The logic and future of Chinese marketing

  Chinese marketing must seriously consider and answer some fundamental questions at the level of business philosophy, re-enlightenment and re-engineering marketing concepts. The future of Chinese business lies in the answers to these questions.
  What kind of social responsibility should Chinese marketing establish?
  From the stage of economic and market development, Chinese enterprises have entered the period of capital accumulation and concentration from the primitive accumulation period. Marked by the rise of Baidu, Ali, and Tencent, China’s corporate competition has truly risen to the level of capital (either its own capital or global capital). The public’s impression plummeted.
  Anti-disorderly competition, anti-monopoly, and providing opportunities for more people to get rich and start a business, Chinese companies should pay more attention to these issues.
  How does Chinese marketing integrate national strategy and corporate strategy?
  Regardless of whether Chinese companies have realized it or not, Chinese marketing is the integration of national strategy and corporate strategy. Practice has proved that China’s national strategy, industrial policy and macro adjustment are indispensable to the healthy, sustainable and rapid development of China’s economy, and are the ballast stone of China’s economic, technological and social development. Without the support and guidance of the national strategy, it would be difficult for China’s leading companies to achieve today’s achievements, including Baidu, Ali, and Tencent, who feel good about themselves and are full of self-confidence.
  How does Chinese marketing win the world’s respect?

  China has become the world’s largest market. The more segmented this market, the deeper the degree of specialization, the faster and more technological progress, and the higher the labor productivity. However, China’s marketing so far is still more about the pursuit of rough points, which is caused by the lack of technological and product innovation capabilities, which in turn limits the space and motivation for innovation.
  A modern marketing system is composed of an innovation system from 0 to 1 (original technology and products), an innovation system from 1 to N (derivative innovation based on the original technology and product platform of the industry), and a marketing and operation system. China’s leading companies in the industry are stronger in the latter two. Fundamentally speaking, the first reason is that they have not yet incorporated originality into the core position of marketing capacity building. The opportunities for Xiaomi and the opportunities for China lie here.
  Chinese marketing calls for real entrepreneurs.
  A true entrepreneur can lead an enterprise to become a more innovative, better quality, more efficient and more influential enterprise, and is loved by the public. The state and the public treat enterprises kindly, and enterprises treat the society and the public kindly. In a word, future entrepreneurs should constantly improve themselves in terms of patriotism, innovation, integrity and law-abiding, social responsibility and international vision, and strive to become a leader in building a new development pattern, building a modern economic system, and promoting high-quality development and common prosperity in the new era. new force.