Love in the world is endless

  On a bloody evening with the setting sun, I returned home, walked to the south side of the corner of the house, sat down and quietly opened a newspaper I liked. Suddenly, I was pleasantly surprised to see your prose “Into a Dream “Living in the Valley of the Dream”, and I was amazed by the mellow artistic conception and the ripples.
  ”People are relaxing in the beautiful scenery, and the scenery changes among the crowds. To stay in the Meng River Valley, it is a pity that you are too far away from the city, otherwise I will meet you every day…” Reading your sincere words flowing like clouds and flowing water, I feel great Enjoyment. There are bright spots in the calmness, and a breakthrough is desired in a satisfactory manner. What unique scenery in Pinpin’s life has dazzled people’s eyes. Your words warm and moisturize my heart. Suddenly, I could no longer restrain my gratitude, and I took up the pen to write down a few words. This is definitely not an exaggerated word on a whim.
  ”Suddenly an old friend has been in his heart. Looking back at the mountains and rivers, it is autumn.” I remember that it was early 2012. The former director of the Xinyang City Local Taxation Bureau in Henan Province resigned due to his age and was transferred back to the provincial city of Zhengzhou. In March of the same year, you used to work in Xinyang Local Taxation Bureau. You who are familiar with Xinyang and love Xinyang were transferred to the post of Director of the Taxation Bureau.
  How familiar your name is, I feel very kind. Before that, you served as the former director of the Zhoukou Local Taxation Bureau and the former director of the Training Center of the Henan Provincial Local Taxation Bureau. Frankly speaking, you are a tax commissioner who deserves the respect and trust of our tax collectors, especially for me. The thing is like this. At the end of April, you went to the local taxation bureau of Gushi County where I belonged to investigate. Just after listening to the work report of the county bureau chief, you suddenly praised me by name and surname at the meeting, and insisted on me for many years. Literary creation was praised and affirmed.
  It turns out that in these years, whether you work in Zhumadian, Xuchang, Zhoukou, or Kaifeng, you have been paying attention to my literary creation. As an ordinary tax officer at the grass-roots level, I have no outstanding academic talents, and there is nothing remarkable about my work. Being able to receive such care reflects your broad “mind”. Listening to your words of encouragement, at that moment, I was really flattered. At that time, I was so excited that my hands were shaking when I was taking notes. One can imagine how much it touched me. Only grateful, for an instant, I felt a kind, sincere, and gentle feeling in my heart, and I was deeply impressed by your unique affinity. This is not the charm of a leader.
  Hugo said: “The widest thing in the world is the ocean, the sky wider than the ocean is the sky, and the person’s soul is wider than the sky.” At that time, I always wanted to write a letter to you who are also teachers and friends. , Talk to the heart, but fear that clumsy language will not be able to express what you want.
  The writing conveys the Tao and the cultural people; the spring breeze transforms the rain and infiltrates the soul. On June 12, 2012, under your personal care, after careful planning, Henan Xinyang Local Taxation Culture Construction and Li Yonghai’s Literary Works Seminar was grandly held in Gushi County. At that time, he was a member of the Standing Committee of Xinyang Municipal Party Committee, Jiao Secretary of Gushi County Party Committee, and County Party Committee. Standing Committee Member and Minister of Propaganda Department Peng, Chairman of Gushi County Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and Vice Chairman of Xinyang Writers Association attended the meeting. This is the first time that Xinyang Local Taxation Bureau has held such a literary seminar since its establishment 18 years ago. Many fraternal units sent congratulatory messages one after another, and everyone gathered together and enjoyed it all.
  Tonight’s wind is light, Yiyi keeps things in mind. The years have passed, and it has been more than ten years in a blink of an eye. I still clearly remember that you used the voice and emotion to say at the works seminar: “The purpose of holding this work seminar is to summarize, analyze, discuss and exchange the literary works of Comrade Li Yonghai. , To provide useful ideas and enlightenment for his future literary creations, and use this as a motivation and opportunity to give full play to the role of a typical guide and model.” The deep affection is beyond words. If people don’t speak secret words, I can’t thank you enough for your support and love for me.
  ”Above the gechamei, the quality is between bamboo.” Anyone who knows you knows that you have a bold personality, a man of good temperament, and a leader who loves talents and cherishes talents, knows people and works well. Under your vigorous advocacy, shortly after the seminar was held, the city-wide local taxation talent symposium was held. As the so-called “leading talent”, I naturally made wonderful exchange speeches at the meeting, which was unanimously praised by everyone.
  There is nothing left in the world. I know, this is you who are creating a wonderful life stage for our grassroots tax officers. You follow the temptation, in the economic tide, we must endure poverty, not be moved by the immediate interests, concentrate on work, and always think about the meaning of life and the purification of the soul. Here I can see your understanding of taxation, life, and society. I admire your humble and simple character.
  ”The wind stops thousands of miles away, who will send flowers.” In this chaotic real life, I am very fortunate that I did not give up my penchant for writing because of the pressure of survival. From army to local, from military to tax officer, from grassroots tax office to county tax bureau, from office director to personnel education section chief, from deputy department-level central tax office director to taxation branch director, constantly changing jobs, switching As a role, with a persistent pursuit of literature, I work hard while working hard, depicting mountains and rivers, customs, customs, taxation, and taxation with affectionate brushstrokes…
  Emotion is the core of the work, and thoughts and language are the core of the work. Works of wings. Thanks for not giving up, with your care and love, I have successively published collections of works such as “Falling Flowers Under an Umbrella” and “Nostalgia”. I’m glad that you wrote a preface to my collection of essays “Nostalgia” with eloquence of nearly three thousand words under the title “Let People Be Born in Dreams”. The splendor of spring, the splendor of summer, the richness of autumn, and the calmness of winter are all jumping between the lines. That’s me dancing at the tip of the pen.
  ”When the golden wind and jade dew meet, they will win but there are countless worlds.” Life bestows a different taste on everyone, and this taste is a brand engraved deep in everyone’s heart. There is always a kind of sentiment flowing in my heart. Holding a good book of ink fragrance, making a cup of good fragrant tea, holding a handful of soft moonlight, life is so quiet and beautiful, and the world is so warm.
  At the end of the breeze and the moon, there is no limit to love in the world. Thank you, Director Dongfeng! You say it’s more cordial to call Mr.! In the “tax” month of Liujin, I am grateful for you along the way. Time flies, and when I think of you, I will be comforted like spring breeze and rain, making me feel the richness of life and years. Those people and things, near or far away, are entangled in this pyrotechnic text, long and long.