British ladies became rich pimps

   Gislain Maxwell was born in France in 1961 and is the daughter of British media mogul Robert Maxwell. Graduated from Oxford University, active in the Anglo-American social circle. He was charged with multiple crimes in the sexual assault case of the rich American Epstein and was arrested in the United States in July 2020.
   On the morning of July 3, 2020, a convoy of 15 police cars rushed to a manor in Bradford, New Hampshire, USA. In the air, drones are accompanied by flying surveillance. At 8:30, law enforcement officers knocked on the door. The 58-year-old Gislain Maxwell did not resist and was taken into the police car obediently. Previously, she was believed to be hiding somewhere in Paris, but was only recently discovered hiding here. Her estate covers a total of 156 acres and was bought with cash.
   Nearly 11 months after his ex-boyfriend and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein died suddenly at the Manhattan Metropolitan Prison in New York, Maxwell was imprisoned in the Federal Prison for the Southern District of New York. The judge did not release the celebrity who has $20 million in assets and three passports on bail. She was accused of acting as a pimp in the Epstein case. The prosecution sued Maxwell for six counts of inducing minors to engage in sex transactions and perjury, and a remote hearing began in mid-July. This sensational sex crime case opened a new page.
  Arrest shocked the celebrity circle
   Maxwell was accused during 1997 to 1994, Epstein helped recruit girls. She first “makes friends” with the girls, asks them about their family and living conditions, takes them to go shopping or watch movies, and then discusses sexual issues with the girls. She also often “leads by example”, demonstrating to girls what Epstein wants them to do. When Epstein attacked the girl, she was there to “accompany”. One victim said that Maxwell had done erotic massage for Epstein with the victimized woman. These sexual assaults usually occurred in Epstein’s mansions in New York, Florida and New Mexico.
   Some witnesses said that Epstein would often promise to pay the girls tuition and travel expenses, and Maxwell would persuade the girls to accept these “help.” Later, the girls will believe that she and Epstein are really helping them. The prosecutor said that all of this is a well-designed routine, the purpose is to let the girls put down guard against them. After the girls are assaulted by others, Maxwell will force them to send naked messages to Epstein.
   In 2016, Maxwell testified in the Epstein case. The prosecutor asked her if she knew about Epstein’s search for underage women for sex transactions. She said, “I don’t know what you are talking about.” Therefore, the prosecution sued her for giving false testimony. Andre Strauss, the federal prosecutor for the Southern District of New York, said that Maxwell lied because it was hard to tell. “She defrauded the trust of those girls and sent them into the set trap.”
   Epstein was convicted in Florida in 2008, but reached a secret agreement with the prosecutor and was released after only 13 months in prison. After the case was reopened, he was arrested in July 2019 and faces 45 years in prison. He hanged himself in prison 1 month later. Many people questioned this. US Attorney General William Barr also admitted that he was suspicious of Epstein’s death in a tightly secured federal prison, but in the end he still believed that this was an error caused by a series of omissions.
   After Epstein’s death, the investigation of his case did not end. Many people related to the case were investigated, but Maxwell was a recognized “big fish.” If convicted, she could be sentenced to up to 45 years in prison, and could even go to prison for life. At present, the prison has arranged for her inmates, took away her clothes and sheets, and asked her to use paper clothes to prevent her from dying too.
  ”She is as guilty as Epstein,” said
   a victimized woman named Jennifer Alaus. Maxwell’s arrest shows that justice is coming. She said that for many years she had been afraid of Epstein’s power circle, and Maxwell was the central figure in the circle. Now, I am no longer afraid.
   On the day after Maxwell was arrested, a woman under the pseudonym Dole said in an interview that she had suffered dozens of sexual abuses by Maxwell from the age of 14 to 16. “She is as sinful as Epstein.” Dole said that she grew up in Florida and met Maxwell in 1991 through a companion introduction. At that time, Maxwell promised to help her as a model, often driving to school and her grandparents to pick her up, take her to go shopping, buy her LV handbags, and then began to sexually assault her. Epstein also joined in. Maxwell was sometimes there, teaching her how to satisfy Epstein. Maxwell also brainwashed her and said: “You become a model in the future, these are what they hope to get from you.” The nightmare did not come to an end until Dole became pregnant with Epstein’s child. At the age of 16, Dole was forced to have an abortion.
   “I have never had an affair with a man other than Epstein. The forced abortion hurt me and my family.” Dole said at the time when Epstein and Maxwell suspected that she had told her grandparents, they looked for People “punish” her. Dole was drugged by Maxwell and others, and gang raped. Afterwards, “I was driven back to my grandparents’ house by a driver with a gun, and was left naked in their backyard. I was also threatened to say,’I won’t go back alive next time.'” Dole said her grandparents were very scared and hid her. She dropped out of high school, knowing that Maxwell wanted her to shut up, otherwise terrible things would happen.
