized production bases for innovative biopharmaceuticals and innovative medical devices in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Henan; implementing the transformation of high-tech products and large-scale production.

The company has a strong technical, management, marketing and service team, with a deep understanding of market demand; a precise positioning of technological innovation; and striving to pursue the relative unity of technological innovation and market demand. We absorb advanced technology and experience at home and abroad, and constantly improve and innovate to provide new medical devices with safe, reliable, practical and convenient features.

The company recently launched the international advanced level of “single-use safety injection needle” series of products, using displacement technology, can be adapted with syringes to form a safety syringe, for the injection of drugs in the skin muscle and other environments, eliminating the risk of cross-infection; can be adapted with pen blood collection needle (Holer) to form a safety blood collection needle. Provide a completely closed blood collection environment, widely used in clinical, outpatient, inpatient and emergency processes for the safe collection process of venous blood specimens, after use, the venipuncture needle can be automatically retracted and the needle holder destroyed. It simplifies the operation process, provides work efficiency, ensures collection quality, safeguards operation safety, and improves medical and nursing staff’s diagnosis and treatment technology.

In the field of puncture and infusion medical devices, the company continues to develop and innovate a variety of safety devices that meet clinical needs, including: aerodynamic “single-use safety syringes”, “maintenance-free intravenous indwelling needles”, and “disposable safety venipuncture needles”. Disposable safety venipuncture needle”, “Disposable spring-type anesthesia infusion pump” and other instruments. During the year, we will launch innovative products with independent intellectual property rights, such as “safety intravenous infusion needle”, “safety syringe” and “safety intravenous indwelling needle”, which are at the international advanced level. The company has built the “NurseCare” brand.

The company’s “NurseCare” brand safety injection needle (adapted to the luer interface syringe) has been registered by the U.S. FDA 510k; safety blood collection needle (series) production project, has obtained the production license and product registration issued by the State SFDA. With Chinese invention patents, declared international invention patents and U.S. invention patents. The technology is at the international advanced level and has a wide market demand. It is a high-tech field encouraged and supported by the national “12th Five-Year Plan” for the development of science and technology.

The company welcomes new and old friends, and salesmen around the world to join; also welcome enterprises with certain production capacity to cooperate, OEM production.

Enterprise purpose: to improve the medical environment and promote the treatment technology with scientific attitude and rigorous innovation.

Enterprise culture: only true, only good, only beautiful

Quality policy: Quality is the root, innovation is the soul