Anxious young man in the city, nice to meet you

  Cuiyong has never learned to relax, and his nerves are tense every day, always staring at the WeChat work group.
  As a new media editor, perhaps only in this way can she gain a sense of security.
  It is impossible for Cui Yong to not look at his mobile phone for more than half an hour. No matter where the phone was, her eyes always caught it accurately.
  Accompanied by Zhou Xun and Aya, the initiators of “Nice to Meet You 2”, Cuiyong did a depression and anxiety assessment, and the results showed that his depression and anxiety indexes were both severe. In order to help Cuiyong regulate his emotions, the program team took Cuiyong to experience boxing lessons.
  This is a detail in the fifth issue of the variety show “Nice to Meet You 2” produced by Douyin. This issue focuses on how to release the “pressure” of young people in big cities. Under the organization of the program group, the initiators Zhou Xun, Aya, special guests Peng Yuchang and urban young people started a decompression trip in Chengdu: boxing, camping, singing bowls, chorus…
  Follow the program group’s On the camera, the audience felt the anxiety and depression of urban young people have become the norm, and young people are trapped in the pressure of renting, high-load work, and indifferent interpersonal relationships. This is also what the promoter Aya cares about. For this reason, she accepted an interview with “Phoenix Weekly” and described some solutions when she faced the confusion in life. “Keeping the love of life” is her life motto, and she sees a similar positive force in the young people on the show.
  Through the stories of urban young people, “Nice to Meet You 2” takes the audience to explore the life confusion of an urban young man in each issue: social interaction, intimacy, intergenerational conflict, decompression, living… Different guests in the program face For these issues, there will be different actions and choices.
  Showing diversity is the original intention of the show team. There is no need for a clear answer. Seeing the state of different people is also a kind of healing.
Human connection beats anxiety

  Although he only experienced boxing classes for less than three days, Cuiyong, who had been in a tense state for a long time, felt the pressure release. Different from daily work, Cuiyong needs to keep an eye on traffic and read data all the time.
  Practicing boxing is a process of communicating with people. During the interaction with the coach, Cuiyong felt his own strength and the release of the block in his chest when he heard the “bang” sound of his fist hitting the board. At this moment, she is no longer a screw embedded in her work, but a young man full of energy and sweating.
  The pressure of work and the confusion of interpersonal relationships will always overwhelm you. The working days of young people in big cities are two o’clock and one line, nothing more than a cycle between the office cubicle and the rental house of more than ten square meters.
  Dragging back home tired, facing the cold mobile phone, I also feel lonely: the city is too big, and the individual is very small.
  Stress, depression, and anxiety are the norm in young people. Emotional ups and downs come from work, relationships, and so on. The initiator, Aya, recalled her state in her 20s and understood these young people very well. At the age of 18, Aya entered the society to work, and the competition in the entertainment industry was under great pressure. Aya always reminded herself to work hard and struggle. Recalling that I was tense back then. Anxiety and tension were the norm in work and life. Aya in her twenties would often feel lonely and care about her eyes.
  This is the normal state of young people after they step into society and want to be recognized by everyone and themselves. The key is how to regulate emotions after they arise. For young people in the city, there are many ways to adjust. Some people love sports to decompress and choose boxing and karting. There are people who like to relax in a static state and go to the singing bowl. Some people soothe themselves in music and form an amateur choir. Faced with pressure, young people always have their own solutions.

  It is very important to build connections between people. The young people in “Nice to Meet You 2”, faced with this urban island dilemma, chose to actively socialize to open themselves up and enrich their lives. A group of young people from Shanghai chose to throw Frisbees together on the green field from 7:00 to 9:00 in the morning on weekdays. After the exercise is over, rushing to work in the company is a kind of confrontation with the current work and life chosen by young people.
  Music is also a good remedy for healing. In the beginning, eight big boys started an indoor choir, and gradually more and more young people joined in. In their spare time, they will rehearse songs together. The young people who participated in the chorus said that being fully immersed in singing is a super stress-relieving process. The initiator, Aya, participated in their chorus. She saw the brilliance from the boys and girls who participated in the chorus. This is the power to take the initiative to enrich her life and be the leader of her own life.
  This is a value that the program team wants to convey. Although young people in the city have a lot of pressure and confusion, they are actively trying to solve problems and lead their lives. Different from the first season, the program team went to make friends with young people who were far away from the city and started their own new lives independently, and used the stories of these young people far away from the metropolis to heal the emotions of young people in the city. The second season of “Nice to Meet You” focuses on young people in big cities, and uses the stories of these “people around you” to inspire young people in the city.
  Aya said: “Most young people will not give up their existing jobs. It is the mainstream of young people to stay in big cities and work hard.” The second season of the program focuses on this broader group of young people. See how representative young people solve those eternal life problems.

  Aya found that the problems that young people are confused about are actually universal. These problems were also confusing to Aya when she was in her 20s. Now, they are also problems that she needs to constantly learn to solve. With the growth of age, of course, I have accumulated some experience in solving these problems, and I can be more calm in the face of these confusions.
  Maybe they have more life experience, but neither Zhou Xun nor Aya want to interfere with these young people. Just like the name of the show “Nice to meet you”, the promoters are here to make friends with young people, and the show team finds different young people. People, seeing their lives, seeing some of their actions and choices when faced with these confusions, to present this diversity is the original intention of the program team.
Everyone wants to be seen

  And those young people who have married have to face not only the anxiety of work, but also the pressure of family.
  Thirteen Niang, whose child was two years old, encountered her marital crisis. In a lecture on love, the instructor asked: If you believe in love, please raise your hand. She raised her hand. The instructor asked again: If you believe in marriage, please raise your hand. She put her hand down again. Aya asked her why she believed in love but not marriage? She couldn’t help crying.

