The tiniest thing in the world


  In the south, there is a tiny company with tiny bosses and few tiny employees, and it is doing a tiny business-processing plush toys.
  The company is very small, with a total of only seven members, so everyone has several roles. The girl Pearl who has worked here for two years is not only financial, but also responsible for office chores, such as calling her aunt to clean up every week, buying insurance for the boss’s car, telling the big guy Ishino not to play soot in the flowerpot, and , Feed the little chicken that always wanders to the door of the company, yes, little chicken, their company is in a residential compound.
  If Ishino’s job is in a large company, he will be called a marketing executive, but in a small company, the name is unknown. In short, he calls, calls, and calls every day. If he makes enough calls, he will be called on business. Ishino kept talking into the microphone—”Okay! 2000 bears! 2000 rabbits! 1000 elephants! 1000 elk! What color do raccoons want? We have white, black, and beige. Okay, I want 1,000 beige raccoons…”
  Ishino spoke sonorously, and every sentence seemed to be punching, very deterrent. He is tall, 1.9 meters tall, and appears in the company like a big horned deer every day, blocking everyone’s light. Smoking is not his biggest problem. The biggest problem is that Ai Shun takes his colleague’s lighter. Once he fell asleep in the office and his jacket fell on the floor. The colleagues went to look through his pockets. Heh, four lighters, from three smoking male colleagues and the boss, even the boss’s lighter dared to go along. Prometheus really went down!
  But Ishino is the pillar of the company, and he is also responsible for organizing tours every year. This year’s tourist destination is Shandong, traveling along the coastline of the Yellow Sea. It’s good everywhere in Shandong, but for southerners, it’s too weird to eat. After visiting the scenic spots every day, sit down at the table, and the waiter does not serve tea, but first serves a pot of steamed buns. A lunch without porridge, rice, or chili is really cruel to southerners. The steamed bun meal was fun on the first day, and the second day I tore the skin of the steamed bun to eat something, and someone cried silently on the third day. Five of the seven people began to complain, saying that Ishiye shouldn’t bring everyone here, Sanya is so good, and the discounts are so many… Mingzhu looked at Ishiye, and he finished his big steamed bun. “Don’t say it, don’t say it, I’ve been to Sanya N times and I’m not tired of it? I think Shandong is very good, what’s the tourist map? Don’t you just make a fresh one. Hot sauce, who wants hot sauce?” Mingzhu divided her hot sauce For everyone, as soon as you unscrew the bottle cap, you will be killed in seconds. Ishiye looked at Mingzhu, solemnly stretched his thumb, and said: “You, considerate!” The
  tourist bus carried all the company’s elites to the last stop-Qingdao, where he spent half a day visiting and taking pictures in the old building. . At the end of spring, wisteria lavender, Sophora japonica cream-white, lined with dark red old buildings, these people changed their minds one after another, “Shandong is really beautiful”, “a worthwhile trip” and “I love the land of Qilu”. Mingzhu chased a simple and cute stray cat, far away from her colleagues, and came to an empty street corner. The cat disappeared on a gentle slope. Seeing Ishiye coming to look for her from a distance, he walked slowly, looking around. He seems to have gained weight recently, with a small belly, windy ears, and a big nose with garlic cloves. He is not a handsome guy, but he also has such a naive and handsome look, a bit like a good-looking “Pig Ba Jie”. Mingzhu stood quietly under the tree, waiting for him to approach. It seems that they have been alone for the first time since they have known each other for so long. They are sitting on the side of the street and looking at the beautiful city. Ishino suddenly grabbed Mingzhu’s small hand with his big hand. Mingzhu thought he was going to confess, but he just said, “Do you want to drink yogurt?”
  He didn’t let go of her hand while looking for yogurt. His hand was like a baseball glove. She put her hand in it and was not allowed to take it away. She felt very happy at that moment.
  After drinking the yogurt, they walked back to the team of colleagues, no longer holding their hands.

  After returning to the south, Ishiye went on a business trip again, and ran for fifty thousand flannel sea rays. This batch of sea rays is an order from an ocean park. They should sell well. They have a smiling face and have a zipper on their belly. They can hold pens, paper towels, mobile phones and so on. Mingzhu took some of them to her sisters. The girls who only had Chanel, Hermes, and Prada in their eyes also loved them. The sister said, “Did you date Ishiye? Look at your peach blossom face!” Mingzhu hugged the two sea rays together and said, no, no. The sister pointed to the sea rays in her hand and said, dare to say no!
  Mingzhu never looked forward to Ishino’s return as strongly as she does now. She had many nightmares. She dreamed of a plane crash, dreamed that she had killed someone, and dreamed that Ishino came back with a huge owl, saying that she was married to the owl. These dreams made her dazed-do you already care about him so much?
  Ishino came back and called Mingzhu outside. He was a little sleepy, with dark eye circles like a pirate, and his beard was not shaved, so he said to Mingzhu, “I want to kill you!”
  they were together that night. In Mingzhu’s cabin, they got into the quilt cover, zipped up the quilt cover, and went to sleep. They only woke up at four o’clock in the afternoon the next day. Under the covers, they could only see the outline of each other, but could not see the eyes and expressions, but this was enough to be ashamed. Can you understand that feeling? Usually in an office, like brothers and sisters, they are brothers and sisters at all! But at this moment, I suddenly fell asleep together…So, I really want to have never slept this night.
  Ishiye unzipped the zipper and went out and asked Mingzhu: “Do you have yogurt in your house?”
  Together, they went to the cafeteria downstairs to drink yogurt and ate sandwiches, hungry to hide their face-to-face embarrassment. After eating, they said to each other, “I have something tonight, see you tomorrow.” Each went home.
  Mingzhu went to work and heard Ishino call. He was talking about the number of sea rays, penguins, and polar bears. Each animal was followed by a string of numbers. He didn’t say the numbers wrong.
  It was as if nothing had happened, it was like a flying machine was thrown out. After experiencing heartbeat, miss, and passion, it came back on its original route in a mysterious manner. No one raised his hand to grab it, and it fell to the ground with a cry.