   Dole said: “Without Maxwell, I believe Epstein would not find so many victims. She ruined the best part of my youth.” She said that she would appear in court without a doubt. Testify and encourage other girls to come forward. She also said that the circle behind Maxwell is very powerful. “If she can escape the French net this time, she will never be found again.”
   In a sense, Maxwell helped Epstein build this circle together. Maxwell was born in France, his father is British media tycoon Robert Maxwell, and his mother is French. She is the youngest of nine children. She graduated from Oxford University and is a director of the school football club, and the owner of this club is her father. In 1991, her father bought the “New York Daily News,” and she has since become his father’s representative and business partner. In May of that year, she and her father took the “Concorde” supersonic passenger plane to the United States. She immediately became a celebrity in the New York social circle and later moved to the United States. It is said that she worked for a real estate company in New York and was familiar with celebrities such as Ivana, the wife of the real estate tycoon Trump (now President of the United States) at the time, and she was also known for befriending rich people.
   In 1991, Maxwell’s father died, which brought her a lot of mental shock. She desires a strong male partner more psychologically. She and Epstein met at that time. By 1995, the two were regularly dating. Later, their relationship is more like a business partner. Epstein said in an interview in 2003 that Maxwell is his best friend.
   After Epstein’s death, several women who were violated initiated civil lawsuits, hoping to get compensation from his estate. Interestingly, Maxwell also sued him, demanding compensation to cover litigation and security costs. She said that she was unaware of Epstein’s crimes and did not participate, but was harmed by the relationship between the two.

  Prince Andrew was “nervous” After
   Maxwell was arrested, the British media said Prince Andrew, the second son of Queen Elizabeth II, was “nervous”.
   Maxwell has an unusual relationship with Andrew. Andrew said that the two met when Maxwell was still studying at Oxford University in the 1980s. Later, she became a star in the London social circle. It is said that it was she who introduced Andrew and Epstein. In 1999, Andrew went to live on a small Caribbean island owned by Epstein for several days. In 2000, Maxwell, Andrew and Epstein appeared together in a tennis match, and Trump, who was still a real estate tycoon, was also there. It is reported that this year Andrew and Maxwell traveled together 8 times and appeared together in many night shows in London.
   According to a friend of Andrew’s, he is outrageous and easily influenced by others. He was originally a “couch potato” who didn’t like activities. After meeting Epstein and others, he was keen to travel. He arranged many royal events for Maxwell and Epstein. In 1999, they went to the Queen’s Holiday Estate in Scotland for the weekend together; in the summer of 2000, they joined the Queen’s dance party together. In 2002, Maxwell visited Buckingham Palace and took pictures on the Queen’s Throne. Andrew arranged this exploration trip.
   Epstein was first charged in 2006. Just 6 days before his accident, he and Maxwell attended Andrew’s daughter’s birthday party. In November 2019, in an interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Andrew talked about his relationship with Epstein. He said that Maxwell was a key factor in the relationship between the two. He claimed that he and Epstein broke off after a trip to New York in 2010, but he maintained a friendship with Maxwell until Epstein was arrested last summer.
   However, Epstein’s reputation has not been very good, and Andrew’s relationship with him caused himself a lot of trouble. In 2011, the media took photos of the two walking in New York’s Central Park, and Andrew resigned as the British trade envoy for this. In 2015, a woman alleged that she was forced to have sex with Andrew under Maxwell’s arrangement when she was a minor at the time. Both Andrew and Maxwell denied this. But there are reports that Andrew later approached Maxwell, hoping to help him clear the matter.
   Andrew’s move to accept the BBC interview was considered unwise by many people. An insider revealed that Maxwell has repeatedly warned Andrew not to contact the media, which is of no benefit, but he just refused to listen and said, “Don’t worry, (the interview) will work.” Just after that interview, Queen Elizabeth II asked him to retire early from the royal office.
   With Maxwell’s arrest, Andrew’s interaction with her is bound to become the focus of attention. Maxwell seemed to have anticipated this ending a long time ago. After Andrew was interviewed by the BBC, he said, “This is the beginning of the finale.” FBI agents said that after they arrested Maxwell, they wanted to talk to Andrew (in fact, they asked him to testify), but Andrew refused. However, according to Andrew’s insiders, his legal team had contacted the US twice, hoping to communicate, including the circumstances under which it could provide testimony, but did not receive a response from the US. Therefore, they were surprised by the US claim that Andrew was not cooperating.
   US prosecutors recently stated that for Andrew, “the door to conversation has always been open.” US Attorney General Barr said in an interview with US media that there is no doubt that the US Department of Justice wants to talk to Prince Andrew, but the investigation will continue regardless of whether Andrew agrees to testify.