  The first is the pressure of work: working in an Internet company, she not only has to undertake a 2-hour one-way commute to and from get off work every day, but also the endless overtime that drags her down physically and mentally. It is often 11 o’clock when she gets home, and at this time she has to put the child to bed.
  And the relationship between husband and wife also has problems, and there is no time to communicate. Although on WeChat, the husband cares about whether the wife has eaten and how she is doing every day. However, because the two were too busy with work and returned home, they lacked face-to-face communication. The wife was in a bad mood and wanted her husband to accompany her to go out for a meal, but because she had to take care of the children and the work was too hard, it was over in the end.
  Thirteen Niang felt that more and more “incomprehension” lay between her and her husband. She chose to take the initiative to study some courses related to intimacy, hoping to find the problem.

  Under the guidance of the program team, Thirteen Niang and her husband communicated their respective feelings at the current stage, and finally reached a consensus that they would set aside half an hour for communication every day, and there would also be one day every month to be free from work, The influence of things like the child’s situation, just enjoy their two-person world.
  On the day when the reconciliation was reached with her husband, Thirteen Niang received a letter from Aya: “…Seeing your dedication to the family, I think of you commuting to work four hours a day, caring about your children, worrying about your parents, caring for your mother-in-law, and for the sake of the family. It’s really not easy to be a person. You look good when you smile, and the corners of your mouth show cuteness and happiness. The way you cry makes people feel distressed. It’s a helpless girl who has to grow up because of her struggle in reality for love. After the family, I found out that only through the training of this strict mentor can we shield the family from the wind and rain, but we have confidence in you, because we feel how deep your love is and how hard you work for love, I believe that all the tears shed will become diamonds that adorn life…”.
  Aya saw Thirteen Niang’s grievances, her husband saw his wife’s needs, and the audience in front of the screen saw the actions and choices of ordinary people.
  Everyone is eager to be seen, “Nice to meet you 2″ is to take everyone to see the confusion and current situation of young people in the city, as well as their efforts to solve the problem. Just as Thirteen Niang, who had been disappointed in her marriage, hoped, it was her husband who could see her efforts and grievances and have more spiritual communication with her.
  When this communication is achieved, the connection is established, and the pressure is naturally released.
Different era, same confusion, same positive

  ”It is normal for young people to encounter these confusions and problems. If he is 23 years old, but like an old man, drinking tea and pampering him, we will feel strange.” Although he has experienced strong winds and waves, he has become a sister who “rides the wind and waves” , but Aya can always see something worth learning in young people.
  Today’s young people live in an age where they have access to more information. Just because of more information. Aya feels that many young people look at problems more deeply than when she was young. When faced with the same life problems, there are better solutions.
  During the filming of the show, Aya and the guests exchanged views on the source of stress among contemporary young people. A young man said that stress comes from unsatisfied desires, and he will be anxious if he cannot get what he wants. Aya lamented that contemporary young people can quickly find the key to the problem.
  But also because of the different times, the young people today still encounter some problems of the times. For example, due to the popularization of communication devices such as mobile phones, people are accustomed to the connection on the Internet, but they have shortened the relationship between people in the real society.
  In the “social”-themed program, the program team participated in the “frisbee game” of offline social networking among young people. During the event, Aya met a boy who impressed him. The boy wears thick spectacle lenses and has snow-white skin. At a glance, Aya judged that the boy was an otaku, and the chat with the boy later confirmed Aya’s judgment.
  The boy told Aya that he was an internet addict, and this time he forced himself to go out and participate in social activities, because he felt that if he stayed in bed and did not go out, his whole life would be a waste. Such situations were rare in Aya’s 20s, but are now commonplace.

  ”Contemporary people’s social interaction is separated by a mobile phone, and you can’t see the eyes of the person on the other end of the mobile phone when you communicate with you, the expression and emotional state of the conversation.” On the contrary, because of this social mode, more interpersonal problems have arisen. .
  Aya feels that in the face of the current pressure and depression, people should be encouraged to connect with others more. When people are combined into a community, they can fight against emotions and pressure together, and they are no longer an “isolated island in a big city.” “.
  However, there is no optimal solution to the specific problems faced by each person. Different young people have their own unique life experiences. In the program, Aya can quickly mingle with contemporary young people and experience the living conditions of young people. In life, Aya is also a positive and optimistic person, who will experience and enrich life with all her heart.
  In the process of hosting variety shows in the past, Aya would unconsciously amplify her emotions for the effect of the show. But in “Nice to Meet You 2”, Aya is more like a confidant big sister, enthusiastic, sunny, and able to listen to the stories of contemporary young people very well. This is determined by the tonality of the program itself. “Nice to Meet You 2” is a documentary program. The presentation of the program is more like a documentary shot recording the process of Zhou Xun and Aya making friends. The audience can follow Zhou Xun and Aya to get to know the young people in the city.
  For the audience, seeing the different choices and actions of different individuals in the face of these universal problems is a kind of healing. Aya remembers that when the second episode of “House” was broadcast, Aya received a message from a friend in Shanghai, “This episode has cured me, and I am now troubled by the problem of renting a house.” Such feedback It also inspired Aya and let her see the influence and significance of the show.
  Meeting these young people is also a kind of nourishment for Aya. She recalled her own experiences over the years, and felt that “belief” was very important. She had faith in the future, knew how to appreciate herself, and acted in the direction she believed in, and she would eventually become the person she wanted to be.
  The positive attitude towards life displayed by the young people in the show also convinced the audience in front of the screen that life itself is colorful and worth experiencing with enthusiasm, and that all difficulties will eventually be resolved.