In your mind, where does your mother rank?

  One year, “The Great Mother” was recited on the Mother’s Day radio. My mother laughed when she heard it, and said, “Jing sings in a high-profile way, it’s not practical!” I was taken aback. The mother continued to laugh and said, “What a great loving mother, that is for her own children. For other people’s children, she is a stepmother.”
  I was almost speechless with amazement and admiration. My mother is so amazing that she has such a thing. Strong introspection. So I said excitedly: “Mom, you are a truly great mother!” My
  mother seemed to blushed a little, and quickly said: “Keep your voice down, don’t let the neighbors hear you laugh!”
  I’m not complimenting my mother, because I Mother is really an extraordinary mother. In those poor days, the father entered the labor camp, and the mother looked after the children to earn money. That child is very lovable and lovely, and the child’s family also has “problems”, because of “sympathy for each other”, the mother loves her very much. One noon, many women with their children basked in the sun on the street. At this time, the street director came over and beamed with joy to all the children, because her son had just married. Sent to my mother but stopped because my mother and child are from a “problem” family. The child was ignorant, stretched out his little hand, and watched pitifully. The mother felt sad for a while, but she naturally walked out of the crowd with her child in her arms. She smiled at the child with tears in her eyes and said, “Baby, that candy is bitter. Grandma will buy you a sweet…”
  Later, my mother told me about this . At the time of the incident, tears were still swirling in his eyes. I said, “Mom, you are a loving mother to your own children and other people’s children, you will never be a stepmother!”
  This is my mother. If I can say that on the road of life, I can firmly cross the hurdles, it should be said that I have the excellent genes of my mother.
  At a symposium, someone asked me: “Mother, wife and child, which of these three are the most important to you?” I answered honestly: “Emotionally speaking, the child comes first, the wife second, and the mother. Third. In terms of kindness, mothers come first, wives second, and children are not even a hundred.” The questioner continued to ask, “If the mother, wife, and child are sick at the same time, who do you go to see first?” I answered honestly again: “My mother is sick, I will be very anxious, and I will definitely go to see when I go off on Saturdays and Sundays; if my wife is sick, I will panic and go home early from work regardless of the leadership’s criticism; but the child is sick. No matter what important work I was doing at the time, I would leave it behind and run home without hesitation!” The
  questioner laughed and said in a sarcastic tone, “You are a dignified writer, who can bring up parenting. I’m so surprised that your mother is behind your wife and children!” Many people in the room laughed.
  Yes, human emotions sometimes cannot equal one plus one equals two. No matter how sarcastic or laughing you are, mothers are generally at the back of the line compared to wives and children.
  However, you will always be number one in your mother’s heart, because your mother doesn’t need you to put you first, it is out of selfless maternal love. Strictly speaking, selfless maternal love is also irrational love. 99.99% of mothers believe that their children are the smartest, prettiest and cutest. There is a fairy tale that the mother crow was very angry that her daughter was not selected in the beauty pageant, and finally traveled all over the world and found that the most beautiful bird was her daughter. A mother’s preference for her children to such an unimaginable level is maternal love.
  In recent years, there have always been messages on WeChat to persuade elderly parents: Don’t work hard for the next generation, think about yourself, and live two more days for yourself… In fact, it’s useless, mother forever He will not live two more days for himself without taking care of his children. Of course there are exceptions, which are also one in ten thousand or one in ten thousand. I have said many times why we are desperately emphasizing filial piety and why we always sing praises to our mothers-because we can never be sorry for our mothers who have worked hard for us!
  Mothers will always make unrequited sacrifices for the lives of the next generation. So no matter how we sing, how we praise, how we reflect and regret, we can’t get rid of the pain in our hearts.