Disposable safety syringe [Needle tip protection type]

① Sterile syringes for single use (Luer locking interface/Luer sliding sleeve interface)

② Disposable sterile syringe with needle (common type)

③ Disposable sterile syringe with safety injection needle

1) Product name: single-use sterile safety syringe; NurseCare ® safety syringe;

Purpose: Combined with the NurseCare® brand safety injection needle, it is used in the process of injecting liquid or extracting tissue from human tissues (subcutaneous, tissue, joint cavity).

Feature: Pull out the injection needle after use, activate the needle protective cover (choose one of three ways) to shield the needle tube and lock it out again to prevent repeated use, eliminate the risk of harm, and protect medical care Personnel and waste disposal personnel.

2) Product classification and specification list;

[See Safety Syringe Model Specification Table—Product Manual Folder]

3) Product packaging form, quantity, weight [only syringe]

*The product is individually packaged in blister;

*Product size (initial packaging):/middle box quantity/outer box packaging quantity and weight (reference)

Note: According to user needs, the packaging type and quantity will change.

4) Typical applications and comparative advantages of the product.

*Combined with a syringe, the process of injecting medicinal fluid into tissues (subcutaneous, muscle, joint cavity, blood vessel).

*Combined with larger syringes, the process of intervening tissues and extracting tissues (muscles, tissues) specimens.

*Used in the process of liquid medicine compatibility, dilution and transfer;

*Different specifications with different injection needle specifications can be used in different medical diagnosis and treatment environments: such as anesthesia, drug solution injection, negative pressure suction, tissue sample extraction, washing, infusion, drug solution compatibility, vaccination, container, etc.

*In combination with the needle holder, the process of intervening in venous blood vessels and drawing venous blood samples;

In the above process, after use, the protective sleeve can be used to shield the needle tube, lock the needle seat, and can not be reused, eliminate the risk of harm, and protect medical staff and waste disposal personnel.

*Comparative advantages: The safe injection needle has scientific structure, small size, convenient use, and the first international sheath displacement technology (patent); safer and more reliable; flexible combination and combination expand the scope of application of the product.

5) Product service: technical support, training, promotion, experience, information synchronization, data parameter sharing.