Great people have “sub-abilities”

  Recently, I have learned that those who are more powerful have hidden another non-professional ability, which I call “sub-ability”. Let me tell you the story of James first.
  James, my former golf coach, an Englishman.
  Six years ago, I wanted to find a coach at the Galaxia Dante Practice Range. The reception staff strongly recommended James, saying that this person is very responsible, but the key is that the price is relatively cheap, because he has just come from the UK and there is no trainee…
  I When he first saw James, he looked downright, sitting on a small bench under the counter, with his head drooping, not knowing whether he was closing his eyes and thinking about the ultimate problem of life.
  After seeing me, he immediately smiled and stood up, his height is almost 1. 9 meters.
  From then on I became his first student in China.
  Later, the practice range of Galaxia Dandi was demolished, and we did not contact either. However, through some golfers and the media, we learned about James’ situation intermittently. It is said that his business is getting better and better, and there is a queue for course reservations. Later, he also established his own golf academy, and he himself often appears in golf magazines. In short, he can be described as “hot”.
  Why is he so hot? I still have some doubts. Although he plays well and teaches very well, these are basic skills. Which coach does not have these two brushes? It is difficult to develop so fast based on these two points. .
  Later, by chance, I met him again to solve this question.
  Last year, my son went to a swimming club. I often had to pick him up. There was a gap of 2 hours, so I went to the largest golf club in Shenzhen nearby to practice golf.
  When I was parking, I saw a big sign on the driving range with a photo of James. It turned out that his base was also here.
  When I walked into the practice range, I saw a foreigner who was teaching 30 meters away. He looked a lot like James, but I think foreigners look alike. I don’t dare to confirm. After all, I haven’t seen each other in 6 years. NS.
  At this time, the foreigner saw me and smiled. This smile made me sure that it was James. However, to my surprise, he actually called out my name accurately:
  ”Hi, David. Xu!”
  Moreover, I was still wearing a mask at the time, and I had to admire James’ memory.
  You may have the same thoughts as me at the time: Could he remember it because I was his first student?
  It turned out later that it was really not the case.
  Since I practiced in this practice field, I have received a lot of attention from James. He often helps me to see the movements and uses his advanced equipment to help me measure the swing data.
  I’m not embarrassed to be so enthusiastic, so I will introduce some golf friends to him,
  this one is “Mr. Liu” and that one is “Mr. Wang”…
  Later, many golf friends told me that as long as he Going to this practice range again, James will greet them and call them by their names accurately. He will never call “Mr. Zhang” as “Mr. Wang”.
  This is really amazing. If we participate in a certain game and meet several people at once, we will inevitably be called wrong. What’s more, an Englishman. I don’t know how James did it, but obviously, this is one of his Recessive ability.
  By this time, I probably also know why James’ business is so good.
  We all say that the internal volume is very serious now. It is true that no matter what you do, there must be people who are better than you in your industry, but have you found that those who are really powerful often have a kind of ability in addition to professional skills. “Sub-competence”, which will allow them to outperform other competitors even if they are well matched.
  I have read Picasso’s biography. It said that in addition to painting well, Picasso is more Everyone adjusted their appetites, and then uncovered the canvas. Everyone was overjoyed and was willing to pay a high price.
  Tiger Woods is the best golfer, but if you look at his statistics, it is strange that the driving distance is not the farthest, the putting green is not the best, and the iron shot is not the most accurate, but his results Just the best.
  Because Tiger Woods has the strongest ability to save the ball, the average player will be very depressed when he breaks a ball. If he plays badly, but Tiger Woods can always save the bad ball. This requires a strong psychological quality. A kind of “sub-capacity”, there are no statistics and hard indicators.
  Look at Luo Xiang, do you think he is the person who knows the law best? Definitely not, but why is he so hot in this field?
  Because in addition to his profession, he also has a deductive ability, turning the boring and rigid legal clauses into an adventure for the extrajudicial fanatic Zhang San. This ability is not taught by universities, nor is it necessary for legal professionals, but But it makes him stand out.
  The hairdresser downstairs, the best hairdresser, is not the best hairdresser, but the one who knows the most about people’s psychology. Whenever a female customer comes, he will analyze the face shape of the person and talk about the current trend. Two more hairstyles are provided for customers to choose. When doing hairstyles, it seems to be taking care of a national cultural relic, in short, it makes customers feel very comfortable.
  In fact, you only need to observe and find that the dividends of an industry are not necessarily taken away by the industry’s top technical experts. They are usually taken away by the most talkative and communicative people in the industry.
  These are all “secondary abilities”, a sword seals the throat when it is critical, but usually they are easily overlooked.
  Talking about this topic today is not to make you give up the building of professional competence. On the contrary, professional competence is the foundation of everything, but you must also understand that the so-called “professional” means doing well within your own part. If you are outside of this, you You have another ability to be ahead of other competitors. So, think about what your “sub-ability” is.