People are like this for a lifetime

  I often admonish myself and persuade my friends with the phrase “a person lives like this for a lifetime”.
  These seven words. It’s easy to say, sounds simple, but it’s deep when I think of it; it can make me brave when I am weak, humble when I am arrogant, positive when I am decadent, happy when I am suffering, and can afford anything. I can also put it down, so I call it “drink with a big head” and “seven-character proverbs.”
  Don’t people just last forever?
  The life that is not brought by birth and death is not brought, spring hair, summer Rong, autumn harvest, winter storage, it seems like a short life in the four seasons of the year.
  Whenever I work for the common people, I think of those seven words, and I remember the “Heaven and Earth, the rebellious journey of all things” in Li Bai’s “Spring Night Banquet in Taoli Garden”; “Geometry” sentence, and in the moment of mourning, feeling the rest of the journey of all things, put aside the mundane things around, and look down on the current struggle.
  I often think, if there are things that cannot be resolved or tolerated, the hardships and sorrows, grievances and grievances in the world will disappear after just a few decades. If so, what can’t be solved?
  Don’t people just last forever?
  In just a few tens of cold and heat, I just started to reach the end of my life; today is past, tomorrow I don’t know whether it belongs to my own life; at this moment, I will never be able to catch it again in the past; it’s hard to get black hair and take it off. It’s hard to give birth to a tooth (permanent tooth) that is wrong, something that is wrong is already wrong, and a broken heart is hard to recover for a lifetime; a tooth that doesn’t allow us to live from scratch, even if we go back one day or another. A lifetime of minutes and seconds.
  Thinking of this, I had to sigh along with Dongpo: “Send a mayfly in the sky and the earth, a drop in the ocean.”
  I had to cry with Chen Ziang: “I don’t see the ancients before, and I don’t see the people behind. Sorrowfully.”
  I had to try to grasp every moment and every moment in front of me. With my tiny life and limited time, I could look at this beautiful world more and leave more footprints in life.
  Human beings live like this for a lifetime, you can actively grasp it, and you can face it indifferently. Think about it when you can’t see it, for relief! Think about it when you are mentally depressed, so as to cheer up! Think about it when you are angry, so as to calm it down! Think about it when you are dissatisfied, and be grateful!
  Because no matter what, you are always lucky to have this life, and you can’t do it in vain!