Wangji family

Wang Ji’s brother sells pork in the market, and the business is not bad. Therefore, when Wang Ji has nothing to do, he comes to help her brother collect money and fight. My shop is facing her pork stall, only a few dozen meters apart, so Wang Ji often comes to my place to roast fire while looking at the stall.

Wang Ji is only two days older than me, and every time she walks into the store, she shouts, “My sister is here, don’t you know how to get up to meet her?”

This guy is so annoying. She comes to my house more than a dozen times a day, and I just want to greet her and I can’t win. I said, “Wangji, it’s not impossible if you want me to greet you. Then you can give me two catties of pork every time, and I’ll wait for you at the door of the store.” Wangji blinked his big eyes, stretched out his hand, touched my skull, and said, I see how big your skull is? With such a small head, still want to eat pork? Think beautifully.

Sometimes, sitting in my shop, we are like two dumb people, staring at the red electric stove in a daze. Outside the store, snowflakes fluttered and the cold wind whistled. On the meat stall of Wangji’s house, the pork hanging from the black and shiny hooks was frozen hard, and it danced awkwardly with the cold wind. The entire market was shrouded in a huge gray-white curtain. The facial expressions of those passing pedestrians suddenly became blurred. Only the clacking sound of Kangba’s boots resounded crisply in the market. As for the glass door of my shop, the naughty snowflakes painted abstract paintings all at once. Some snowflakes quickly stuck to the glass door, and some snowflakes fell from the glass door immediately, which meant a clever replacement.

The snow is getting heavier and heavier, and there are fewer pedestrians. In the market, apart from stalls selling pork and vegetables, there were still a few people watching the business, and the rest was empty. Even the public toilet on the right side of the market was quiet at the moment, and the rustling and singing sounds of the past seemed to be frozen by ice and snow. Of course, there are also eagles flying gracefully in the clear sky. They don’t know where to hide at the moment. There is no their majestic appearance in the sky for the time being, nor their shrill calls. They actually give up their airspace obediently. Snowflakes and cold wind. In normal times, the elves on these plateaus would not give in easily.

The cold wind, wrapped in snowflakes, kept flying over the market, changing into countless wonderful shapes, like a tacit acrobat, showing off his superb skills to the fullest on this wide stage. But let me tell you, the cold wind and the snowflakes are selfish enough, they only care about their own happiness, but let the human huddle in the house to watch.

Now, without customers, I suddenly become bored. I reached out and pulled Wang Ji’s braid and said, “Miss, tell me a story.” Wang Ji didn’t react at all, as if someone had cast a spell, he didn’t move. I thought she didn’t hear, so I shouted into her ear again. At this moment, I saw her trembling all over, her eyes flashing with clear light like lake water, and then the teardrops fell violently. I found that Wang Ji’s eyes suddenly became melancholy, and his face, which used to be as bright as a red apple, seemed to be smeared into cyan, showing an expression of pain. I don’t understand, how did Wangji become so worrying in an instant? I guess she will tell a very painful story. So, I quickly held her hands, and her hands were shaking slightly, as if trying to vent some kind of excitement.

I got up and poured her a cup of hot water and added brown sugar. The brown sugar quickly dissolved in the water and turned red and yellow. Seeing this scene, Wangji couldn’t control his emotions any longer. He suddenly fell into my arms and burst into tears. Her tears flowed on my cotton-padded jacket, slowly flowing out of a clear stream. It is undeniable that her emotions affected me and made me sad too. I tried my best to lift my head to keep my tears from falling. I gently touched the braid on Wang Ji’s head, and my mood was like the texture of the braid.

After a long time, Wang Ji finally stopped sobbing and slowly told the story of her family:

“Actually, my brother is not my real brother. Don’t look at him looking like us Tibetans, in fact, he is Han. He was picked up by my parents on the road under Gnieshen Mountain, and he has a floppy ear. Puppy. At that time, my brother was only five years old. Holding the puppy in his arms, he passed out of hunger and was lying in the grass full of Gesang flowers. My parents didn’t understand Chinese, so they didn’t know a word of what my brother said. I didn’t understand, so I quickly took him home with the dog and fed him warm butter tea.

“Later, my parents made inquiries, but couldn’t find my brother’s relatives. My parents moved several times due to work, so the search for my brother’s relatives was delayed. Of course, my relationship with my brother is very deep. , we have to share anything delicious. I remember one time, I accidentally fell and injured my legs. My brother was very sad. He quickly cleaned the wounds for me, and then hugged me tightly and wept. I Parents also love my brother very much and treat him like their own son, so they buy things in duplicate. Due to his young age, the Chinese that my brother used to speak was gradually replaced by Tibetan, which seems to become Tibetans.”

