Reading is a kind of “overtaking on a curve”

  Reading is the best thing in the world, and it is also a kind of “curving overtaking.” Time is limited, we can’t practice everything. It is a great thing to know the great world through reading, to travel through time and space, to realize the experience of others, to feel the cognition of others, to absorb their talents and to use them for my use. So, how to achieve “curving overtaking” by reading books?
  Learning lies in comprehension. Learning is the foundation, and comprehension is sublimation. How to realize it? One must read intensively. Reading should be broad and more precise. From the book, you should understand the viewpoints, thoughts, life, and warnings; second, read slowly. Don’t ask for a glance and ten lines, don’t be obsessed with the number of readings, read slowly, carefully, and understand deeply, master the essentials, and grasp the essence; third, it must be a combination of reading and writing, not using pen and ink, and not reading. Make notes while reading, write your experience after reading, record the fleeting inspiration in time, and save it in your reading notebook or mobile phone notebook.
  Virtue is about Xiu The Italian poet Dante said: “Moral can often make up for the shortcomings of wisdom, and wisdom can never fill the gaps in morality.” A direct and effective way to cultivate one’s mind and cultivate oneself is to read books. Learn about yourself, motivate yourself, and find gaps through reading; moisten your soul through reading, internalize the books you have read into ideological foundations, and externalize them into temperament conversations, nourish the awe-inspiring spirit of “poems and books in your belly”; mature through reading . The famous writer Yu Qiuyu said in “Su Dongpo Breakthrough”: “Maturity is a kind of bright but not dazzling brilliance, a mellow but not greasy sound, a kind of calmness that no longer needs to be aware of others, and a kind of ignorance of noisy. A smile is a kind of indifference that has washed away the extreme, a kind of thickness that does not need to be said, and a kind of height that is not steep.” This passage reflects the importance of reading. If you don’t read or study, you will never reach the level of maturity.
  ”King is good at diligence, waste is at play; walking is at thinking, ruined by follow”, it is said that learning is due to diligence and proficiency, and is wasteful due to play. Things succeeded due to careful consideration, and destroyed due to spontaneity. Reading must be diligent, good at squeezing time out of busy work and life, and learning at first glance; reading must be thoughtful, and one’s success lies in what he thinks. The things in the books belong to others. To turn them into your own, you cannot do without thinking. The process of reading is actually a process of constant thinking. A person who studies well will have a good IQ; if he can think, he will have a good EQ. Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group, said: “IQ can prevent failure, and EQ can help you succeed.” There is no success without thinking. Only with thinking can we have independent opinions and discernment, and we can maintain the determination of “seeing the essence through the phenomenon” and “still calmly flying through the chaotic clouds” in the face of complicated contradictions.
  Reading must be used. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the purpose of learning is all about application. Reading is learning, using is also learning, and it is more important learning. The fundamental purpose of reading is to enhance work skills and improve the ability to solve practical problems. We often say that “you have to feel shallow on paper, and you must do it yourself if you absolutely know it.” What we talk about is to combine learning with use, combining learning with doing, and transform knowledge into ability and action. Even if a person learns to be rich and full of economics, but if he only stays in words and does not apply what he has learned, then he is talking about rhetoric and talking on paper, without any productivity.