  The little chicken that often goes to the door of the company to look for food slowly grows into a fat hen. One morning, Mingzhu found it left an egg and threw away. Since that day, every morning Mingzhu has harvested an egg generously donated by the hen. She cooked it in an electric cup and gave it to colleagues to eat.
  One day, Ishino took a hot egg and asked, “Give me a little hot sauce.” Then he put the hot sauce on the egg and it was delicious. It was early in the morning, and none of the other colleagues came, only Mingzhu and Ishiye. In fact, they can talk about it, taking advantage of this rare and quiet morning.
  But he just concentrated on eating eggs, so she went to work on her financial forms. Who is stupid than who? One thing is over, why do you break it? Mingzhu never asked Ishino why, nor did Ishino ask why. Only stupid people ask. If you ask, you will be embarrassed. If you are embarrassed, someone has to go. Where can you go? Everyone is a small person, and it is not easy to find a job-not exactly like this, you can leave, if you really want to leave.

  After two business trips, Ishino came back with a bracelet on his wrist. When we lunch together weekend, the boss asked him: “You wear it on your wrist beads What do you mean?”
  ”On the light too, bless peace” Ishino said lightly.
  No one would take a string of broken coral to bless it. The meaning of this bracelet is very clear. This is a DIY work from a woman. It is said that some people will wear a bracelet to each other. Mingzhu put away her chopsticks, “I’m finished, eat slowly.” She grabbed the poker next to her, shuffled the cards, and waited until everyone had finished eating.
  Ishino lost two hundred in a row and is willing to lose more. Please sing K in the evening.
  Mingzhu said that she was not interested and had an appointment with a Chinese medicine practitioner to do moxibustion at night.
  ”Ishiye treats guests, it’s better to ask us to do moxibustion.” Someone said.
  ”Okay.” Ishino said.
  Colleagues are sticky, like no one can do without their brothers and sisters, and sometimes they don’t bother them, there is no privacy at all, and there is no peace at all.
  Mingzhu fell asleep in the burning scent of moxa, and when she woke up, she quietly went to checkout and issued a VIP card to each of her colleagues, so that they could do whatever they wanted to do in the future.
  Mingzhu doesn’t want to play with them anymore.
  She really didn’t have to play this way, her family was so good that she could afford to open fifty toy companies like this. There are some things you don’t want people to know, so you can keep people from knowing. Mingzhu didn’t want people to know her family background. She went to work because the loneliness of the rich made her feel that she was going to wither away. Every day is shopping, beauty, nails, swimming, massage, and traveling. It’s necessary. Sometimes I go to a cocktail party, and, what’s the point of going on a blind date?
  There were so many nasty ghosts that I met more than pleasing to the eye.
  So she came to this small company and became an ordinary girl. Her hair was dyed and she didn’t care much. She was often messy, but she felt happier than before.
  But now she is unhappy and discouraged. The game is boring and I don’t want to play it anymore.
  But before leaving, she suddenly wanted to do something. She admitted that even though she and Ishino were not in love, she was jealous of the bracelet on his wrist.

  Then this tiny company fryed. Because in the three days after the resignation application was handed in, Mingzhu kept driving a Bentley to work. Drive into the basement of the company downstairs, very good, I met Ishiye.
  Ishino’s Chery was lined up like crumbly bread. “I heard you borrowed a famous car recently?” he said.
  She looked at him with a faint smile, “My own car.”
  He didn’t ask any more, he understood.
  ”Go home?”
  ”Home in Canton?”
  The next two days are strange calm for two days, companies like the funeral, colleagues He speaks softly, and his actions are tricky. People really don’t have to be so snobbish. The boss took advantage of the situation and shamelessly: “Hehe, Mingzhu, or let your family support our company, this hamster is not easy to sell…”
  Mingzhu asked her mother to take the hamsters, one million, and counted as giving to the company Little gift.
  Ishino doesn’t need to call, the KPI for next month will be completed so easily. He sat quietly on his seat, sorting out the computer folders. He deleted all the pearls that he secretly photographed at the old house in Qingdao when he was traveling. The lavender vines, the creamy white Sophora japonica, the old red walls, and the pearls wearing a green skirt. He didn’t plan to tell Mingzhu that he had loved her fiercely for a few days in his life. When he saw her, he energized his whole body, and felt flustered when he thought of her. It’s just that he feels illusion inexplicably, he thinks they can’t have a future. Unlike the coral girl, the red coral beads have broken a few but are very real, giving him a lifelong feeling.
  Only the hen treats the Pearl as usual and lays one egg every day. She picked up the last warm egg, tapped it in a sip, and drank it.
  Let’s sing K and give the pearl. As expected, Ishino brought his girlfriend, and that girl really wore a string of cheap coral on her wrist.
  Is this magnanimous and upright, or is it a cautious and negative counterattack?
  Is he secretly competing with her? It’s just that it’s weird and boring, because she’s leaving.
  Ishiye and “Coral” match better, and Mingzhu finally admits it, very emotional. Her sisters all went to go on a blind date with the princelings, despising the true love she found in the folks, saying that she was screwed. They are right. People and people have a natural division from the day they are born. People who walk in the wrong area will have to endure hardships.
  After the singing ended, Mingzhu handed Ishino a cup of yogurt.