The value of service

  Dentists who have been in the business for nearly forty years are different after all.
  He has a good mentality, and the process of diagnosis and treatment is neither rush nor impatient. There were dozens of numbers in the morning, but when I was lying on the medical chair, he began to slowly explain to me why the wisdom tooth should be extracted, how to extract it, and what to pay attention to after extraction. Seeing that I didn’t interact enough with him, I took out an oral cavity model, tapped the position of the wisdom teeth with iron tweezers, and said: “It doesn’t affect chewing at all, let alone speaking.”
  He explained a lot of dental medicine knowledge to me, regrettable The thing is, I have been immersed in the psychological fear of tooth extraction, and remember nothing. During the time he was communicating with me, his assistant had prepared the surgical instruments. He asked me to open my mouth, a brace was gently tucked in, and then there was a tingling, which was to inject anesthetic into my gums with a needle… With a “chuck”, he whispered: “Take it off.” I Slightly raised his head and saw that there was something like “ore” lying on the white plate.
  The doctor is the service. This old dentist deepened my understanding.
  Jobs once said a very classic saying: “Consumers don’t know what they need. They didn’t realize that this is what I wanted until we took out their products.” This view is simple and rude, but the effect is very good. Apple 4 sells globally.
  On the bed of the old dentist, I also felt the logic: if a person depends on you for knowledge and skills, he must rely on you wholeheartedly. If this logic is applied to business, will there be a surprise to break the pattern?
  There is a hot pot restaurant, which actually has a Maodu specialist post. What does this “commissioner” do? They teach customers how to eat the most delicious hairy belly in the store. As a result, the customers are very popular. After the meal, most people will have a feeling: It turns out that Maodu is eaten like this! Therefore, this store’s business is also very good.
  Let’s talk about drinking tea. Chinese people like to drink tea, but most of them don’t know the influence of tea utensils, tea leaves, hot water, environment and other factors on tea drinking. The tea ceremony is different. It has deep cultural connotations and complicated tea drinking procedures. A person who is well versed in the tea ceremony will show you the whole tea ceremony process, and drink a cup of tea in that way. The enjoyment from the lips and the teeth to the spiritual level cannot be described in words.
  The material world is always the same, but “service” makes the material world colorful. The same bowl of rice, a dish, a glass of water… If it is infused with a distinctive “service”, it will be worth a hundred times.