How to increase male androgen levels

  Androgens include testosterone, androstenedione, dehydroepiandrosterone, androsterone, dihydrotestosterone and the like. As a male hormone, androgens are closely related to the health of men throughout their lives. In fact, both men and women have androgens in their bodies. Men are mainly produced by the testes, while women are mainly produced by the ovaries. In addition, the adrenal cortex also secretes a small amount of androgens. Testosterone is one of the most frequently checked. In fact, free testosterone plays the most important role in the body, but it is difficult to detect. It is usually replaced by checking blood testosterone.
  Normal adult males can secrete 4-9 mg of testosterone every day, with a circadian rhythm of secretion. The main function of testosterone is to stimulate the male accessory organs to develop and mature, maintain normal libido, promote sperm development and maturity, promote protein synthesis and skeletal muscle growth, and make muscles developed; inhibit the increase in body fat, stimulate the production of red blood cells and the growth of long bones ; Promote the formation of secondary sexual characteristics. Therefore, it is very important to understand androgens.
Male menopausal syndrome (declining androgens)

  The secretion of androgens in middle-aged and old men gradually decreases, their sexual function also gradually declines, and the metabolic functions of various systems are also declining. Modern andrology refers to this phenomenon as late-onset hypogonadism, or male menopausal syndrome.
  The main manifestations are decreased bone density, decreased muscle mass, and decreased strength, abdominal obesity (androgen deficiency leads to accumulation of fatty tissue), decreased libido and erectile dysfunction, decreased blood red blood cell production, and decreased mood, power, energy, and cognitive abilities. Therefore, the normal secretion of androgens is very important for maintaining the normal sexual life of men and maintaining sexual vitality.
How to supplement low androgen?

  1. Natural testosterone preparations
  for male testosterone secretion deficiency, usually natural formulations of testosterone replacement therapy. The currently available preparations are intramuscular injections, subcutaneous implants, transdermal patches, oral preparations and buccal mucosal preparations. Because hormone abuse is a very dangerous thing, the above drugs must not be used by themselves, and must be used under the guidance of professional physicians.
  2. develop good habits
  in life good habits can ensure the normal secretion of the male testes. If you have bad habits such as staying up late, smoking, drinking, etc., it will lead to abnormal male androgen secretion, causing accelerated aging. Therefore, we must develop good habits in daily life.
  3. anaerobic exercise
  Life is movement, in the usual amount of exercise to maintain physical and mental state may make people stay young and healthy, and promote normal hormone secretion, especially anaerobic exercise (refer to human muscle movement carried out in the absence of oxygen for energy metabolism in the state ). For example, squats are not only good for building muscles, but also good for the secretion of androgens, so that the body is full of vitality, to achieve the purpose of delaying aging.

  A pair of originally loving, loving, harmonious and sweet couples, because of Xiaowei’s misunderstanding of sex, he believes in the advice of his friends that “frequent sex will affect the appearance” and “birth of children will cause body deformation”. In order to ensure a hard-won position, Adopting the method of avoiding sex with your husband to reduce the physical fatigue after sex is actually a matter of deciding what to do and putting the cart before the horse. The result of Xiaowei’s doing this not only severely damaged the harmonious and happy life of husband and wife, but also cruelly deprived her husband Tianhao of the right to sex, and seriously hurt his emotions. What’s more sad is that in the end even she herself fell into sexual depression. For women like Xiaowei who lack knowledge about sex or misunderstand sex, it is essential to use scientific knowledge of sex to “brainwash” if they want to rediscover the warm and harmonious and happy life of the past couples.
   Many medical cosmetology authorities believe that harmonious and sweet sex can keep the body’s physiological regulation system and immune function in a healthy and good state. Sex and beauty have a certain connection, this is because:
   excitement beautifies the face. When the spouses are about to have sexual contact, most of them are in a state of agitation. At the same time, the kiss rejuvenated his youth. The lingering kisses and tight hugs between husband and wife are the prelude to sexual life and the catalyst of sexual life, which can increase the excitement of sexual psychology and the intensity of sexual feelings, and obtain greater psychological satisfaction. When sharing a sexual experience with a lover, the intoxicating feeling of floating will stimulate the body’s autonomic nervous system and promote the secretion of sex hormones.
   In addition, in sexual life, due to the acceleration of blood circulation and breathing rhythm, and the increase of body temperature, the facial skin will appear rosier than usual, the skin will appear fuller, and the wrinkles will be reduced. Many men have found that after having sex, their wives will look more beautiful than before.

  With the continuous improvement of living standards, coupled with the “sit more and less exercise” lifestyle, the number of obese groups in society continues to increase. Many people know that obesity affects physical health, but they ignore the impact and harm of obesity on male sexual function.
Obesity may cause “smaller” penis

  Indian sexologists once published an article “The Relationship between Sexual Function and Obesity”. The article pointed out that for every 5 kg of a man’s weight, his genitals would be “shortened” by 1 cm. The reason for the “shortening” is that the external genitalia are covered by thick fat. The case cited in the article is a man with a height of 1.70 meters and a weight of 100 kg. He basically has no sex life because the penis has been “shrunk” into the fat of the abdomen, and only a small part of the genitals left outside can be vaguely seen.
  Therefore, the “smaller” caused by obesity is that when the fat layer in the lower abdomen, perineum and other parts is too thick, the penis is wrapped up, resulting in visually “small”.
Obesity may cause loss of libido

  Male obesity is inseparable from the amount of body fat. When a large amount of fat accumulates in the body, androgens may be converted into estrogen. When there is too much estrogen in the body, problems arise, libido will gradually decrease, and symptoms such as breast growth may even appear.
  On the other hand, because obesity leads to decreased physical flexibility, slow movement, and single movement, sometimes there will be a bad experience in sex. One failure, another failure, more failures, and inferiority complex gradually developed, and over time I began to fear this behavior.
Obesity may cause fertility difficulties

  There is a clinical situation called obesity impotence syndrome, which is more common in young children and school-age boys, and is characterized by obesity, dysplasia of sexual organs, and diabetes insipidus. However, when adult men become obese, the fat layer accumulated in the abdomen and perineum will squeeze the testicles, leaving the testicles in a relatively high temperature environment. High temperature will affect the function of the testicles, affect the production of sperm, and cause difficulties in fertility.
  If you want to improve yourself and change your state, you often need a healthy life. The moment you return to your normal weight, those lost functions and fun will come back.