Disposable safety syringe【retractable self-destruct type】

1) Product name: single-use sterile retractable self-destructing syringe; Nascar® safety syringe;

Uses: Used in the process of injecting liquid medicine into human tissues (subcutaneous, tissue, joint cavity).

Features: Pull out the injection needle after use, activate the safety device, make the injection needle automatically retract and be shielded by the inner cavity of the push rod and prevent it from being exposed again, prevent repeated use, eliminate the risk of injury from sharp objects, and protect medical staff and waste Disposal staff.

2) Product classification and specification list;

[See safety syringe model specification table]

3) Product packaging form, quantity and weight

*The product is individually packaged in blister;

*Product size (initial packaging):/middle box quantity/outer box packaging quantity and weight (reference)

Note: According to user needs, the packaging type and quantity will change.

4) Typical applications and comparative advantages of the product.

*The process of injecting medicinal fluid into interventional tissues (subcutaneous, muscle, joint cavity, blood vessel).

*Interventional tissue, the process of extracting tissue (muscle, tissue) specimens.

In the above process, after use, the needle tube can be automatically retracted and shielded after use, so that it cannot be reused, eliminating the risk of sharp object injuries, and protecting medical staff and waste disposal personnel.

*Comparative advantages: needle and device integrated structure, spring force automatically retracts, easy to use; patented technology, meticulously manufactured; safer and more reliable; it is the technology of self-destructing syringes such as hand-pulled retracting, push rod limit, etc. Iterative products; keep pace with the international level.

5) Product service: technical support, training, promotion, experience, information synchronization, data parameter sharing.