The secret of hair

  There is a simple barbershop downstairs in the company, where I will wash my hair when I have time during lunch break. One day the shampoo girl told me a secret. A beautiful colleague’s hair had been completely white many years ago, and she went there every month to re-dye it. When she washed her hair, it felt dry like straw, but the colleague usually had only one hair. Her thick chestnut curly hair is fluttering, which is a sign of her perennial intellectual competence.
  I am born with thin and soft hair, with very little hair volume, my hair is probably not much thicker than a chopstick when tied up, and the hairline is also high. My younger sister has thick and stiff hair since she was young, and her hair is as thick as a small blanket. She has a rolling pin as thick as it is tied up. She often breaks the rubber band, so she has sufficient strength to laugh at me. At that time, I read more books than her, so I responded to her with “the noble person does not resend”, and she was speechless for a while. But she had so many hairs other than her head that she was dissatisfied. In the summer, I swayed her white and clean limbs in a tank top and shorts. In this “Versailles Literature” contest on hair between sisters, I finally got back. One round.
  Some people say that people with thick and hard hair gray early, and those with soft hair appear relatively late. However, when people reach age, their hair will eventually turn white. Those soft white hairs visibly branched out from the front seam, lining the tired eyes of the middle-aged woman and the drooping apple muscles, which was a bit unacceptable for me for a while.
  I tried to pull it out in front of the mirror with tweezers, but the process of breaking myself with the gray hair was very difficult and required certain skills. I have been busy working for a long time, my hands are sore, my eyes are tired, and I only pulled out a few black ones. The hairline has also become precarious recently. If the angle is not good, the frontal photo looks a bit like a Japanese sumo wrestler. I once talked to a dermatologist about hair transplantation. However, when I learned that the transplant operation involves transplanting the hair follicles from the back of my head to my forehead, even if the transplant is successful, I will have a secret back of my head with sparse hair, so I gave up. This idea.
  For a period of time, my focus was on the hair. In the subway in the morning rush hour in winter, hair is obviously not the focus of most people’s attention before going out. In the end, young girls are at the peak of their beauty, and their hair is often well managed; but some boys’ hair still retains the shape of sleeping, and many piles of white hair are faintly emerging from the black temples; the middle-aged woman in front of him is supporting With no expression on her hand, I read from her ball-up sweater and messy hair tips that I often neglect and give up on myself; the children’s hair is as full of vigor as their faces, and the hair on the small head is smooth and elastic. There is still a faint light circle; the old people dye their hair black, or it will be fluffy, although the youth is gone, but the momentum will not be diminished.
  In general, according to my observation, the back of the head with high volume and good hair quality is indeed rare. Most people look younger than their hair. Tony, the perm teacher in the barbershop, told me that he uses less poles for perming. People used to use 20 large poles for perm. Nowadays, they usually use small poles, only ten. Enough, mainly because people’s hair volume is reduced.
  After trying out a variety of secret hair-raising shampoos and black hair lotions on the Internet, I finally entered the hair-raising salon. In fact, it is almost the same as doing it at home, shampooing, plucking white hair, applying hair tonic, and massaging. The only advantage is that others will pull it out for you, so you don’t waste black hair. Faced with the “white to black” treatment they promote, I have doubts but have no choice. I go there twice a week, and I have to wait after I make an appointment. The business there is so good, several workbenches are full of middle-aged women who are as anxious as me.
  I occasionally deceive myself into believing that the photos they showed me of women in their 60s are still black hair, because I, like all women in the world, hope that the gray hair will come later, that’s all. I hope that when these struggles turn into vain, I can accept them with confidence. But who will be willing if you don’t struggle for a while? The hair is like this, and the face is like this. It should be this process when people face aging.