What is the military strength of Japan, which has not fought a war in 76 years?

  Japan, as the main source of World War II and a defeated country in World War II, was bound by the “Peace Constitution” after the war and was not allowed to develop military power and develop weapons of destruction. However, with the passage of time, Japan has formed a powerful Self-Defense Force under the protection of the United States, equipped with various advanced weapons and equipment, and its military ambitions have been exposed again at a glance, causing widespread concern in the international community. In this regard, many netizens have questioned how strong Japan’s military strength is today, whether Japan has not fought a war in 76 years, and whether it has the strength to fight other countries.
   In World War II, in order to realize its ambition to dominate the world, Japan launched a war of aggression against many countries, and even burned the war to Pearl Harbor in the United States, competing with the United States in the Pacific Ocean, which once hit the U.S. Navy hard. It can be seen that Japan What a powerful foundation. 76 years have passed, and Japan has never forgotten its ambitions and began to blatantly expand its military power.
   After getting on the American chariot, Japan obtained a large number of advanced weapons and equipment from the United States, including F-15, F-35, EP-3 anti-submarine aircraft, E-2C early warning aircraft and other types of fighters, forming a military aircraft that can support the US military at any time. Air Self-Defense Force. At the same time, Japan also obtained weapons such as SM-2, SM-3 sea-based interceptors and Aegis warships from the United States, and built 7 quasi-flying fighter jets that can take off and land F-35B stealth fighters in the name of helicopter destroyers and landing ships. aircraft carrier, and set up a modern composite maritime self-defense force that can conduct ocean operations and seize islands. In addition, the United States also helped Japan to build all air and sea reconnaissance, tracking, command, guidance, data link, fire distribution and other systems. It is not difficult to find that the Japanese Self-Defense Force is a reduced version of the US military, and its military strength is very strong.
   Relevant military experts have warned that on the surface, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces only maintain a national defense force of about 260,000 people, but the truth is that Japan has always hidden its true strength. If a war breaks out, Japan can completely incite the national sentiment and amass an army of 5 million in a short period of time, which is stronger than Russia’s. In the past 76 years, although Japan has not fought a war, Japan often conducts military exercises with the world’s strongest US military. It has already learned the experience of modern warfare from the US military, and its strength is not inferior to Britain and France and other military powers.
   At a time when the international situation is increasingly tense, Japan is trying to break through the shackles imposed by the international community after World War II, but the nuclear weapons in the hands of the five permanent members of the United Nations are not vegetarians. The United States has always indulged Japan to develop its military power in order to meet the needs of its own Asia-Pacific strategic plan. Once Japan dares to act rashly, the United States, Russia and other countries are bound to take tougher measures to suppress it.