Wang Ji sniffed and was about to continue talking when three tall and sturdy Kangba men suddenly entered the store. While they were talking, they looked at the cotton-padded clothes on the hanger. Such a big snowstorm, it is a good luck to have customers come to the door. I quickly got up and greeted them. Wang Ji quietly fiddled with my hair roots a few times, as if to say, come quickly, my story is not finished yet.

I’m really lucky. The three Kangba men each bought two cotton-padded coats and linen trousers, but when they tried on and chose the color, they went to great lengths, as if they were choosing a mother-in-law. They have to try on a cotton coat several times on the body, and even tighten the stitches with their hands, and then loosen them to check whether the stitches are firm. For their picky, I don’t think there is anything wrong with them, customers have this right. Wang Ji, probably impatient, reached out and pushed the small door on the glass counter to remind me. I could even feel the unpleasant look in her eyes, which seemed to carry some kind of hatred, like countless sharp swords shot at the three Kamba men who didn’t know the inside story.

When I finally finished my work and sat next to Wang Ji, her mouth was so high. I squeezed her mouth with my hand and said, “Sister, you can continue your story now.”

“Hmph, let me wait so long, you can continue to tell the story if you want me, but get my sister something to eat first.”

Wangji’s clear eyes were looking at me, as if begging me, and seemed to say, if you don’t bring something, don’t listen to it anymore.

Alas, you yummy woman, I really can’t help you, you should have a cup of tea first, and I will bring you things right away. I reached out and patted her on the shoulder and laughed.

Wang Ji ate the biscuits I brought and drank a few sips of tea before continuing to tell her story: “Alas, I never imagined that the year before last, my brother took his girlfriend Xiao Ye to play by the lake. The happiness of the family disappeared completely on that day. On that day, the weather was surprisingly good, the air was filled with the smell of grass and sunshine, the scent of butter tea and the sound of yak roared in the valley all the time. It was so peaceful and beautiful, and it was fascinating. Originally, it was my brother who took Xiaoye to play, because my father happened to be going to a friend’s house for business and happened to be on the way, so my father followed my brother and the others. They set off. Driving on the highway, the road is wide and there are few vehicles. They soon came to the lake. My brother and Xiaoye were lying on the grass dam and talking, watching my father drive away. On the green grass, When the sun was streaming down to the tip of the grass, it actually gave off a crystal-like light. They rested their hands on their heads and stretched their bodies freely, letting the sun and white clouds lick them. They closed their eyes and whispered. Talking, talking Then they started rolling the grass.”

I was fascinated when I heard her brother’s shout from the pork stall over there: “Wangji, Wangji, where are you? The snow is so strong, let’s go back earlier, okay?”

Wang Ji hurried to the door and shouted to her brother, “Okay, I’ll come over later.” After that, he actually stood by the door and didn’t move, as if he had been punched by an expert. Now it was my turn to be anxious. The story she told was at a critical moment, so I shouted, “Come here, come here, it’s too snowy outside, be careful to catch a cold.”

Wang Ji then returned and began to speak again:

“In the distance, the high-pitched singing of the Kangba man sounded, and the singing was very rhythmic, as if it was specially prepared for their love activities. When the singing was low, they gently stroked, and their eyes sparked with fiery sparks. They seemed to melt each other. When the singing was so loud, their tongues and mouths, as well as their hands and feet twisted together, like two snakes fighting for territory. Maybe they hugged so deeply that even the eagles in the sky were attracted They stopped, so the eagles kept circling above their heads, and they made a shrill cry, as if cheering for them. This voice spread far and wide in the vast sky, piercing the sky.

“Maybe they were awakened by the eagle’s shrill cry, so they gave up the lingering and sat up panting. Their faces reddened by desire gradually returned to their true colors.

“Maybe the tumbleweed is too exhausting, so they switched to a playful way. Xiaoye was lying on my brother’s back like a tame kitten, and my brother was enjoying it, humming a folk tune. , carrying Xiaoye along the lake, and slowly walked up. The trampled grass, along with his brother’s loosened feet, struggled to straighten his waist, like a dancer who was just practicing. If it weren’t for Xiaoye, he would have to stand on the lake Look at my brother carrying her shadow, then, nothing will happen.

