Who is Musk?

  Who is Elon Musk?
  Many people want to figure this out.
  Towards the end of the year, an American magazine selected the Person of the Year in accordance with the usual practice. The person chosen this year happens to be Elon Musk. Probably because in the coming year, Mr. Musk is really too much to create topics, or to turn himself into a topic, so that the media is helpless, it can only be him.
  On the positive side of the topic, Musk is the richest person in the world. Due to the recent continuous rise in the stock price of listed companies, Tesla has become the sixth company in the history of U.S. stocks with a market capitalization of more than $1 trillion. The first five are Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Facebook. Musk also once owned it. More than 300 billion US dollars of wealth, as of December 13, this figure still has 266 billion US dollars. The other side of the topic is also related to this. The company with a market capitalization of more than US$1 trillion had only US$36.1 billion in revenue in the first three quarters of this year and nearly US$3.2 billion in profits attributable to common shareholders. Especially when Musk suddenly tweeted on December 9th: “I am considering quitting all my jobs and becoming an Internet celebrity with my whole heart. What do you think?” Tesla investors were ignorant: facing With a handful of Tesla stocks worth more than $1,000 per share, Musk is going to leave. Maybe it’s like Jia Yueting’s. What can you think?
  The magazine that chose him as a “person” used these words to describe Musk: clown, genius, leader, visionary, industrialist, performer, rogue, Edison (inventor), Barnum (The father of modern public relations), Carnegie (entrepreneur), and Dr. Manhattan (manga superhero, scientist) crazy mixture.
  The more positive comments on Musk came from such descriptions: “Almost no one can match his impact on life on Earth or even on alien life.” Although there is some numbness.
  There is also: “His start-up rocket company SpaceX has surpassed Boeing and other companies and has the future of the U.S. aerospace industry. His car company Tesla pioneered the electric car market and occupied two-thirds of it (this Obviously, China’s domestic electric vehicles are not counted. Tesla’s trillion-dollar market value has made him the richest man in history. He is also robots, solar energy, cryptocurrency, climate, human brain interfaces, and underground tunnels for speeding transportation. Participants of the company.”
  His personal description is this: “As the richest man in the world, Musk has no real estate and has been selling property recently. He puts satellites into orbit and uses solar energy to operate; he drives a A car made by himself does not require gasoline or a driver. A wave of his finger will cause the stock price to skyrocket or plummet. When he sweeps the world, he also dreams of emigrating to Mars. His square jaw is indomitable. ”
  Of course, just like the front and back of a coin, the evaluation of the other side of Musk is also related to his “square jaw”. Some people think Musk is too rude: “Although many people in the team are Tesla owners, the topics Musk tweeted about vaccines, taxes, the stock market, fart jokes and other topics will have a huge impact, and they are often negative. “The
  most famous is the face of the astronomical number of US Treasury bonds of nearly 30 trillion U.S. dollars and the people’s “zero-dollar purchase” actions one after another. The public, including lawmakers and international organizations, all hope that the richest people in history can Practical actions help the country tide over the difficulties. But even though Musk used the sentence “cooking beans and burning beans, and beans crying in the cauldron” in his tweets, he actually prefers “returning”, especially this way to “fight” the former presidential candidate, 80-year-old Senator Bernie Sanders, a well-known senior senator: “I always forget that you are still alive.”
  Another controversial thing is that Musk sold Tesla in large quantities when Tesla’s stock price reached historical highs. Stock, the reason is the same “household expenses” and so on like Jia Jiao. As of December 13, Musk has sold 11.03 million shares of Tesla stock, with a gain of nearly 12 billion U.S. dollars, and plans to sell another 6 million shares. With Musk’s sell-off, Tesla’s stock price ushered in huge volatility. In November this year, Tesla’s highest price reached 1243 US dollars per share. On December 13, the stock price was 966 US dollars.
  Someone commented on this: “The way finance works now is that the value of things is not based on cash flow, but based on how close they are to Elon Musk.”