Economics in life

  The second cup of economics
   Why KFC often have a “second cup half-price” promotion? For the store, the cost of a drink includes rent, water and electricity, labor, and raw materials. When you buy the first cup, all these costs have been shared, and the “second cup” only needs to bear the cost of the raw materials. So, maybe the store will make more money from the second cup!
  Bowling effect
   when bowling, you throw the object is 10 bottles. If you knock down 9 bottles, the score is 90 points; and if you knock down 10 bottles at a time, the score is 240 points. The same is true for the social scoring rules: as long as you are slightly better than others every time, and can hold on for a while, you may win more opportunities. The stacking of this kind of opportunities ultimately creates a huge gap between people.
  Zero-sum game
   total zero-sum game is also known as game theory or a zero-sum game, from game theory refers to a game, the player wins or loses, the winning party is the other party to lose, and the game The results are always zero. This theory is widely used in competition and confrontation where there are winners and losers. Corresponding to “zero sum” is the concept of “win-win”. The basic theory of “win-win” is to “self-interest” and not “harm others”, and to achieve a happy result through negotiation and cooperation.
  Potato effect
   potato effect, also known as the “potato perverse law”, here the “potato” as a cheap, low-end synonymous with food. The “potato effect” refers to the fact that during the economic downturn, people’s money for food purchases will be compressed, but the total food consumption cannot be reduced. Consumers will abandon high-end luxury goods and turn to low-end products. As product demand rises, the prices of such commodities also rise, which in turn pushes up the prices and sales of low-cost products.

   What is curiosity? Just feel new to this world. Curiosity is often associated with children. Because children have no plans for life, no purpose, no utilitarianism. The desire of our adults is constantly squeezing the space of curiosity. Many of my friends have high incomes, drive luxury cars and have good material conditions, but it is strange that some people have depression. They are indifferent to people or things around them, have no enthusiasm for life, and lose their curiosity to explore the outside world.
   Does curiosity belong only to children? Is curiosity destined to be lost and exhausted in adults? it’s not true. The real difference between children and adults is that the world is a source of inspiration for children and a way for adults to make a living; the world is fun for children and useful for adults. . Therefore, for children, the world is what they really love.
   I once shared this sentence with my students: Only when you love life, can life truly love you. We always feel that curiosity will not bring us practical benefits in daily life, but you have to know that it is the useless things that can make us happy for life, which can make human civilization appear so splendid. Those are the useless things.
   In ancient times, there was a king named Shangtang Wang. He engraved 9 words on his bathtub: “Gou Rixin, Daily New, and Newer.” He might want to remind himself that he should wash his body externally and cultivate his heart internally. Human body cells are metabolizing every day, and our spirit should also maintain harmony and unity with our body. This is called the non-divided body and mind. What can enable our spirit to constantly metabolize and maintain self-renewal like body cells? That is curiosity. Curiosity can drive the thirst for knowledge, which is curiosity about the world and eagerness to learn about life. Therefore, curiosity can keep people’s spiritual water flowing. It will never be rancid, so your spirit will never age.
   How can we maintain curiosity that this tender seedling will not die or fail? It is to always be humble. Only when people know themselves and ignorance can they always seek knowledge; only when people know themselves and ignorance can they remain curious about everything around them.