“The surface of the lake is calm and the water is clear and transparent, like a huge mirror. Xiaoye was so excited that he twisted and moved on my brother’s back as if he had picked up a treasure. Suddenly, my brother slanted and didn’t stand on his heels. Steady, the leaflet fell into the lake with a bang, and a huge splash of water splashed all over my brother. My brother was blinded for a while. The leaflet was like a falling straw. At first it was still floating on the water, and then slowly it sank into the water. Go. It’s like a flower blown by the wind. Even if I don’t want to, I can’t do anything about it. Although my brother can’t swim, he shouted the name of Xiaoye loudly, and then he jumped into the lake to Xiaoye. Swim away. These two people who can’t swim are fluttering about in the lake, and the splashing water is their cry for help.

“At this moment, the sun has quietly hid behind the snow-capped mountains, and it seems that he can’t bear to see this dangerous scene. So twilight came, and it seemed to put on a huge black dress for the earth.

“At this critical moment, suddenly, a black figure jumped into the lake and swam in the water like a herring, with a flexible and agile figure. The black figure rescued Xiaoye first, and at this time, her consciousness was a little blurry. The black shadow pressed hard against her chest, and Xiaoye spit out a large mouthful of water. After that, Xiaoye’s chest floated gently like the mist in the misty rain. Seeing this, the black shadow let out a long sigh of relief. , turned around immediately, jumped into the lake and swam towards my brother.

“The lake water at this time is like a super large refrigerator. Moreover, it is still at an altitude of several kilometers, but it still exerts its power. Except for the bursts of cold air exuding on the lake, the surrounding is silent, as if time has passed. stopped.

“Originally, it’s entirely possible that the shadow escaped when he rescued my brother. I don’t think he just pushed my brother to the shore, and his feet suddenly cramped violently. The time spent in the water was too long, and the physical exertion was too great, and the black shadow sank into the lake like a weight at once. The ripples rose and fell for a few minutes, and then returned to calm, as if nothing had happened in this world.

“My brother and Xiaoye were saved, but the shadow was like a fish, frozen in this super large refrigerator. I can imagine the pain of the shadow and the way he was struggling before he died, I am really distressed. If time It can be overturned, and I am willing to die instead of Sombra.”

At this moment, I saw Wang Ji’s face covered with silent tears. The teardrops were like powerful bombs, bursting in my heart, making me feel the pain in my heart.

“Do you know who that shadow is? That’s my dear father. At that time, when he came back from work, he searched everywhere for my brother and the others, but he couldn’t find it. So he came to the lake.” Wangji burst into tears again.

I sighed and said, “Oh, what a surprise, what a misfortune. I don’t know what words to comfort her with.”

Wang Ji ignored my words and continued to speak to himself:

“Since then, my brother kept recalling the scene at that time, saying that he should not take Xiaoye to the lake to play, he said that he was a murderer, and if it wasn’t for him, my father would not have died. Every time he said Once, my heart hurts once. Although I know that my brother’s death was not caused by my brother’s intention, I will still hate him at a certain moment, because he made me lose my father’s love prematurely.

“Especially, when I saw my grandma wiping her tears all night alone, my heart hurts even more, like a ripe pomegranate smashed to the ground, covered with red pomegranate seeds, like my broken heart. I wanted to spend more time with my grandma and talk to her, but she didn’t want to. She said, I look so much like my father, and seeing me is like seeing my father who passed away, it makes me even more uncomfortable.

“After this incident, my brother treated my grandma and me better. He seemed to be atoning for his unintentional mistakes, and he seemed to be taking care of us instead of my grandma. My grandma is really a kind-hearted person. It was very painful, but I never regretted picking up my brother, nor did I regret bringing him up. When I resented my brother, my grandmother even scolded me, saying that I shouldn’t blame him like this, saying that your brother It’s not intentional, everything is God’s will.”

Wangji’s tears stuck to her eyelashes, like tiny diamonds set on them, shining with crystal light, making people reluctant to take their eyes off her. I never dreamed that such a painful thing would happen in Wangji’s house. Moreover, I am also speculating, maybe Wangji likes to come to my shop to play, more because he doesn’t want to see her brother?

At this time, I looked at the pork stall opposite through the glass door that was not fully adhered to by the snowflakes. In the snowstorm, Wang Ji’s brother was sorting the pork on the hook. It seemed that he was going to close the stall and go home.