The mysterious “human glow”

   Everyone has a halo, but it is not visible to the naked eye.
  Glow health
   in the medical field, according to the cold light (glow) information sent by the human body, not only can judge a person’s state of health, it can also be used to diagnose disease. Therefore, “Human Body Glow” is actually a window for peeping into the diagnosis of physical and mental health.
   Dr. Maitel from the American Human Substance Science Center pointed out: “The Light of Life” is the most promising diagnostic method. For example, the “glow” emitted by a normal person is symmetrical, and if a disease occurs, the “glow” will have a symmetry imbalance. Before the disease occurs, the “glow” on the body surface will have a “halo” phenomenon similar to the sun.
   Medical professors took blood samples from healthy people, patients with diabetes, and hypertension for comparison. The results found that people suffering from various diseases have higher blood luminescence intensity, which is 3 to 4 times higher on average than healthy people. However, the blood luminescence intensity of patients with esophageal cancer or gastric cancer is relatively low, while in the blood of patients with liver cancer and gallbladder cancer, it shows high values.
   In addition, the use of fluorescence microscopy technology can be used to diagnose lung cancer. The method is to allow the patient to inhale a special gas. If there is cancerous tissue in the lung, it will emit a special cloud-like glow.
  Glow meridian system
   study of abnormal changes in the human body glow of our researchers through. I found out that many kinds of diseases have information points that have luminous imbalance. Such as high blood pressure, cerebrovascular accident, heart disease, facial nerve palsy, cold, hyperthyroidism and other diseases, there will be different pathological light-emitting information points.
   In the study of photos of “Human Body Glow” by Chinese American scientists, they also found that the bright shining points of the human body’s halo are consistent with the acupoints in the ancient Chinese meridian diagram. Moreover, everyone has a unique glow pattern. After long-term research, Western scientists believe that the human body has an optical fiber system, and the acupuncture points in Chinese medicine are the most sensitive parts of the meridian system in the human body to light.
  Men and women love glow
   Recently, scientists through a special kind of X-ray observations glimmer instrument found that people’s love will glow.
   For example, in a couple’s date, when a man appears, the brightness of the woman’s body will double; if two people who sympathize with each other approach, the light will be obviously active; if the hearts of the two are “hit”, the light will appear to be released. Bright and colorful love sparks like fireworks.
  Human glow mystery
   and some scientists believe that human emissions of the cold, probably because the body’s built-emitting cell’s sake. After years of research, a research team led by Professor Zhang Xuejun of Anhui Medical University has initially revealed the mystery of “human light”. According to a large number of experiments, human cells can emit light and can be received by the instrument; human cell luminescence is the result of the movement of cell reactive oxygen free radicals in the cell. Therefore, the strength of human cell luminescence is greatly related to the health of the human body. Relationship.
   Some scientists believe that “human body glow” is likely to be the phenomenon of fluorescence caused by secondary radiation emitted by the human body and ionization of air. The radiation wave of this secondary radiation can ionize the air to form colored ions, and the concentration of a large number of colored ions will emit visible light. Precisely because of this, the emission of “human body glow” requires a special environment and harsh conditions. Under normal circumstances, it is difficult for people to see “human body glow”.