Ring hidden in a carton

I don’t like to wear red and green, and I don’t like to put on powder. I have never worn any jewelry, including hairpins, brooches, watches, etc. Some people say that I don’t look like a woman, and some people persuade me to be willing to invest in myself. They say theirs, I pass mine, a person’s nature will not be easily changed by others.

On the top shelf of the bookcase is a small red cardboard box that is slightly outdated. Inside the carton lay my only piece of jewelry – a gold “heart” ring. This is a wedding gift that my husband gave me 15 years ago. The price seems to be about 600 yuan. After the wedding, the ring rarely leaves its hiding place. Once, the naughty daughter took it out as a Barbie tiara and lost it. At that time, I can imagine the tension and frustration, but fortunately, I finally found it in the corridor. What is lost and found is always more cherished. I washed it, dried it, wrapped it, packed it, and put it on the top shelf of the bookcase.

On the tenth anniversary of my marriage, my husband insisted on buying me a platinum ring, on the grounds that “every woman has it.” I rejected his kindness and told him: “I don’t envy other people’s possession of valuables, what I need is inner peace and prosperity. When the family happily sits around a table and eats red wine in a lively manner When the food is red and green, you will not yearn for the happiness of others.”

A person who loves life and has dreams, his adherence to his heart and the maintenance of his true self is a kind of dignity. I learned this from my mother. “Even if I smash the pot and sell iron, I will still provide you to go to school!” The voice of my mother always reminds me that I can’t lose my way forward in the life of full food, warm clothes, and peace and contentment. Today, I also often use words such as “reading is the most beautiful dress” and “a rich heart is the most shining jewelry” to teach my daughter.

A ring doesn’t dictate how I view life. It’s not that I don’t like the ring, but I value the connotations related to love and loyalty that it is endowed with.

Who doesn’t long for eternal love? Who doesn’t expect a happy marriage? Who doesn’t yearn for a happy life? A solid life is more worthy of cherishing than an expensive ring, a rich spirit is more worthy of pursuit than a rich material, and a beautiful soul is more worthy of admiration than a beautiful appearance.
Many of us often complain that in the face of work, there is too much pressure; in the face of family, we complain of too many troubles; in the face of society, we complain that the world is getting worse; in the face of changes, we complain that our destiny is unfair. In short, we can always find something to complain about, and it’s plausible. Occasional complaints are an outlet for emotional catharsis, which is excusable and understandable; however, it is a problem if you complain frequently regardless of the time or occasion. That is a bad habit, a negative energy in life. Once this habit is formed, it will hurt both yourself and others. We must pay high attention, overcome consciously, stay away from complaining, and live a positive life.

The reasons why people who complain often are many and complicated, but I think there are mainly two aspects: one is not taking a positive attitude towards life, and the other is not making correct comparisons.

Will not look at life positively, mainly cognition and mentality problems. People who like to complain have not learned to look at things correctly, they cannot discover the beauty of life, and they do not cherish, dissatisfied and grateful for what they have. Things have their own way of existence, and the result is always certain, but our attitude towards things is adjusted by our mentality. When we face unhappiness and look at the problem from a different angle, the conclusion may be completely opposite.

I always like to use what I don’t have to compare with what others have, and compare my weaknesses to others’ strengths. The result will only become more and more angry and annoyed, and finally I will show jealousy, envy and hatred. I made myself sigh and complain, and I was always unhappy.

In fact, learning to compare correctly is an art of life, a way to make life happy, and an optimistic attitude towards life.

Writer Shi Tiesheng once teased that his occupation was sickness and his writing was only an amateur. He wrote an article “The Experience of Sickness is a Step-by-Step Understanding of Satisfaction”. It wrote: “When I have a fever, I realize how refreshing it is to have a fever-free day. After a cough, I realize how peaceful my throat without coughing is. When I first got into a wheelchair, I always thought, if I can’t walk upright, isn’t it a feature of human beings? When I lost it? I felt the sky was dark. When I had bedsores again, I could only lie down for several days, and then I saw how sunny the day was when I sat upright. Later, I suffered from uremia, and I often lost my mind and nostalgic for the past. Time. Finally woke up: In fact, we are lucky all the time, because there may be a word ‘more’ in front of any disaster.” Your complaint is because you don’t know that there will be worse results after the bad . Once you get it, you don’t complain, you just rejoice at the best of the moment. Life is impermanent, and no one can tell who will come first tomorrow or the accident.

Therefore, the famous Russian writer Chekhov said: “If you have a thorn in your hand, then you should be happy. Fortunately, it is not in the eye.” We should learn to deal with the small misfortunes in life correctly, learn to Compare correctly.

Always be grateful, we will have the heart of repayment; always be grateful, we will ignore the unsatisfactory things in life; always be grateful, we will blame ourselves for the narrowness of our hearts and repent Our own faults; always be grateful, we will forgive those who are unhappy with us in our lives; always be grateful, we will live contentedly and not complain.

We can pursue a better life, but we can’t complain about life; we can work harder to make life better, but we can’t complain about life. Because, we are lucky, and for the lucky ones, what reason is there to complain?