Qiuwa, who was trembling all over, never dreamed that the inviolable, noble and indifferent fairy in her heart was right in front of her eyes. Qiuwa forgot the pain and looked at the fairy intently. The fairy gently bandaged Qiuwa’s wound with her white handkerchief, and did not dislike the dirty and foul-smelling Qiuwa. After the bandage, she gave Qiuwa 50 yuan back, and said softly, “Go to the hospital, heal the injury, find a job, and live a good life…”
  Qiuwa’s parents died early and were left unattended since childhood. , Left school at the age of 15, wandering in the society, relying on petty theft to make trouble.
  Qiuwa fell in love with the girl Xiaohong when she was 18 years old. Xiaohong was a student who was admitted to the university that year. In summer, she helped her parents sell lunch boxes to earn tuition fees. For the first time Qiu Wa saw Xiao Hong, who was selling box lunches with her hands and feet, and her heart was hit hard by Xiao Hong’s beautiful, pure and clear eyes. “Pumping, pounding…” Qiu Wa’s heart beat violently. The pure and lovely girl quietly lived in Qiuwa’s heart, and Qiuwa named the girl: Fairy.
  Qiu Wa knew that she was not worthy of Xiao Hong. The migrant workers who were eating the box lunch at the stall saw Qiu Wa, joking and mocking: “Little beggar, around Xiao Hong every day, the toad wants to eat swan meat…” They also He clutched his nose and waved to Qiuwa contemptuously to ask Qiuwa to stay away.
  The wound on Qiuwa’s palm was not healed, so she carefully washed the blood on the white handkerchief with soap with one hand. Then came to the stall to return Xiaohong’s handkerchief, but Xiaohong had already gone to college.
  Qiuwa was very disappointed. Several times she wanted to express her gratitude to Xiaohong’s parents, but she stopped talking. After wandering around the stall for a few days, Qiuwa plucked up the courage, bowed to Xiaohong’s parents and turned away. From then on, Qiuwa was no longer seen in the box lunch stall next to the construction site.
  Qiuwa went home and returned to a home that was empty and had not been in for three years. Qiuwa turned out a small square iron box and washed it clean, carefully put the white handkerchief like the holy relic into the iron box, and then held it in her arms religiously. Qiuwa felt that she was smelly and dirty, and she didn’t deserve to carry her little red white handkerchief. She immediately boiled water, took a bath, changed clothes, cut her hair… When she saw her, she said, “Oh, that’s good, she’s a handsome guy… …”
  Looking at the dusty home, Qiu Wa sighed and started cleaning. Three days later, the windows of the house were bright and clean.
  Qiu Wa remembered that Xiao Hong said to find a job and live a good life, so she went out to find a job. In the local area, he had a history of petty theft, and he was declined to apply for a job in a company…Finally, he found a handy job in an auto repair shop. Qiuwa cherished it and worked hard every day.
  The owner of the auto repair shop observed Qiu Wa for half a year, and did not see Qiu Wa stealing anything. Instead, he found that Qiu Wa was clever and hardworking… So he arranged for Qiu Wa to learn techniques from a car repair technician. Qiuwa bought car repair books, and learned to repair cars with a technician during the day, and read and taught herself at night.
  Three years later, Qiu Wa became the only car repair technician in the auto repair shop. Ten years later, Qiuwa has her own auto repair shop. Qiuwa Auto Repair Factory has strong technology, good quality, and high reputation. It attracts many repeat customers and its business is booming.
  After several years of hard work, Qiuwa is rich. Autumn baby money, often never touched a small tin arms away from the body, thinking himself had little red help and encouragement, they created their own today ……
  autumn baby asked a friend to shop around to find the little red After the trace, the effort paid off, Qiu Wa finally found out that Xiaohong was teaching in remote mountainous areas in Yunnan.
  Qiuwa searched for her and found Xiao Hong who was teaching a group of shabby children in a dilapidated classroom deep in the mountains.
  When the two met, Qiu Wa took out Xiaohong’s white handkerchief and introduced herself. Xiaohong was very surprised. She couldn’t believe that the tall and sturdy man in front of her was the thin and stinky Qiuwa at the
  beginning … “It was you who didn’t dislike me at the beginning, encourage and help me, and I want to repay you…” The talking Qiuwa took out a bank card from her wallet and handed it to Xiao Hong, “There is one million in this card, which is half of my family property. Now, I will give it to you…”
  ”You have to do your best. I can help the people in need, help them, and prevent them from becoming the original you, even if you repay me…” Xiao Hongyan pointed to her student in class with tears in her eyes.
  Qiuwa saw a group of ignorant and helpless children in the classroom, her eyes flashing expectantly, staring at herself eagerly. Those eyes were clear and bright, pure and flawless, like Xiaohong’s beautiful eyes like fairies in those days hitting herself. “Pumping, pounding…” Qiu Wa’s heart jumped excitedly again.