get your ears back

  In my second month in the advertising department of The Bergen Times, I became the top-selling salesperson. It has nothing to do with my eloquence. On the day I applied for the job, my manager, Ban Robard, said I was “very eloquent and flexible enough to handle a variety of events.”
  However, I soon discovered that just being eloquent is not enough.
  One day, a man walked into the advertising department and he said to me, “I want to advertise my gin…”
  ”This advertisement should be located near the beverage market, where there is a large advertising space on the overpass. It’s vacant, it’s a great location, and you can trust my recommendation,” I interrupted. I am familiar with that ad slot.
  ”Okay!” The man reluctantly gave me the advertising fee for the first month, and then he handed me a note asking me to advertise him according to the content on it. I handed the note to the engineering department, and then I left. When I returned to the company, the manager said to me angrily: “The overpass advertising space in the beverage market has been rented out, don’t you know?”
  ”Really? I didn’t know it happened!” I couldn’t believe it. Say. Just then, the man who was going to advertise the gin came and said, “Miss, I don’t think this is a good idea, I only have 20 bottles of gin, which I brought back from Finland. I just want to advertise for a few people to come and taste it, I don’t need such a big advertising space.”
  ”Why didn’t you tell him earlier?” I asked him a little unhappily.
  ”As soon as I said ‘I want to advertise my gin’ you cut me off!” the man said.
  I asked someone from the engineering department to bring the note, and when I opened it, it did say “Share Gin”.
  After the man left, the manager asked dissatisfiedly, “How many mistakes
  did you make today?” “I thought he was going to sell wine, but I didn’t think he was looking for someone to share his gin.” I defended myself.
  ”You think? You think the advertising space on the overpass is still idle, right?” The manager shook his head and said, “You know? You made two mistakes today. First, I introduced it at the morning meeting. The advertising space on the overpass in the beverage market has been rented out, and you didn’t hear it; second, the customer just now wanted to find someone to share his gin, but you interrupted him before he finished speaking. I I want to tell you that people can’t lose their ears, they must be found immediately, otherwise the best eloquence will be useless.”
  I am ashamed, I have to find my ears.