Everything should have a warm name

  I have a habit that everything has to be “named right”. Every time I buy a pot of green plants, I observe the shape and color, check the information, and label them with names. Since then, they have been in my mind, with their own portfolio. Every time a name is mentioned, a large number of static scenes and dynamic scenes will follow. I remember that the pot of “tens of millions of weight” was a little bit withered at the top, withered and died, and I also remember the pot of “Ya” “Dance of Music”, it is the best match for the pink painting, I always put this pot of flowers next to the painting.
  I like to read books such as “Peony Spectrum”, “Plum Spectrum” and “Chrysanthemum Spectrum”, and come to see the names of peony and chrysanthemum: Shujiang Jin, Wanhuazhu, Yituu Jin, Danfengyu, Chusai Zhuang, Wushuangyan, Corals are beautiful in the eyes… You can imagine their delicate appearance according to the name: “Green Pearl Pendant Jade Tower” is a white peony with green stamens, “Wanbell Chrysanthemum” is of course the flower shape of a small bell, and the flower stamens protrude like a bell’s tongue, what a pretty name , even if it just slips out between the lips and teeth, it feels good. Because of the name, the flowers come alive in my mind and have the breath of life.
  Each pattern of William Morris has a name, some are very simple, and they directly state the facts, such as: tulips, willow leaves, curly grass patterns; some are short clips infiltrated in the plot, such as “Strawberry Thief”, which is Morris was inspired by the sight of stealth thrushes in his home garden.
  ”Strawberry Thief”, the name also reminds me of a story written by Hoshino Michio. In cold Alaska, he and his wife worked hard to build a balcony garden with many potted plants, including strawberries, but every time the strawberries were about to ripen, they would be stolen and left in place. A chestnut, as if someone exchanged chestnuts for strawberries, and then they waited there and found that the thief was a squirrel. On the way back from carrying food, the squirrel was seduced by strawberries, put down the chestnuts, and took the strawberries… It’s a very warm and interesting polar story.